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No Mercy – A Short review By Paps

October 7, 2008   ·   0 Comments

WWE No Mercy Pay Per View

5th October 2008

A short No Mercy review By paps


Here’s one I’ve been looking forward to – No Mercy! Hailing from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon and introduced to us by Todd Grisham. Jerry Lawler is filling in for Striker at the ECW announce desk.

Kick off match is Mark Henry Vs Matt Hardy for the ECW championship.
Massive pop for Matt as he comes to the ring, and let this be the END of this feud! Matt, as always, makes the best of a bad situation and tries his hardest to make the match plausable but Henry is slow and almost lumbering around the ring like he can’t be bothered to move! A couple of near falls, Hardy getting the ‘Side Effect’ at one point for a two count and Henry got a near fall from a splash. Eventually the Twist Of Fate finishes Henry off and Matt Hardy retains… there is a God!
Winner and still ECW Champion – MATT HARDY! Oh yeah!

Next up is a Triple H and Jeff Hardy interview backstage. H is texting his vote for Jeff to ‘AT&T’ mobile! He says Jeff has every God given tallent and wants him to bring it all together so when he beats him he can say he beat the best!

Beth Phoenix Vs Candice Michelle for the Women’s Championship
Why? I mean why is Candice in the ring with Beth? Oh yeah.. her t*ts!! Please excuse my sarcasm..
I admit to not paying an awful lot of attention to this match (Yes Im sure you’re surprised at that!) But I did see enough to know Santino is up to something! Beth wins… all is right with the women’s championship.. thankfully!

Kane is shown backstage in the red lighted boiler room he calls home! He says tonight it all ends and he will learn the truth. The people will be forced to see the face of Rey Mysterio tonight. (Please god noooooo!) not only will Rey see himself for what he really is but everyone else will as well and referes to everyone as ‘monsters’. I’ll drink to that!
Rey Vs Kane – Kane manages to throw Mysterio around like a rag doll.. imagine that huh? Although having seen Rey without his mask the majority of people are indeed routing for him to win so he can keep it on! I did feel for Kane having to sell Mysterio’s kicks and make it look like more than he was swatting away an anoying flea! It all ended indeed when Rey leapt from the top rope onto a waiting kane with a chair in his hand..Bam! Lights out London! The ref raises kane’s hand while Rey writhes around the floor and I do believe he said ‘I can’t feel my legs’.

MVP is seen backstage anoying the Big Show. He wants to talk to Vickie but Big Show informs him that if he continues to anoy him he will turn his attention to him in a bad way!
As we go to the anounce team and they talk about the number one contenders match, MVP’s music hits and he comes down to the ring to state his case. He says he is over looked and his carreer is taking a down-turn on Smackdown because Vickie is ignoring the best tallent that she has ie him! All the while having to deal with a ‘what’ chant… WHAT? What year is it?
Orton’s music hits, at least it’s about 30 seconds in before everyone realises who it is because his new music SUCKS so bad that people keep forgetting about it! He tells MVP that he is claiming to be what Orton already is. MVP says he knows who Orton is but doesnt recognise him without his shoulder sling! Ouch! Very good promo cut between the two of them, that’d be another feud worth watching!
Priceless come to the ring, just when it was looking good too! For some reason they insist on giving Cody a mic week after week… wasn’t the first time he spoke enough to tell them something aint right there? He rambles on about something that no one is paying attention to, and gets a ‘boring’ chant from the crowd. Im pretty sure by this time that Orton is trying desperatly not to laugh… if you can see it check out the look on his face!
He tells Orton that he’s coasting on his rep, Orton then asks him to ask CMPunk if he’s coasting! This brings Manu to the mic who says Orton wouldn’t have put CMPunk out of that match if it wasn’t for the fact that he and Priceless beat him up first. Orton says they will impress him when they accomplish half of what he has already accomplished and he leaves the ring. As MVP and Ted DiBiase (Yay Ted!) have words, MVP walks out and straight into CMPunk and Kofi. Those two convince MVP it’s a good idea to team up and go and beat up the three in the ring, he runs down with them and they leave him to slide into the ring on his own and get beaten up. Eventually they follow and Punk and Kingston take down Priceless while MVP battles Manu on the outside of the ring. Great little segment (Aside from Cody being able to hold a mic) and way to get these un-used guys on the pay per view!

Batsita Vs JBL for Number One Conteders Spot.
Oh imgaine my excitement. It was infact as boring as it sounds, Batista eventually getting a Batista bomb for the three count and becomes the new number one contender. Yay. *note sarcasm*
After the match JBL cuts a promo on his back, flops around a bit, thanks congress then gets his limo stolen by Cryme Tyme! Money Money yeah yeah!

Undertaker vs Big Show was a lot more entertaining than I expected it to be, maybe that’s why I was plesently surprised? These guys are so big that they don’t even need to pull punches as much as they usually would, they just slug it out! Big Show takes a pad from the top turnbuckle and slams Undertaker’s head into it and he doesn’t ever really recover from that. While he’s on the floor Show gets a punch to the back of his head and the ref calls for the bell and stops the match. Slightly disapointing end. Big Show win’s via knock out.

Jeff Hardy wins the AT&T mobile text vote, 72% to 28% that’s a big margin! Jeff gets his usual HUGE ovation as he comes to the ring and Triple H takes his usual HUGE amount of time to get his a$s down there.
They start off by shaking hands then Hunter knocks Hardy down as soon as his back is turned. They have a great back and forth to start the match and Jeff gets Triple H in a side headlock with some surprising take downs from Hardy in the opening few minutes. A few awesome spots with Triple H at one point trying to pedigree Hardy while still through the ropers, and an amazing plancha from Jeff, all of which resulting in lots of near falls throughout the match. There were so many near falls infact that I was marking like a complete and utter freak by the end of it!
Jeff is yet again one second away from winning that title as he gets a Swanton on Hunter and covers but Hunter counters and rolls him up! I was so marked out that by the end of this match I’d been sure Jeff was going to get it even though in all reality… he wasn’t and certainly not from Triple H! Ah well, when Vladimir Koslov has the title and Vince realises it was the worst thing he could have done (Shy of putting it on Hornswoggle) then maybe they’ll give Jeff a chance!

Speaking of Koslov, he meets Triple H backstage and speaks Russian to him as they go nose to nose, he then says congratulations and walks off. Nothing will make me think that this guy should be in the main event.. but what does it matter what I think?

Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels is everything it was hyped up to be! I have loved this feud from the start and knowing how much Chris admires Shawn, and the fact that they have both had a large amount of input into what goes on, makes it all the more enjoyable for me. Ive heard so much negitivity about this feud and Jericho’s title run as a whole but, I love it. He’s a snakey dispicable heel and he does it fantastically well! Shawn is the ultimate baby face and Chris compliemnts that with his ‘ultimate heel’ character! Ladder matches have to be my favourite match ever so imagine how much I marked out when they announced that two of my favourite guys would be competeing in one of my favorite matches? 😀 😀 😀

As expected, the roof blows off for Michaels and the place goes crazy booing Jericho which means.. BINGO! He’s doing it aaaaaall right! The first 5 minutes of the match is awesome without the ladders! Who needs ladders anyways with these two in the ring?! my notes went completely out of the window as I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen! Suffice to say the match was everything a ladder match should be and then some! Cade had a little interferance when he tried to pull Shawn off the ladder but ended up getting Sweet Chin Music for his trouble! The ending of this was unbelievable genius; both guys up the ladder virtually hanging from one side of the belt each! I was marking like an idiot and off my seat! Jericho was swiging from one side of the belt with Michaels hanging onto the other. Jericho swung in and head butted HBK sending him crashing from the ladder while he grabed the belt to retain the title! Complete and utter classic! Jericho lost a tooth (And it looked like a fang dammit!!!) but Im sure when he watches this tape back he’ll think it was all worth it! I would certainly like to thank him for losing his tooth in the name of entertainment! haha
I am so glad I stayed away from spoilers until I had seen this pay per view. It was definatly one of the best ones of the year so far. The only thing missing was a Tag title match with the Colon’s! (And Edge… come back Edge!!!)

Id give this an 8 out of 10 (it loses 2 points for putting JBL and Batista in the ring at the same time.. yawn)

If you havent yet bought it go and order it NOW while the repeates are still showing!!!



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