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The Triumph And Tragedy Of WCCW (DVD Review)

May 12, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Disc 1 –

Chapters –
– Texas Rasslin’
– Fritz Von Erich
– The Boys
– Fritz Retires
– Innovative Television
– The Sportatorium
– Enter… The Fabulous Freebirds
– Young Superstars
– Freebirds – Von Erich Feud
– The Death Of David Von Erich
– A Von Erich Dream Realised
– Chris Adam’s – Good Friend, Better Enemy
– Mike Von Erich In Critical Condition
– Lance Von Erich
– Gino Hernandez/Chris Adams
– Fabulous Freebirds
– Withdrawal From NWA
– Kerry’s Motorcycle Accident
– Mike Commits Suicide
– Fritz Has A ‘Heart Attack’
– Ken Mantell Becomes Part Owner
– Superclash III
– Jerry Jarrett Buys WCCW
– Kerry Goes To The WWE
– Kevin Quits Wrestling
– Chris Von Erich Commits Suicide
– Kerry Von Erich Commits Suicide
– A Curse?
– Remembering World Class

Extras –
– Tea With Gentleman Chris Adams – January 1983
– ‘Iceman’ King Parsons – March 1983
– Freebirds Promo On The Von Erichs – April 1983
– Gino Hernandez At The Airport – April 1983
– David Von erich Valet For The Day – July 1983
– Sunshine Assistant – September 1983
– Freebirds At Home – April 1984
– BadStreet USA Music Video – May 1984
– Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez Car Service – April 1985
– Kerry’s Korner – Kerry’s Photography hobby – September 1987
– Kabuki
– Sunshine In Israel
– Fritz Does Bill Irwin A Favour
– Kevin Watching His Dad Wrestle
– Fritz Vs The Funks
– Aeroplane Crash
– I Hate You Brazil
– Pain Inflicted
– Wrestling In Japan
– Survivor

Disc 2 –
– 2 out of 3 falls Texas Rasslin – Duke Keomuka Vs Ricky Starr
– American Heavyweight Championship – Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show At Texas Stadium, June 1982, Fritz Von Erich Vs King Kong Bundy
– Steel Cage Match For The World Heavyweight Championship – Star Wars Of Wrestling, December 1982 – Ric Flair Vs Kerry Von Erich
– WCCW May 1983 – Iceman King Parsons/Kevin & David Von Erich Vs The Fabulous Freebirds – Alternate Commentary: Todd Grisham & Kevin Von Erich
– Hair Vs hair Match _ Star Wars Of Wrestling, December 1983 – Iceman King Parsons Vs Buddy Roberts
– Six-man Tag Title Match – David Von Erich Memorial Parade Of Champions, M ay 1984 – Fritz, Mike & David Von Erich Vs The Fabulous Freebirds
– Mix-Tag Team Match – David Von Erich Memorial Parade Of Champions May 1984 – Gentleman Chris Adams & Sunshine vs. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin & Precious
– David Von Erich Memorial Parade Of Champions May 1984 – the Great kabuki vs. Kamala
– American Tag Team Championship – 2nd David Von Erich Memorial Parade Of Champions – May 1985 – Fantastics vs. Midnight express
– WCCW July 1985 Gentleman Chris Adams Vs Kevin Von Erich – Alternate Commentary: Todd Grisham & Kevin Von Erich
-WCCW October 1986 Bruiser Brody & The Missing Link Vs One Man Gang & Ric Rude
– Steel Cage match – 3rd Cotton Bowl Extravaganza – October 1986 – Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah The Butcher

This is probably a little bit too far back for me but Im sure it will appeal to a lot of older fans of wrestling in general. An eye opening looks into the world of World Class Championship Wrestling and especially the von Erich’s. A hell of a lot that I knew nothing about and was very interested to learn!

This isn’t a DVD I would go out and buy, Im pretty sure it wouldn’t appeal to a lot of ‘younger’ fans if seen on a store shelf but I did find it interesting and probably a good value history lesson as well! The sad part was actually seeing some of these guys back then in all their glory and then seeing them comment on their matches now, we all age, but some of this lot haven’t aged very well at all, not sure what happened but Buddy Roberts needs to use something in his throat to be able to speak.

Very sad stories of the Von Erich’s including the death of David Von Erich and how he was sick before he went to Japan, and his stomach ruptured while he was asleep and he choked on his vomit. Mike Von Erich’s Toxic Shock Syndrome; after shoulder surgery receiving an infection and ending up in a critical condition. Doctors told the family to go and say goodbye but he managed to pull through although later committed suicide. Kerry Von Erich’s motorcycle accident, it’s no wonder people wondered if this family was cursed!

Kerry Also Committed Suicide as did Chris Von Erich from this tragic family.
Comments from JR, Jerry Lawler and even some from Shawn Michaels and Triple H to name but a few but I find it a rather sad story of a fall from grace.
I enjoyed seeing the documentary style footage of disc one, however the matches on disc two really are for the people that remember WCCW, for me they aren’t something I can get into at all. I do recommend any long time fan to buy this, Im sure you’ll see and hear somethings that you didn’t know!


This DVD is available from silvervision.co.uk


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