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WWE Book Review – Ten Count Trivia

November 19, 2008   ·   0 Comments

WWE Book Review – Ten Count Trivia

Events & Championships

By Dean Miller

Review By Paps for Wrestle-Zone UK

A book to challenge even the most die-hard of WWE enthusiasts. 10 Count Trivia is packed with ‘Did you know’ facts and entertaining trivia – a chance for fans to test their knowledge of every major championship event and pay-per-view in World Wrestling Entertainment history.

Considder yourself a superfan? Take it to the next level in a head to head challenge with friends and family. From ‘Who Won The Miss Rumble 2000 swimsuit competition at Royal Rumble 2000?’ to ‘Triple H made his SummerSlam debut in 1996 by defeating whom?’, wrack your brain and pin down the answer before the ten count sounds, and establish how truly knowledgeable you are about the ultimate events and championships in the wrestling calendar.

From the very first mega-event, WrestleMania (Now in it’s 24th Year!) to the latest Cyber Sunday, the very best that the world of wrestling has to offer is here, enabling fans not only to test their knowledge to the limit but to relive their memories of countless classic shows and favourite superstars.

The perfect gift for WWE fans of all ages, 10 Count Trivia by Dean Miller is published by Simon & Schuster on 7th December, priced 8.99.


Considdering this is probably the perfect gift for someone you know this Christmas I haven’t heard a thing about this book until it landed on my doormat this morning. Not an advert, not a hint, nothing; and I can’t understand why the WWE hasn’t hyped this one to the hilt at this time of year! Packed with over 1,100 questions this has to be enough to keep any fan busy over the festive season & beyond! Im assuming that each question has to be answered in the count of ten, (hence the title) but even if you’re reading this on your own it’s an interesting trivia book!
Seperated into sections for each pay-per-view and other catagories such as ‘Super Stipulations’, there are so many questions in this book it would take a genius to know them all (or someone looking in the back at the answers of course!)

Could you tell me who was the Special Guest Referee in the 60 minute Iron Man match at Judgement day 2000? Or do you know who Chavo Guerrero eliminated last at No Way Out 2005 to win the Cruiserweight Open? How about who did Triple H defeat in the finals of the King Of The Ring Tournement in 1997?

Each question is a multiple choice answer so you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right! Who was the guest ref when Matt and Jeff Hardy went against each other at the 2001 Vengeance pay-per-view? Or who won the WWE championship at Survivor Series 1995? Think you can answer these questions and a whole hell of a lot more besides? Then you need to put this book on your Christmas list!
Im sure our family is going to have a lot of fun with this copy!

“We dare you to step up. Take the challenge. It might not be a Texas Death Match, But you never know!”



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