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Backlash 2008 DVD Review

July 22, 2008   ·   0 Comments

WWE Backlash 2008
DVD Review

Chapters –

– United States Championship Match – MVP vs. Matt Hardy
– Eve Torres Interviews Matt Hardy
– ECW Championship Match – Kane Vs Chavo Guerrero
– Todd Grisham Interviews Randy Orton
– Big Show Vs The Great Khali
– Randy Orton Taunts John Cena
– Shawn Michaels Vs Batista (Special Guest Referee Chris Jericho)
– Randy Orton Taunts Triple H
– 12 Diva Tag Team Match
– World Heavyweight Championship Match – Undertaker Vs Edge
– CM Punk Wishes Randy Orton Good Luck
– Fatal Four Way Elimination Match For The WWE Championship – Randy Orton Vs John Cena Vs Triple H Vs JBL

Special Features –
– Todd Grisham Interviews Triple H
– Raw 28/4/08 – Aftermath Of WWE Championship Match Between Triple H & Randy Orton

Held at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland on April 27th and coming in the shadow of WrestleMania, Backlash is almost always ‘just another WWE show’. If you can get past Mike Adamle’s opening ‘brother’ and ‘Human Suplex Machine’ cheese, we head straight into the United States Championship match between Matt Hardy (one of the most under appreciated WWE talents EVER!) and, then US Champion, MVP. Good opening match, these two had a great long feud and it ended the way it should have! (And an interesting interview with Matt to follow the match!)

ECW Champion Kane faces off against former ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero in what thankfully was a longer match than the WrestleMania debacle. Not a bad match. I like both of these guys, and I think both are treated like mid-carders way too often. Not exactly match of the night but still not one I’d fast forward!

Todd interviews Randy Orton next and lord does this make you realise how much Randy is missed right now that he’s out with his injury. The cocky ego-maniacal little b@$**rd.. he’s so good at his job!!!

Big Show Vs Great Khali… I’d rather stick pins in my eyes…

Another Appearance from Mr Orton, this time ‘taunting’ Cena backstage who seems to be having some sort of cowboy talk with Jimmy Wang Yang… ok.
Michaels Vs Batista with special guest referee, Chris Jericho. This match should have been Michaels Vs Jericho… but at least we got that feud eventually! Its matches like this that actually show how good Shawn is… because he had to work over time to make Batista look presentable! I did like the Jericho appearance until it came to nothing. I guess their element of surprise was that Jericho played it straight down the line. Ah we love the WWE writers. Ending with the now famous ‘knee injury’ that apparently never was! Definatly a match I didn’t mind seeing again!

12 diva tag team match… where did I put those pins?!

Edge has to drag Undertaker’s old carcass around the ring once again for a World Heavyweight Championship match. Decent match up, nothing we haven’t seen before but Edge works his a$$ off as usual. Yes Im biased, sue me. Ending with the ‘illegal choke hold’ and lots of weeping and wailing from Vickie Guerrero.. or is she Vickie Edge these days?! Well what pay per view would be complete without some screeching from the Smackdown General Manager huh?!

Fatal Four Way for the WWE Championship was a good match, well aside from JBL being in the ring on occasion it was a good match. Im still astounded as to why the WWE think this guy can be in main event after main event ENOUGH ALREADY! Ending the way everyone had been predicting it would… for 6 months! Triple H finally getting his hands on the belt and stopping his shakes and need for sleeping pills….
It was just another WWE show. Nothing stands out and even the extras that are seemingly now called ‘special features’ are actually not that special at all.

5/10 Average… buy it if you’re a collector.


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