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WWE Live In The UK – Double DVD review

March 21, 2008   ·   0 Comments

In October 2007, some of WWEs finest Superstars arrived in the UK for the RAW and SmackDown Survivor Series Tour, the tour that sets the scene for one of the most exciting events in the WWE pay-per-view calendar.

As a testament to WWEs popularity and their legions of loyal UK fans, footage has been compiled from matches performed live during this sell-out tour to create WWE Live in the UK: October 2007, the first WWE release of its type to feature exclusively UK footage.

This double DVD includes sensational matches between RAW Superstars Randy “The Legend Killer” Orton and Jeff Hardy, an action-packed ECW Handicap Match pitting CM Punk & Kane against Big Daddy V, John Morrison and The Miz, plus several spectacular SmackDown matches featuring the likes of Great Khali, Kane, Undertaker Rey Mysterio and MVP.

Special features include the unforgettable, 45-minute classic battle between Shawn Michaels and John Cena from RAW in London. This standout release is a must-have for all UK WWE fans.


Disc 1

Chapters –

-William Regal Reveals His Plans For The Evening

-Jeff Hardy Vs Randy Orton

-Santino Marella Vs Val Venus

-Jonathon Coachman Backstage

-Mr Kennedy Vs Randy Orton

-Mr McMahon Introduces Umaga

-Jillian Hall Vs Candice Michelle

-Hardcore Holly Gives Cody Rhodes A Pep Talk

-Brian Kendrick Vs Rory McAllister

-Todd Grisham Interviews Shawn Michaels

-Cody Rhodes Vs Hardcore Holly

-Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton



– Raw 23/04/07 Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena (WrestleMania Rematch – non-title.)

Disc 2

Chapters –


-John Morrison IN-Ring Interview

-Handicap Match: CM Punk & Kane Vs Big Daddy V, John Morrison & The Miz

-John Morrison & The Miz Backstage

-Balls Mahoney Interview

-Backstage With Armando Estrada & Vickie Guerrero

-Elijah Burke & Nunzio Vs Jesse & Festus

-The Miz vs. John Morrison


-Great Khali Vs Kane

-Interview With Matt Striker & Big Daddy V

-Chuck Palumbo Vs Chris Masters

-Matt Hardy & MVP Backstage

-Matt Hardy Vs Finlay

-Drew McIntyre Vs Brian Major

-JBL Interviews Batista

-Deuce & Domino Vs Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore

-Jamie Noble Visits Vickie Guerrero

-Undertaker Vs Jamie Noble

-MVP vs. Rey Mysterio


Taken from last year’s October shows in Birmingham rather than the much better April shows in London (in my opinion) over here in the UK, this is a first for the WWE to release basic Raw/Smackdown/ECW shows on a DVD package from the UK. We did get the Inurrextion pay per view in 2003 from Newcastle but aside from that I don’t believe the WWE has released any other UK showings onto DVD. Cashing in? Maybe, but there aren’t many that will buy outside of the UK (if it’s even released outside of the UK) and I would think the majority of sales will go to the people that attended the shows live & hard core wwe DVD collectors!

Highlights of this Raw disc were definatly seeing Randy wrestle in three matches over the course of the night and of course the fan favourite whether he’s heel or face, William Regal in any shape or form over here is always a great thing! Kendrick vs. McAllister looked like a way to get ‘Rory’ on TV while they were over here and wasn’t a very exciting match as I know Kendrick is usually capable of! Culminating with Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton which is an excellent match, with Shawn getting popped to the heaven as always in the UK!

Little disappointed with the ‘Extra’ on here. I have been to these shows and I know over the course of the day these guys are usually out and about, either sight seeing or at signings, surely there was SOMETHING else they could have used for extras? I loved the match with Cena and HBK filmed over here in April, dont get me wrong (I was there! it was awesome!) But we’ve all seen it before right? And if you havent then it’s on the Shawn Michaels DVD for starters!! It really does seem like the WWE care less and less about SELLING these DVDs!!

The second disc is offering a lot more for your money with both Smackdown and ECW shows (Taped together of course) on one disc. Good menus offering the choice of shows and then a choice of chapters within each show, but having two shows on there I guess is the reason there are NO Extras on disc two.

A good appearance from Scottish lad Drew McIntyre, nice to see them using him while they’re over here and for those of us that ever went to BCW Or WZW shows probably a bit of a mark out moment there!

The lack of Edge was a major downfall for this October tour in my opinion and I believe the shows suffered a lot until he came back. This is probably not a DVD I’d go out and buy but had they released the April shows I definatly would have. Let’s hope they release THIS year’s April shows instead!



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