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Best Of Raw – 15th Anniversary (Disc 3)

March 21, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Disc 3

-Todd Grisham Behind the Scenes
-the Rock Concert – March 24, 2003
-Kane Unmasks – June 23, 2003
-Musical Chairs With Eugene – July 5, 2004
-Evolution Beats Up Randy Orton – August 16, 2004
-Are You Ready For Some Wrestling? – November 22, 2004
-Batista Turns On Triple H – February 21, 2005
-Shelton Benjamin vs. Shawn Michaels – May 2, 2005
-Todd Grisham – Raw’s Huge Gain
-John Cena Drafted #1 To Raw – June 6, 2005
-Kane/Lita Wedding – June 20, 2005
-Shawn Michaels Turns On Hulk Hogan – July 4, 2005
-Jericho Is Fired – August 22, 2005
-Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle – Iron Man Match – October 3, 2005
-Todd Grisham – WWE Homecoming
-Stone Cold Stuns the McMahons – October 3, 2005
-Eric Bishoff Trial – December 5, 2005
-Edge/Lita Live Sex Celebration – January 9, 2006
-DX Impersonates Shane And Mr. McMahon – June 26, 2006
-Edge Wins Championship – July 3, 2006
-Edge vs. Shawn Michaels – Street Fight – January 22, 2007
-Shawn Michaels Returns! – October 8, 2007
-Todd Grisham – A Television Tradition

This third disc in the four disc set brings us bang up to date with clips as recent as November last year with Shawn Michaels’ return to Raw! Some fantastic and memorable clips like The Rock concert and Eugene’s Musical Chairs segment, to some we’d probably rather forget, like the Edge and Lita live sex celebration…
and I bet Edge & Lita would rather forget it too! The ‘Behind The Scenes’ chapter is misleading. It’s Todd Grisham talking over a 30 second video of a couple of camera men and then clips of Cena and Jericho performing their songs on Raw. Nothing at all to write home about and I dont think it should even be included on the chapters list!

The Rock Concert is fantastic. Rocky was getting a lot of heel heat at the time for ‘selling out’ and going to ‘Hollywood’ but even the so called haters were laughing their asses off at this one. More proof that there’s no one like The Rock & as much as Im no fan of Austin I loved their feud! Come back Rocky all is forgiven! We need more guys with the class and the attitude of The Rock I don’t care what Cena thinks! (Haha)

The unmasking of Kane was just… not needed. I know a lot of Kane fans agree with me, they ruined him when they took his mask away! Sure he’s had some great feuds since but he just wasn’t the Big Red Machine anymore! We see Evolution try to unmask the ‘monster’ before RVD comes down to apparently ‘save’ his tag partner from having to unmask. But it was in the match stipulation and Bischoff orders him to do it. “Get a shot of that face!” screams Jerry Lawler. “Is that a human?” yells JR… and we see Kane…
apparently very human and covered in smears of black make up…explain that? Oh that’s easy his disfigured and ‘burned’ face was all psychological. Yes they should have just kept the mask on!

The Eugene character caused a lot of controversy when he first came about. I thought it was very funny and this segment proves what lengths these guys will go to entertain us fans. Fantastically funny musical chairs segment, one that I never thought Id see in a WWE ring that’s for damn sure. King, Flair, Stacey Kiebler, Jericho, Coach, Tomko and Tajiri are all playing along. If you haven’t seen it you need to you certainly can’t miss Flair doing his ‘stylin and profilin’ along to ‘pop goes the weasel’ and if you have seen it I bet you still laugh!

Evolution beating up Orton was probably the first time I yelled LEAVE ORTON ALONE at the wrestlers instead of creative! This is definatly one I agree with including in this box set, a monumentous occasion seeing the break up of Evolution and the first step to Orton becoming the guy we see today.

Are you ready for some wrestling is just another way for Vince to get his rocks off? Trish is in a towel and Vince gets to ridicule other sports… it’s a wonder he didnt turn this into his new show… Shelton is also there… for some reason.
Batista turning on Triple H is… boring. The start of the ‘thumbs down’ signal that he still drags out to this day.

Shelton Benjamin Vs Shawn Michaels was fantastic because it proves HBK can make ANYONE look good! Ok In all honesty & putting my lack of Shelton love aside, he did step it up that night and pulled out a great match, proving he could be in the ring with a vet like Michaels, not that it did him any favours!
June 2006, everyone talking about the ‘draft’, everyone telling us Cena was going to Raw and all of us Cena fans screaming NOOOO He’ll be buried by Triple H leave him where he is! *ahem*  Y2J gets to do the honours and announces his ‘Highlight Reel’ will host the debut of the first Smackdown superstar to be drafted that night! (and the expression on Jericho’s face when Cena’s music hits are a classic! You would think he really didnt know!) JR and The King almost have live on-air heart-attacks and I guess, for me, this is definatly a ‘Goosebumps’ moment! (Added bonus when Christian appears… damn how I miss that creepy little b@$tard!!!)

Kane and Lita Wedding are actually Lita and Edge. I can still remember watching this with my mate Kim when it aired and how we both screamed when that head came through the damn floor! You have to see Snitsky reading the ‘passage’ he wrote as a tribute for Edge and Lita on their special day… it’s the worst thing that someone in that office EVER wrote… and I mean even worse than the birth of a hand… yeah it’s that bad! This was the storyline that ruined Lita’s career turning her from a wrestler to a jumped up ho in ten easy text messages…

Shawn Michaels turns on Hulk Hogan oh how sweet it was! I remember screaming at the TV! It totally had to be the biggest mark out moment of 2005! Who saw it coming?

Chris Jericho getting fired was a horrible moment for us Jerichoholics. We all knew it was coming but I remember NOT watching the aftermath of that match EVER. I still haven’t seen him getting carried out screaming, all I have seen are the screen caps and Raw pictures they put on wwe.com afterwards! (Yes I just fast forwarded the DVD ha-ha) On the other hand it was a great thing because it gave us at Wrestle-Zone the opportunity to spend the day with Fozzy and it also gave the WWE fans the time to appreciate what they had lost… and celebrate its return!

Michaels vs. Angle was a sensible moment to include on these DVDs for sure. We haven’t had many matches on this DVD and this one is Shawn’s second appearance. Excellent match and one of those people will always remember. 30 minutes of greatness… before Kurt went to la la land on a high speed cloud!
The Raw homecoming is looked at next (combine these next two chapters) McMahon and Austin wasn’t all that sentimental for me. I really can’t be bothered with Austin any more!

Eric Bischoff trial… Vince takes out the trash.

The Edge and Lita Sex celebration… poor ba$tards! It will show you the length these guys will go to keep their jobs that’s all I can say about this one. It’s too painful for me to even watch again… Skip it. It’s horrible!

DX definatly haven’t got the edge they used to have, Im not saying they’re rubbish; they just can’t possibly get away with doing what they did all those years ago. As the saying goes, ‘they’re too old for that crap’ however… this impersonation of Vince and Shane was hilarious! Echo’s of the good old DX days but without looking pathetic in the process. Triple H gets some great gags over on his father in law and he doesn’t do a bad voice impression either! Very funny stuff!

Edge winning the title is a triple threat against Cena and Rob Van Dam. It has been said this was Van Dam’s punishment for being caught with cannabis in his car but who knows. He didnt need it he still had the ECW title anyways… Another great match to include on the DVD and I never complain about seeing Edge win a title!

And Edge appears again in the next chapter in what is probably my favourite match on the entire DVD in a street fight with Shawn Michaels. Nothing like seeing two of my top favorite wrestlers beating each other senseless in the name of entertainment! Hard to believe this was over a year ago already!

This takes us right up to last November and HBK returns to kick Orton’s head off. Im sure no one needs a reminder of how that went down already but a great moment to include on here. There isn’t much Orton on these DVD’s come to think of it… why?





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