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WWE – John Cena ‘This is my Life’

March 9, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Unquestionably one of the hottest WWE Superstars of recent years, John Cena has taken the professional wrestling world by storm and has leapt into the spotlight to become a household name. Hugely popular with fans, respected by his peers and feared by his enemies, the three-time WWE Champion has main-evented the last two WrestleManias, released a bestselling CD and appeared in movies, television shows and commercials. Reflect on his astonishing life and career to date with

John Cena: My Life – available to own on DVD from 15th January 2008, courtesy of Silver Vision. This stunning triple DVD set chronicles his meteoric rise to the top of the sports-entertainment world, with highlights from his biggest matches and exclusive interviews, along with contributions from Vince McMahon, Triple H, and John’s friends and family.

Re-live classic Cena moments including his 2006 TLC Match for the WWE Championship against Edge, his legendary match against Chris Jericho from Vengeance 2002 and the amazing six man Tag Team Match from Raw 2005 that saw John Cena, HBK and Hulk Hogan take on Tyson Tomko, Chris Jericho and Christian. John Cena however, is more than just a WWE Champion. In 2005, Cena released his highly successful debut CD, You Cant See Me and in 2006 he took on his first major film role in The Marine.

This collection also contains promos, interviews, a first-time look at Cenas extensive muscle car collection and a third disc packed with the best of Cenas wildly popular 5 Questions wwe.com segments. With over eight hours of footage, John Cena: My Life is a must for any Cena fan.


John Cena’s Muscle Car Collection

Matches include:
Randy Ortons farewell match
The Prototype vs. Randy Orton
OVW 19/01/02

vs. Chris Jericho
Vengeance 21/07/02

I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship
vs. JBL
Judgment Day 22/05/05

John Cena, HBK, Hulk Hogan vs. Tyson Tomko, Chris Jericho, Christian
Raw 27/06/05

“Extreme Rules” Match for the WWE Championship
vs. RVD
ECW One Night Stand 11/06/06

TLC Match for the WWE Championship
vs. Edge
Unforgiven 17/09/06

Interviews & Promos
+ John Cena Returns to OVW
+ Military Coin Collection
+ Fast Cars & Superstars: Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race
+ Cena Goes Camping
+ Right Now Music Video
+ K-Fed
+ WrestleMania 22 Entrance
+ WrestleMania 21 John Cena/JBL WrestleMania Goes Hollywood Promo
+ OVW – The Prototype In Ring Promo 12/1/02
+ Cena Trains with Golds Gym Contest Winner

A selection of “5 Questions with the Champ” from WWE.com

This is an extensive look at the former WWE champion on a three disc box set that features just about everything he has ever done in and out of the WWE! The chapters menu is something original, showing a speedometer and you move the needle to select each different chapter! There are some fantastic segments and extras on these DVDs and I also have some information on Easter eggs hidden on the discs that I will get to in due course.

The DVD starts in West Newberry, John’s home town; with comments from his father and brothers about everything from his difficult birth to him spending days designing cardboard wrestling belts! Very interesting piece and a nice insight into his childhood and his family this continues into the next chapter, Hard Nocks; where we learn John first got into weight training and hear some interesting stories about his early days training with Dave Nock.

We get to hear how John went from body building to wrestling in OVW as Prototype, including some fantastic clips of his early promos and commentary from Jim Ross, Edge, Tazz and other members of the WWE team.

From there we go to his early matches in the ‘bike shorts’ against Angle and Jericho, and then to the famous rap persona he developed and how that took off and became HUGE.

So far, no commentary from the man himself…

We hear comments on the annual Tribute To The Troops shows and what it means to John to go over there as told by his old friends and his family.

The next chapter is all about the bling! Vince McMahon and Jim Ross give their opinions on the now famous spinner belts from his US Championship to the WWE championship belts that they ‘customised’ for John Cena’s reigns. Jim Ross says when he’s asked to get items for charity auctions etc the most requested item is the championship spinner belt!

Next up JBL talks very honestly and passionately about passing the title on to Cena at WrestleMania 21 for Cena’s first ever WWE Championship reign and voices his disgust that Cena was not the last thing we saw as WrestleMania 21 closed. Very interesting comments. We also see highlights from the following ‘I Quit’ rematch with JBL at Judgement Day that year which ended in an extremely bloody victory from Cena.

Still no comments from the champ….

Everything is on this DVD… EVERYTHING! If I was to go through chapter by chapter this would be a very long review, but we go through everything from signature moves to his weight training regime; his rap CD, ‘You Can’t See Me’ (Complete with comments from Snoop Dogg Method Man, Ice T and more!) to his switch from Smackdown to Raw in the 2005 Draft Lottery.

My personal favourite chapter has to be the WHOLE chapter on his rivalry with Edge and some very flattering comments from Jim Ross and Vince McMahon about how this feud played out that surprised me. Sure from a fan’s point of view I know I was in a win win situation, but I always love to hear what these things are thought about behind the scenes and this one got nothing but highly praised!

With clips from The Marine, Matches, promos, ads & more I really believe there is NOTHING more that could have been added to these DVDs. For any Cena fan it’s a definite watch from start to finish, I couldn’t turn it off even for a minute!

If you’re one of those ‘cooler than cool’ people who hate Cena.. borrow this from one of your not so cool friends then tell me how terrible John Cena is! If you’re a fan like me.. and proud of it..BUY IT!


Easter Eggs (hidden features):

(Courtesy Of Various Sources)

On the “Main Menu,” select “The Chapters” and right click. You will be treated to a freestyle by Cena about WrestleMania XX.

On the first “Extras” page, choose “Main Menu” and left click. You will be treated to a funny segment with Funaki and Cena from Smackdown where Funaki tries, yet fails, to do a battle rap with Cena.

On the second “Extras” page, choose “Behind the Scenes: YJ Stringer Ad” and right click. You will be treated to the actual YJ Stinger ad.

This Triple DVD Set is available to buy now from all good WWE stockists for a RRP of 29.99. This DVD set is also available for 17.99 direct from www.silvervision.co.uk




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