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No Way Out 2008 DVD Review

July 22, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Chapters –

– ECW Championship – Chavo Guerrero Vs CM Punk
– Mike Admle Interviews Rey Mysterio
– Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match – Undertaker Vs Batista Vs Finlay Vs Big Daddy V Vs MVP Vs Great Khali
– Edge Reacts To The Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match
– Party At The Mansion
– Career Threatening Match – Ric Flair Vs Mr Kennedy
– Mr McMahon Visits Finlay In The Traini9ng Room
– World Heavyweight Championship Match – Edge Vs Rey Mysterio
– WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton Vs John Cena
– Triple H Talks With Shawn Michaels About The Elimination Chamber Match
– Raw Elimination Chamber Match – Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Chris Jericho Vs Umaga Vs JBL

Extra –

– Shawn Michaels Congratulates Ric Flair

I guess it was inventive having not one but two Elimination chamber matches… until you saw who was in the Smackdown one and suddenly felt very sorry for MVP…

But come on with a theme tune like Seether’s ‘Fake It’ it couldn’t be all bad right? Coming from the Thomas & Mack Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada and taped in February of this year.

CMPunk vs. Chavo Guerrero was a great way to kick off this pay per view and get the crowd fired up. An excellent mix of high flying and mat wrestling, (and with Punk almost hitting the ‘three amigos’ at one point… complete with ‘Guerrero shimmy’!) I loved this match it was defiantly one of the best in this feud. Lots of near falls as this match went back and forth between the two guys evenly, ending when Chavo hit the Frog Splash. Excellent match!
Mike Adamle interviews Rey Mysterio.. I don’t know which one of them is more laughable.. oh wait yeah I do, it’s Rey!

The Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match just seems like they went through the roster and collected all the losers that didn’t merit a match of their own… then threw MVP in there so they had an equal ‘little guy’. By the time Undertaker even gets to the ring there had been time to have another decent match on the card! Undertaker and Batista start the match followed by Big Daddy V, then The Great Khali, by this time it looks like something from ‘Its A Knockout!’ (Yeah showing my age here but COME ON!) Fifth was Finlay, and last was MVP, Why they even bothered I’ll never know. Undertaker wins with a Tombstone to Batista… yawn.

Backstage Edge is less than happy as Teddy Long tells him that Hawkins and Ryder are banned from ringside for his match against Rey Mysterio… and Im with him!!

Flair vs. Kennedy.. I love Kennedy and I hate that he’s now an a$$ kissing baby face! I love this match if only to see Ken in his heel status and remember how damn good he was at it!

Edge Vs Rey… why? I mean why Rey? He’s every kids dream yeah yeah I know that but what about us fans that are actually over the age of ten? Yeah ya know those of us that PAY for this crap? My 5 year old son adores Rey but he sure as hell isn’t the one shelling out the pounds to watch the pay per views! I think it’s just the fact that Rey ooooozes cheese and drips syrup that puts me off him! Edge is fantastic as always. This guy is finally getting the praise he deserves, he’s the best heel in the business right now… go ask Paul Heyman! This is a decent match considering Rey is involved on one of the rare occasions that he isn’t injured of course. And this was the start of the Mayweather fiasco. Yeah Im sure they thought it’d make mega-bucks and we all know how that went…

Randy Orton Vs John Cena and everyone’s on the smarky ‘lets boo Cena’ kick again. Im not even getting into it! Orton gets himself DQ’d by slapping the referee much to the disgust of the Ortonites!

The Raw Elimination Chamber match is in complete contrast to the offering from Smackdown/ECW earlier in the night. Surprisingly Jericho and Michaels were the first two to start the match; I thought they’d save the best ’til last but obviously not this time! Umaga entered next and bulldozed his way through both of them until JBL (What? Main event again!!? Are they kidding?!) enters and belly-flops his way around the ring. Triple H was fifth to enter the chamber leaving little old Jeff Hardy last, and it wasn’t long until he eliminated Jericho. much to our cries of disbelief!

The final two were Jeff Hardy and Triple H and after trying and failing to use a steel chair Hunter gets the pedigree on Jeff, earning him a championship match at WrestleMania (Just as well he did win all things considered. That would have been a WrestleMania cock up!)

All in all an enjoyable pay per view, definaly one I didn’t mind sitting through again, especially the Raw Elimination Chamber & Flair Vs Kennedy!

The ‘Extra’ is nothing to write home about although I am pleased that what they did see fit to put on here was Shawn!

7/10: Watchable, especially if you missed it first time around.



This DVD is available from www.silvervision.co.uk and all good WWE stockists 


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