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Unforgiven 2008; DVD Review By Paps

December 14, 2008   ·   0 Comments

DVD Review

By Paps for Wrestle-Zone.co.uk


UK Release Date 5th January 2009


“The Superstars of Raw, SmackDown & ECW come together got Unforgiven 2008, live from Cleveland, Ohio. For the first time ever three championships – the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship and ECW Championship – will all be decided by Championshop Scrambles, where for 20 minutes, it’s anyone’s game!

ECW Champion, Mark Henry, faces Matt Hardy vs. Finlay Vs. The Miz Vs. Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship in a scrable match that’s bursting with action. Will Mark henry’s awesome power be enough for him to go the distance against this horde of challenging Superstars?

In a grudge match where the hatred is palpable, a furious Shawn Michaels os driven to try and take “an eye for an eye” when he faces cold hearted Chris Jericho in a match so potentially dangerous, it’s Unsanctioned. Revenge is on the menu and HBK won’t tollerate interference from Lance Cade, as he puts both Cade & Jericho through the announcer table. Both Superstars deliver the goods in a dramatic fashion in a bout that’s less of a match and more of an out and out brawl for supremacy!

All of this plus contests for the World Tag Team Championship and an eye-popping Divas match.

Unforgiven 2008 will be available at all good stores priced 17.99 from 5th January 2009 or can be ordered directly from www.silvervision.co.uk, the UK’s official WWE DVD website!


Championship Scramble for the World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk vs. Batista vs. Kane vs. JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

Championship Scramble for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy

Unsanctioned Match
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

Divas Championship Match
Michelle McCool vs. Maryse

Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs. Cryme Tyme

Championship Scramble for the ECW Championship
Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy vs. The Miz vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Finlay

Eve Torres interviews Big Show and Vickie Guerrero as they leave the arena
Chris Jericho addresses the crowd at Monday Night Raw 08/09/08



If we could get PAST the CM Punk disapointment for a second…


Unforgiven coming from Cleveland Ohio featured the all new ‘Championship Scramble’ matches that no one really seemed to understand, a new Motorhead song as the theme, plus the awesome Unsanctioned match between Jericho and HBK that was during what was quite possibly the best feud in either man’s career thus far!

Not a bad pay per view at all, and unexpected at that! Unforgiven gave us some twists and unexpected turns especially where the World Heavyweight Championship was concerned.. I mean, did YOU expect that one? Me either! The shine was taken off the Jericho win for me after they had Orton kick Punk in the head and eliminate him from the match before it started. Although I did still mark like a lunatic, I would have liked to have seen Punk actually IN the match in the first place.

The ECW Championship Scramble kicks off the pay per view and is one I will not forget in a long time. I remember watching it with my friend when it actually aired and we were freaking out over Matt Hardy’s win and the utter excitment of counting down the seconds to see if he would hang onto it or not! I said from the start when they drafted Hardy to ECW he was going to get the title and I will never forget the look on his face when he held that belt in the air! Awesome!

When Jericho smacked Michaels’ wife in the face at Summerslam I knew this feud was going to be amazing and it was. This unsanctioned match was no exception to the rule of match after match of greatness from these two ‘legends’ of the WWE! The match starts off as a brawl, Shawn even taking off his boot to whack Jericho in the head several times over, and then both competitiors end up over the security rail and into the audience! They attack each other with chairs, they use the ring posts & tables, a fire extinguisher, and the whole time the match will have you out of your seat!

The WWE Championship Scramble match had an Unbelievable ending when Jeff Hardy had held onto the belt until the last second… literally. I remember screaming at the TV when Triple H won it back with ONE SECOND to go! Great match, I found this one more entertaining that the World Heavyweight match that followed it.

World Heavyweight Champion,CM Punk could no longer compete after an attack backstage by Priceless and a knee to the head by Randy Orton, so who would take his place? At the very least it couldn’t be Michaels or Jericho after the ‘hell’ they had both been through in the Unsanctioned match right? Wrong! It was awesome to see Jericho come out and win it too, but as I said the shine was taken off it for me slightly because I was still, at the time, ranting about Punk not being in the match at all! But, a Jericho title win is not something I’d ever be displeased about in any way shape or form and especially with the element of surprise that the WWE has a hard time capturing these days through no fault of their own 90% of the time!

I think I would buy this DVD becasue the ECW match Scramble match and the Unsanctioned match are both worth having on your DVD shelf for certain! Im sure the unsanctioned match will appear on many compliation DVD’s in the future, but it’d still be good to own the origional!


Unforgiven 2008 will be available at all good stores priced 17.99 from 5th January 2009 or can be ordered directly from www.silvervision.co.uk, the UK’s official WWE DVD website!


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