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Armageddon 2007 (DVD Review)

May 12, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Chapters –

– United States Championship – MVP vs. Rey Mysterio
– CM Punk & Kane Vs Big Daddy V & Mark Henry
– Shawn Michaels Vs Mr Kennedy
– Winner Gets A WWE Championship Match At The Royal Rumble –
   Triple H Vs Jeff hardy
– Finlay Vs The Great Khali
– WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho
– WWE Women’s Championship Match – Beth Phoenix Vs Mickie James
– Triple Threat Match For The World Heavyweight Championship
   Batista Vs Undertaker Vs Edge

Extras –

– Raw 10/12/07 – Mr McMahon names The Greatest Superstar In Raw History

Considering this pay per view wasn’t THAT long ago, looking at the chapters I don’t remember all that much about it. And the Extra may as well not have been included… it was like they said ‘Oh Crap got to keep them happy make it look like we made an effort and included extras’ when really… they didn’t.

SO, Armageddon 2007, Jericho gets a title shot, Jeff Hardy is in the midst of the run of his life and… Finlay vs. Khali… yes…well….

Kicking off with MVP Vs Rey Mysterio for the MVP title… I mean US Title (OK I can change that I know it’s finally been prized from his hands now!) Usual ‘Rey standard’ match. Im not a fan of Mysterio but I do see why he gets the kid appeal. Lot’s of flying around, jumping up and down, near falls and 619’s. I like MVP but simply because Rey was his opponent I tired of this match pretty quickly. They did both sweat their butts off only to have MVP get himself intentionally counted out. Bit of a cruddy ending when they put so much into the match.

Nice Jeff Hardy Interview slotted in. Jeff was getting a lot better on the mic, seemingly more confident.

Punk & Kane are unusual and entertaining to watch together, not a team you would have expected to ever see in my opinion, unfortunately they had to try and lug two dead weights around and make it look like match… NEXT!

Edge and Vickie backstage with balloons and neck braces. WHEN Is he going to turn on this chick?!

Match of the night for me (Who else could I pick?) Shawn Michaels vs. Mr Kennedy. Both guys put a lot into this match and it showed. I wish the feud had lasted longer I thought it had potential to go on for a lot more matches. Maybe it’ll be revisited at some point. A rather aggressive HBK came out for this match, working Kennedy’s hand for a lot of the bout after starting off quite quickly. Excellent match up that I could never do justice in a review. These two guys stole the show for sure!

Jeff hardy vs. Triple H could have been better but… it was still damn good! Triple H gives Jeff a slap that I could almost feel just watching it! Good counters and some pretty good basic wrestling along with the usual high flying hardy-ness you’d expect to see from Jeff. Quite a few mark-out moments for me being a huge fan of Jeff Hardy’s in-ring work and not a very big fan of Triple H’s! A Surprising ending for most sees Jeff Hardy get the win and celebrate in the crowd.  Ive seen better from both men but I didn’t mind watching this one again!

Finlay Vs Khali… you expect me to actually watch this again?

Orton Vs Jericho was brilliant. Both guys excelling in what they do best and this is another feud I couldn’t understand them cutting short at all. I hope this one is rekindled because these two guys defiantly click in the ring. Ive heard some less than flattering reviews for this match but I really don’t see what people have to complain about. Jericho is one of my all time faves, and I am a huge fan of Randy Orton’s work but I found myself willing for Jericho to ‘Save Us’ and win this one! Of course we had to endure a JBL interference. Least said about that the better…

Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix was a breath of fresh air. Neither of them had won a Diva Search contest for starters and I do believe they both TRAINED to be wrestlers. Amazing huh? Decent match, one I didn’t mid sitting through again and that’s saying something looking at the state of women’s wrestling in the last few years. (I blame Christy Hemme… that’s another story!)

Why does Edge always have to look terrified of Undertaker or Batista? Decent main event, Im a huge Edge fan so I’d basically watch him do pretty much anything! Undertaker and Batista weren’t as boring as they normally are, but I think that is because Edge is in the ring with them! The match is almost as long as the Undertaker’s entrance… seriously is there a need to take 5 minutes to get to the ring?

I don’t think I’d be buying this one having seen it already on PPV; there are no extras to write home about so what are they trying to do to make me BUY this DVD? What are they tempting me with? Nothing. If you saw it on pay per view then you saw all there was to see. Only buy it if there’s an annoying gap on your DVD shelf… other than that, save your money the Hardy Boys DVD! 😉


This DVD is available from Silvervision and all other good WWE stockists…


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