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Judgment Day 2007 – DVD Review

March 9, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Judgment Day 2007 – DVD Review
Review by Paps

Chapters –

– Ric Flair vs. Carlito
– Todd Grisham Interviews Santino Marella
– 3-on-1 Handicap Match For The ECW Championship – Mr McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley
– Dr. Rios Examines Shawn Michaels in the Trainers Room
– CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke
– Kristal Interviews Edge
– Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
– Todd Grisham Interviews Great Khali
– World Tag Team Championship Match – The Hardys vs. Cade & Murdoch
– World Heavyweight Championship Match – Edge vs. Batista
– 2-Out-Of-3-Falls Match For The United States Championship – Chris Benoit vs. MVP
– WWE Championship Match – John Cena vs. Great Khali

Extras –
– Teddy Long & Kristal Celebrate With MVP & His Entourage
– The New Breed Story
– Todd Grisham Interviews Randy Orton Post-Match

“Less than a month after Atlanta experienced WWE Backlash, the Smackdown! elite swarm to St. Louis with nothing except vengeance on their minds. With five different titles at stake, including the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Championship, the United States Championship and the World Tag Team Championship, the Scottrade Center is set to be host to a head-busting, spine-rattling Judgment Day 2007.
Still stinging from a brutal loss to the McMahons and Umaga during Backlash 2007, Bobby Lashley finds himself back in the ring facing down the same men who beat him senseless just one month ago. The sparks are guaranteed to fly but can Lashley out-muscle the merciless threesome, or does Vince have yet another trick up his sleeve?
In another exciting rematch from Backlash 2007, the Hardy Brothers would like to re-enact the beatdown they dealt out last month but Cade and Murdoch plan to change the script. Can the Hardys fend off another of Cade and Murdochs onslaughts or will the challengers inflict their patented sweet and sour punishment to the brothers?
Just as a hungry shark smells blood in the water from a mile away, Randy Orton sensed Shawn Michaels concussion-induced handicap from backstage. Will Orton turn Michaels into shark bait and drown him early on, or will HBK pull a Flipper and head-butt his opponent into submission?
Finally, John Cena takes on The Great Khali in what may very well prove to be the knock-down, drag-out battle of the century. Cena has been beaten, battered, burned, and broken by the massive Khali the last three times the men have met and The Great Khali has every intention of making quick work of Cena again. Will the enormous man squash Cena and what remains of his dignity, or will The Marine pull out the big guns and blow his opponent away? Be sure not to miss out on this action-packed DVD, brought straight to the WWEs fans by Silver Vision. “

Having already been tired of the whole McMahon/Umaga/Lashley never ending feud before this PPV even aired I was glad to see it ended at the pay per view that followed Judgment Day two weeks later, One Night Stand. If you buy this DVD I recommend you skip at least this one match!

Great to see Edge with the title, shame he had to carry Batista’s wooden carcass through their feud but Edge manages to pull it off and produce a decent match, although again, it was a better match two weeks later at One Night Stand.
*Anyone see the way Kristal says ‘Edge’ like she suddenly sat on the wrong end of a spiky boot?

Having now seemingly made all their Pay Per Views tri-branded again, at least there is always hope that there will be something to interest everyone on any given pay per view, although I have to admit that Judgment Day fell a little flat of expectations as have a lot of the pay per views this year. Are the WWE in a slump?

Not many extras to write home about either. If you bought the original event through your ppv then I see no reason to buy the DVD unless youre a die hard wwe dvd collector there is basically nothing that would catch my eye and make me want to shell out even more money than I paid to see it originally. I understand that adding & filming extras will cost more money but there HAS to be a reason to make fans buy DVDs and I know I say this every time but surely it’s just obvious right?!! And surely throughout the day of a PPV there are cameras everywhere! Have them follow Batista to the gym or Umaga to the catering room! Hell have them just film everyone arriving and get quick comments as they walk into the building… doesn’t it make sense?

Shawn Michaels puts on a good act as Randy Orton ‘kills’ another legend. Good to see an ‘older’ guy putting over the younger generation, lets hope that trend continues. It gives Randy more credibility and hopefully more of a believable “Legend Killer” gimmick If he’s obliterating guys like Sgt Slaughter every week… so what? But doing the same thing to Shawn Michaels makes a statement…. and brings out the wife… lordy!

*Why when CM Punk is introduced does the Ring Announcer say ‘Coming down the aisle’? What happened to ‘making his way to the ring’?

The Carlito v Flair bout was very disappointing. Maybe Flair forgot his deep heat and Viagra that day so Carlito had to stay pretty much grounded and in all honesty he looked as bored in the ring as I was watching at home. Carlito is one of the guys that will carry this company some day and there aren’t many of them on the roster at this present time, but this match was lack-lustre and I believe that is down to Flair. Not to knock the man’s legacy but if he carries on much longer he won’t have one. No one will remember the good stuff they will only remember the tired old man that shuffled to the ring every week and tried to keep up with guys a third of his age!

I didn’t really want to comment on Cena vs. Khali, but it annoys me! Khali annoys me! Im a Cena fan but there’s only so much anyone can do with a statue to try and make look good! Giving Cena his dues he did try and make it look like a match but it came nowhere near. Khali can not even climb into the ring in under 10 minutes never mind wrestle a match. It’s a case of Khali is just going to stand there while Cena runs around like a blue a$$ed fly and occasionally run into Khali’s fist or boot and sells it like a trooper! (And people wonder why this guy has so much respect backstage?!)

As I said before, if you have seen the pay per view then I see no reason why you would want to shell out more hard earned cash for this DVD. If you haven’t seen it then you aren’t missing much anyway!

Price: 10.99 – Available from Silvervision at this price
Languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French
Subtitles: Dutch, Portuguese, Greek
Approx running time 161 mins

Available from all good WWE DVD stockists!


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