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Tagged Classics – Survivor Series 1997 & 1998

March 9, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Tagged Classics – Survivor Series 1997 & 1998
Review by Pap


Chapters –

– Countdown To Survivor Series
– Headbangers & New Blackjacks vs. New Age Outlaws & Godwins
– Disciples Of Apocalypse vs. Truth Commission
– Team USA – Vader, Marc Mero, Goldust & Steve Blackman vs. Team Canada – British Bulldog, Jim’The Anvil’Neidhart, Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon
– Kane vs. Mankind
– Road Warriors – Ahmed Johnson, Ken Shamrock & Legion Of Doom vs. The Nation; Faarooq, Rocky Maivia, Kama Mustafa & D’Lo Brown
– Intercontinental Championship Match – Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart
– WWE Championship Match – Bret’Hitman’Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Chapters –
– First Round Match – Mankind vs. Duane Gill
– First Round Match – Al Snow vs. Jeff Jarrett
– First Round Match – Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Big Boss man
– First Round Match – X-Pac vs. Steven Regal
– First Round Match – Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust
– First Round Match – The Rock vs. Triple H
– Quarterfinal match – Undertaker vs. Kane
– Quarterfinal Match – Mankind vs. Al Snow
– Quarterfinal match – Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock
– Women’s Championship Match – Jacqueline vs. Sable
– Semi Final Match – Mankind vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
– Semi Final Match – Undertaker vs. The Rock
– Triple Threat Match For The World Tag Team Championship – New Age Outlaws vs. Headbangers vs. D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry
– Final Match For The WWE Championship – Mankind vs. The Rock

A couple of cracking DVDs for fans past and present. These two Survivor Series pay per views all wrapped up in one boxed set are a definate must have in any fans collection. No extras on these discs as they are taken directly from the original VHS format of the time. There is also a warning about picture quality at the beginning of the discs but I don’t think that compromises these DVDs in any way at all.

The 1998 disc in particular shows how much these pay per views have changed over the years, especially the traditional ‘Survivor Series’ format and the amount of matches is astounding compared to todays regular offerings.

Over the course of these two DVDs you will see legendary superstars such as the Nation (Including The Rock and Ron Simmons), Owen Hart, Road Warriors, Ken Shamrock, Mick Foley in his ‘Mankind’ guise & Steve Blackman to name but a few. These are legends that everyone, no matter how recent a fan, should see in action! There are also guys the likes of Al Snow, and William Regal, Kane and Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin & Triple H that everyone will know and recognise.( And isn’t it amazing how Sable looks younger now than she did in 1997/8? yeah…anyways….)

I couldn’t pass this one by without mentioning the most talked about match in history Of course the 1997 event is one that is still very much talked about among wrestling fans, the night the then ‘WWF’ and Vince McMahon allegedly ‘screwed’ Bret Hart. (Personally I think Bret Hart Screwed Bret Hart but this is a subject that will be debated for many more years to come Im sure!) If you haven’t seen this match then you NEED to… if you don’t understand what it’s all about then just type a search in Google Im sure there are about 6 million pages worth of information and opinions on the infamous Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels feud of that time! The match its self is definatly a classic with a lot more back and forth action than you will ever, unfortunately, see in a match these days. Shawn Michaels has the ‘hate’ of the Canadian crowd from the minute he steps through the curtain and is already covered in beer from a fan before he even gets into the ring!

He rips a Canadian flag from someone in the crowd and proceeds to ‘wipe his a$$’ on it, pick his nose with it and basically any other disturbing things one could think of to degrade a flag in public! The crowd already hate him before Bret’s entrance music even hits the speakers!

As this extremely good match is drawing to a close Shawn applies Bret’s own finishing move, the ‘sharpshooter’ on Hart, suggested and apparently agreed to by Bret before the match. What was not agreed was Bret dropping the title in his hometown. He was leaving the ‘WWF’, it was his last match for the company but, as I understand it, because of his heat with Shawn and his dislike of the idea of dropping the belt in Canada, he had refused to do it. What happens when Im at work and I refuse to do something my boss asks me to do? I get fired. But Bret was leaving anyway I… don’t get it… but I never will.

So instead of them going along with what Mr Hart’s ego desired Vince McMahon along with Michaels (who wouldn’t admit to being ‘in on it’ until quite a few years later!) and referee Earl Hebner, among others Im sure, decided they would pull the biggest ‘swerve’ in wrestling history. What was originally planned was for Bret to reverse the Sharpshooter and have Triple H & Chyna (Shawn’s then partners in crime) come down to the ring and get involved resulting in a DQ finish. What ACTUALLY happened was the referee claiming Bret had tapped out of his signature move… had the bell rung and got the hell out of there, thus crowing Shawn as the new WWF Champion and almost getting him hung drawn and quartered by the Canadian fans! I know this story has been told a thousand times before… but you have to SEE it!

Excellent idea on the part of the WWE to put these pay per views into double boxed sets! Looking forward to seeing more of these for sure!

A choice of two must see excellent Pay Per View events!





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