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Vengeance: Night of Champions – DVD Review

March 9, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Every superstar who steps into the WWE ring dreams of one day becoming a champion. The latest release from Silver Vision sees RAW, Smackdown! and ECWs best all in with a fighting chance of living the dream when for the first time ever, every WWE title will be on the line and up for grabs! Experience all the non-stop action of nine championship matches from Houston in Texas, when Vengeance: Night of Champions hits shelves on 15th October 2007.

Cocky A-lister Johnny Nitro was recently drafted to ECW, and when the opportunity arises for him to win a championship title in his new brand, he jumps at the chance! However, little does he know that it is CM Punk he has to defeat if he wants to walk away with the gold These two young Superstars are sure to wage war on each other knowing that one of them will soon be a champion the only question is which one?

Edge faces Batista in what promises to be a thrilling match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Never before has The Animal been backed into such a corner. Not only is the title on the line, but being a Last Chance Match, either he has to win or hell never get a shot at this title again.

In the main event, John Cena takes on Bobby Lashley, Mick Foley, Randy Orton and King Booker in a WWE Championship Challenge. With four former world champions gunning for the title, has Cenas Championship reign ever been in more jeopardy? But then again, they dont call him The Champ for nothing

Chapters –
– World Tag Team Championship Match – Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch Vs the Hardys
– King Booker & Queen Sharmell Discuss Booker’s Match
– Cruiserweight Championship Match – Chavo Guerrero Vs Jimmy Wang Yang
– Todd Grisham Interviews Bobby Lashley
– Match to Determine the ECW Champion – CM Punk Vs Johnny Nitro
– Randy Orton Confronts Mick Foley in His Locker Room
– Intercontinental Championship Match – Santino Marella vs. Umaga
– United States Championship Match – MVP vs. Ric Flair
– Todd Grisham Interviews John Cena
– WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Deuce & Domino Vs “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka & Sgt Slaughter
– Last Chance World Heavyweight Championship Match – Edge vs. Batista
– WWE Women’s Championship Match – Melina Vs Candice Michelle
– WWE Championship Challenge John Cena Vs Bobby Lashley vs. Mick Foley vs. randy Orton vs. King Booker

Extras –
– Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda Interview
– Magnum T.A. Interview
– Harley Race Interview
– Dean Malenko Interview
– Ricky Steamboat Interview
– Tony Garea & Rick Martel Interview

At first look at the card for this pay per view you would mistakenly think it would be one of the best ever… you’d be wrong. Sloppily put together by the WWE seemingly just a couple of weeks before the pay per view date, and with not much build up on the Raw/Smackdown & ECW shows leading up to it, Vengeance sadly missed the mark.. And then some! I believe there was just too much going on in the WWE at the time, with this pay per view coming in the same month as their One Night Stand pay per view and just a mere week after the draft lottery, the WWE in my opinion tried to cram way too much into a short space of time.

I think there have been way too many pay per views this year and I would be surprised if ratings haven’t suffered as a consequence. I also think that if people are going to buy the pay per views when they air then they certainly aren’t going to fork out more money for the DVD’s unless they make it worth buying. The extras on this disc are certainly things that I haven’t seen but frankly, interviews with Harley Race and Barry Windham are of no interest to a ‘Millennium fan’ like myself and are not going to make me purchase this DVD.

Saviour match of the night was definatly Edge vs. Batista. Surprisingly Batista is in a match I pick as best of the show, but Edge is good enough to give him lea-way and make him look good, many otherss do not have that gift!

Hardy’s vs. Cade and Murdoch is another match worth watching, although Im not a fan of Cade & Murdoch, this is worth a look simply because I can never remember the Hardy’s having a terrible match with anyone!

Deuce and Domino vs. Snuka and Slaughter? We all knew who was going to win this one unless the WWE had magically singed both legends to do 300 shows a year with the belts right? This was definatly a fast forward match!

Candice Michelle, although improved somewhat, still, in my opinion, should not be in championship matches. I enjoy Melina’s character and ring work and I think she’d be better feuded with a ‘diva’ that had been steadily trained, not just someone that had been hired for the T&A value. Victoria would have been a better opponent!

At the time of this pay per view Santino Marella was just bombing. Thankfully the WWE have given him more of a character and I now find myself actually enjoying his promos and stupidity, although his matches still leave a lot to be desired, which is what can be said for this title bout against Umaga. Santino is green and Umaga is limited, put them together in the ring and it’s a definate snooze-fest.

This being Night of Champions, had the potential to blow the roof off, what happened?


This DVD is available at all good WWE stockists and can be purchased from Silvervision.co.uk for only 10.99


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