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WWE Cyber Sunday

March 21, 2008   ·   0 Comments

WWE Cyber Sunday

DVD Review By Paps

Cyber Sunday once again allows the fans to take over and become WWE General Manager for the night. In this unique, interactive pay-per-view event, online votes decide matches, opponents and stipulations, as the peoples favourite Superstars of RAW, SmackDown and ECW all face-off. More than 13 million votes from fans around the world have been sent in and tallied up. Now, courtesy of Silver Vision, see the results as WWE presents Cyber Sunday 2007, available to buy on DVD from 18th February 2008.


Chapters –
-Stretcher Match – Rey Mysterio Vs Finlay

-Divas Halloween Costume Contest – Maria, Victoria & Kenny

-ECW Championship Match – CM Punk Vs The Miz

-Divas Halloween Costume Contest – Mickie James & Torrie Wilson

-Mr Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy

-Divas Halloween Costume Contest – Michelle McCool & Melina

-United States Championship – MVP vs. Kane

-Divas Halloween Costume Contest – Layla & Kelly Kelly

-WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton Vs Shawn Michaels

-Divas Halloween Costume Contest – Brooke & Jillian

-Street Fight – Triple H Vs Umaga

-Todd Grisham Reveals The Winner Of The Divas Halloween Costume Contest

-World Heavyweight Championship Match With Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin – Batista vs. The Undertaker


Extras –

-Halloween Costume Diva Battle Royal

-Home Video Exclusive – JBL Reacts


Well… didn’t this just suck? Aside from the fact that it’s bad enough the Divas are just about every other chapter in their ridiculous costumes I also had to endure looking at Candice Michelle as the backdrop to the DVD’s chapters list. Marvellous. (it’s that mainly aimed for male demographic again!)

So, Cyber Sunday, Taboo Tuesday, Freaky damn Friday.. is it for real? How would we ever know without someone in the WWE actually coming out and telling us it’s all a farce? Do you vote just incase? I do. Don’t really believe its doing ANY good what so ever I mean… why would they let us choose ANYTHING to do with storylines, matches or anything else? I think they’re scared we’d do a better job than their creative team!

The concept is good, the concept is GREAT.. if we actually believed it was for real it’d be the most ingenious idea of the decade in my opinion but I doubt they could ever get us to truly think we’re making a blind bit of difference (Ok aside from The Miz getting to wrestle Punk that had to be someone’s smark-bot on overload!) They say one Clique can change wrestling history… sorry I mean one CLICK can change wrestling history… so what happened?

The divas segments seemed forced and awkward, aside from Victoria who, in her sumo suit, proved there’s more to the women’s division than T&A! (All hail Victoria and Beth Phoenix!) Girls like Layla and Kelly Kelly just seem as if they’re shoved onto the camera from stage left and someone yells action!
Why wasn’t Jeff Hardy in the Raw main event? If Cyber Sunday was for real I truly believe Jeff Hardy would have been voted above Michaels to face Randy Orton for the championship, but…. (here it comes) as much as I am an enormous admirer of HBK, he has always been voted on top in these ‘interactive’ pay per views correct? Even with one leg he was voted in to face Triple H! (Beating… was it Benoit and Edge that time?) Coincidence that he gets voted in this time aswell?

Never the less we DO get to see one hell of a match-up between the runners up in Jeff Hardy and Mr Kennedy, two of the best stars the WWE has to offer right now in my humble opinion and they just about proved that in what was probably one of the matches of the night, albeit too short for my liking. (Could have been longer if they’d cut out 90% of the diva crap!)

The extras may aswell not be on there as far as Im concerned. More Diva crap and then there’s the Halloween battle royal too.. Oh sorry JBL reacts to… what exactly? Being told he has to stay fully clothed and go and sit back down at the announcers table and leave Jericho alone to have a feud with a guy that HAS worked out in the last ten years? (Ha-ha it’s called Cyber Sunday not wishful Wednesday!) No this is JBL reacting to not being voted in as the special guest referee and he actually rants ‘How many talentless people around here have ended up with jobs and a damn microphone?’ Christ, shoot me now I agree with something that came out of Layfield’s mouth!

So, on the plus side we get a great match between Orton and Shawn Michaels, and an equally great match between Kennedy & Hardy and a SURPRISINGLY good match that had The Miz as one of it’s competitors & we get to laugh our asses off at a fantastically funny Victoria in a Sumo suit, but on the downside we get ‘Diva Sunday’, Stone Cold Steve Boredom, Batista in a match and yet another street fight featuring Triple H. It doesn’t seem like much history was changed no matter how many times you clicked! Would you buy it? Wasn’t it bad enough the first time around for free on Sky Sports?



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