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Best of Raw – 15th Anniversary (Disc 2)

March 21, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Disc 2 – 1998-2002

Chapters –
-Todd Grisham – A Worldwide Phenomenon
-“Tyson & Austin” – January 19, 1998
-DX Special Report – February 2, 1998
-Dumpster Diving – February 2, 1998
-Formation of the New DX; X-Pac Returns – March 30, 1998
-Stone Cold Vs Mr McMahon – April 13, 1998
-DX Invades WCW – April 27, 1998
-DX Nation – July 6, 1998
-Zamboni 3:16 – September 28, 1998
-Todd Grisham – Hate-Hate Relationship
-The Debut of Mr Socko – October 5, 1998
-Mr McMahon’s Cement Corvette – October 12, 1998
-Bang 3:16 – October 19, 1998
-Mankind Wins the WWE Championship – January 4, 1999
-Stone Cold Beer Truck – March 22, 1999
-Monster Truck Vs Town Car – April 19, 1999
-Mean Street Posse Vs the Stooges – May 10, 1999
-The Greater Power Revealed – June 7, 1999
-Todd Grisham – Millennium Countdown
-Y2J – August 9, 1999
-The Rock – This Is Your Life – September 27, 1999
-Big Bossman Sympathy – November 8, 1999
-What happened In Vegas – November 29, 1999?
-Jericho Not the New Champion – April 17, 2000
-Todd Grisham – Wrestling Monopoly
-Shane Purchases WCW – March 26, 2001
-Milk-O-Mania – August 21, 2001
-Triple H Returns – January 7, 2002
-Past Meets Present – February 18, 2002
-Worlds Unite – Bischoff Hugs Mr McMahon – July 15, 2002

Now this is more my era of wrestling… the Attitude Era! I loved it! This second disc in the set four however could have had a little less DX on it, aside from that it’s a really good watch! Even hearing the old theme tunes takes me straight back to what is, in my humble opinion, the best phase that the WWE has EVER had so far!  I remember a lot of the stuff from this disc, and I have seen most of it before but… who cares? A fantastic trip down memory lane including classics like the debut of Y2J Chris Jericho, Angle and the milk truck, Mike Tyson and Austin & Shane buying WCW (and my 13 year old son is marking like a freak beside me right now!)

Kicking off with the Tyson and Austin incident from 1998, back when Austin really WAS cool and everything he did was a mark out moment (how things change!), and this is a clip that has been used on a thousand WWE montages and recaps when Tyson shoves Austin into the ropes and Austin is held down by about 25 men and still manages to flip the bird at the boss!

The DX ‘Special report’ is what we affectionately call the DX Election Speech. If you can get an unedited version of this it’s funny as hell and better than the version they had to censor to put on the DVD. I can’t believe Chyna managed to stand there stony faced the whole way through!

Dumpster Diving, I admit I hadn’t heard of this incident and on watching it I realise why. Cactus Jack against Chainsaw Charlie, throwing each other around and landing in… Well dumpsters…

The formation of the new DX, due to Michaels being out with a back injury by this time. Triple H and Chyna re-form Degeneration X, bringing back X-Pac, who still sucked… To sum up the era in one quote from The King & JR, King- “What a night! Farrooq is out of the Nation and now it looks like Michaels is out of DX!” JR- “And Austin’s in jail!”

Austin Vs McMahon shows us the 52 year old Chairman of the Board’s first ever wrestling match! JR is obviously full of confidence for his boss screaming “Who’s going to run the company? I just bought a house! I got a mortgage to pay off!”

DX Invading WCW is definatly a classic moment. I often wondered if both Vince and Bischoff weren’t totally organizing this whole thing much like Vince and Heyman and the original ECW Invasion angle! And then we get yet more DX antics when they dress up as The Nation, with Triple H as ‘The Crock’ and Road Dogg as ‘B’Lo’ Brown! Worth seeing if you haven’t already!

When I saw the title of the next chapter ‘Zamboni 3:16’ the only idea I had as to what it was about was that it involved Austin in some fashion! It’s Austin invading the arena in the Muller Lite beer truck; (Apparently called a Zamboni) bashing the ring and attacking McMahon, surprising though that Undertaker and Kane just stand there and watch!

Other notable chapters on this disc are the Bang 3:16 moments that everyone even if you weren’t watching back then, has seen! After being fired by Vince (Was this the first time of many?) Austin returns the following night and holds a ‘toy’ gun to Vince’s head. The night Foley won the title Raw was pre-recorded and WCW gave away the outcome of this match on live television, thinking they’d spoil it for everyone and not realising that everyone would tune in TO see it anyway! Y2J’s debut is always worth watching again! For a few weeks leading up to this a clock would run on the titan tron in a series of promos probably like the Save_Us.222 they just ran for his recent return, and the night he made his debut he interrupts The Rock. I still say Rock and Jericho are the two best guys to ever pick up a WWE Microphone!

Classic stuff from start to finish. I loved watching Shane buying WCW again, I remember it being such a shock when it happened (In the days before I had this damn internet and everyone knew everything!) Stephanie’s wedding that never was to Test, ending up married to Triple H in the ‘What Happened in Vegas’ chapter. Who could forget the Angle Milk truck incident and seeing Triple H return in 2002? But (Did you see that coming?!) Im a little disappointed in the fact that 2000-2002 seems to be glossed over somewhat in favour of the 1998 DX incidents and the 1999 Austin/McMahon never ending feud. I would have really liked to see more stuff from 2000-2002!! The forgotten WWE Years!!!!

Yes those DX moments and even the Austin/McMahon segments are classics and yes they should be included Im not disputing that fact, I just think it looks like whoever put the disc together stuffed all that in from 88-89 and ran out of space!



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