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WrestleMania 24 DVD Review

July 22, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Disc 1
John Legend Sings America the Beautiful
– Belfast Brawl – JBL Vs Finlay
– Kim Kardashian Introduces the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
– Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Chris Jericho Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs John Morrison Vs Carlito vs. CMPunk Vs MVP Vs Mr Kennedy
– Highlights of the Hall Of Fame Ceremony
– Howard Finkle Introduces the 2008 Hall Of Fame Inductees
– Todd Grisham Interviews Snoop Dogg
– Battle for Brand Supremacy: Batista Vs Umaga
– Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather & His Entourage
– ECW Championship Match: Chavo Guerrero Vs Kane
– Wish You Were Here: Carlito & the Seagull
– Raven Symone Welcomes ‘Make a Wish’
– Mike Adamle Interviews Ric Flair
– Career Threatening Match: Ric Flair Vs Shawn Michaels
– Todd Grisham Interviews Edge
– Playboy Bunnymania Lumberjack Match: Maria & Ashley Vs Beth & Melina
– Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton Vs John Cena Vs Triple H
 Disc 2
– The Biggest Vs the Best: Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Vs Big Show
– Wish You Were Here: Batista the Ladies Man
– Kim Kardashian Announces WrestleMania XXIV Attendance
– World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge Vs Undertaker
– WrestleMania XXIV Highlights
Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony
-Hall Of Fame Open
-Jack & Gerry Briscoe
-Gordon Solie
-Mae Young
-Eddie Graham
-Rocky Johnson
 Disc 3
Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Continued
-Rocky Johnson Continued
-High Chief Peter Miavia
-John Cena Congratulates the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

-Ric Flair
Special Feature – WrestleMania XXIV 24-Man Battle Royal
The first thing that strikes me about this 3 disc set is why split up the Hall Of Fame Ceremony? If it wasn’t going to fit on the end of disc two put the special feature on there and the Hall Of Fame on Disc 3 right? Ok so I dont make these things but it seems to make more sense to me that way! But as for the DVD, as always the WWE put on a spectacular show for the 2008 WrestleMania event, the setting was perfect, outdoors at the Citrus Bowl in Orland, Florida. Only the second time WrestleMania had been held outside, the first one being Safeco Field (Seattle?) if Im not mistaken. Including the retirement match from the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and of course an appearance by boxing’s Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather that will certainly go down in the history books for being the most overrated segment in WWE history!! What bugged me about the whole Mayweather thing was the way the WWE hyped that to apparently draw in the ‘boxing’ fans and the new fans… um HELLO? Which dumbas$es buy your ppv’s and sit through your crap week after week don’t WE deserve something to be excited about too?! So now that Ive gotten that off my chest, how about that Money In The Bank ladder match? These guys pull out more and more crazy antics with each passing year and I love it. The match of the night for me, yeah screw Ric Flair’s retirement this one is worth buying the entire set for! Of course the outcome was also fantastic for me, Im a huge fan of CMPunk and I loved to see him get that briefcase have to wonder if he’d still gotten it had Jeff Hardy not screwed up and gotten suspended.. but we will never know! I guess these things happen for a reason – We got Punk as Champion and we got Jeff cleaned up and more determined than ever to stay that way! Amen! I have no idea why the Belfast Brawl was even included on the card; it was a very bad and boring opener in my opinion when this is meant to be the biggest Pay Per View of the year! Looks like those vets get more sway backstage than people like to admit! The battle Royal extra (Special feature) is good, I remember watching it on the night right before the ppv kicked in and I was happy that Kane won, however it was cut short by a pi$$ poor 10 second squash match on the actual event. They should have put the battle royal on the ppv and just missed the title match altogether! It was as if they thought they ‘had’ to put an ECW match on there for good measure then decided to give more time to Mayweather’s entourage or playboy bimbos than to an actual match and sent those guys out there for 30 seconds! What?! I hope they still got paid the same!! Batista vs. Umaga proved that Smackdown was the ‘superior’ brand, as much as I do agree, especially since the draft, I had to laugh because Im damn sure the McMahons dont think like that regardless of who won that bout! And Playboy Bunny Mania was a t&a pleaser for that 18-24 male demographic out there that they do so love to please! Aside from those, there were some good solid matches from Undertaker and Edge and of course the Flair v Michaels match will be talked about for years to come! Im no Flair fan by any stretch of the imagination, but every wrestling fan has to give the man respect for the career he’s had and the after-math of that match brought a tear to my eye! The Triple Threat match between Cena, Orton and Triple H finished with a less than expected and presently surprising outcome in that Orton won! For weeks we’d all been saying Trips was waiting for ‘Mania and give the guy his due, he managed to hold of that title craving, for the time being! Orton however only won after Hunter pedigreed Cena and Orton got the cover on Cena’s ‘lifeless’ body! The DVD is made extra special by, as always, including the Hall Of Fame ceremony. Damn, what a year. Ric Flair once again bringing tears my eyes and then the Johnson/Maivia segment that had me laughing and crying all at once. It is so good to see The Rock (Never mind all this ‘Dwayne Johnson’ crap he’ll always be Rocky to us!) in any way possible, and he was on top form that night to induct his father and his grandfather into the 2008 Hall Of Fame. It was fantastic! He was sincere and emotional and he was hilarious, just for one more short time he was ‘The Rock’! Come back Rocky all is forgiven! I love this DVD simply for the Hall Of Fame ceremony as us in the UK only get to see a very watered down version on TV so to see it all like this is fabulous! I have to say buy it don’t I? Even though I bitch and complain hell come on this is WRESTLEMANIA! Buy it! 8/10: Buy It! (Would have gotten 10 if they had omitted Mayweather & Playboy’s from the card but I can’t have everything!) Paps


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