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WWE No Mercy 2007 – DVD Review

March 21, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Live from the Allstate Arena in Illinois, the elite Superstars of RAW, Smackdown! and ECW all come together for the first time at this annual, end of year end roundup to show No Mercy. Featuring at least four championship bouts, No Mercy 2007 is available on DVD from the 4th February 2008 and is brought to WWE fans courtesy of Silver Vision.

With John Cena out of the picture, the focus of this event is on the vacant WWE Championship title. With Randy Orton, Triple H and a host of others all vying for the strap, its sure not to remain vacant for long.

Trapped within a bamboo cage, Batista and the Great Khali clash in a Punjabi Prison Match. Will The Animal triumph as the two negotiate the trap doors and spikes in their mission to escape and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

Theres a huge welcome for Illinois-native CM Punk as he goes head to head with Big Daddy V for the ECW Championship and an equally big reception for Candice Michelle and The Glamazon Beth Phoenix as they go head-to-head, hair-to-hair and tooth-and-nail for the WWE Womens Championship title.

Chapters –

-Mr McMahon Presents the WWE Championship to Randy Orton

-WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton Vs Triple H

-6-Man Tag Team Match: Jeff Hardy, Paul London &  Brian Kendrick Vs Mr Kennedy, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

-Batista Congratulates Triple H after His Match

-ECW Championship Match; CM Punk Vs Big Daddy V

-MVP & Matt Hardy Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Competitive Eating Contest

-WWE Championship Match: Triple H Vs Umaga

-Great Khali Pre-Match Meditation

-Rey Mysterio Vs Finlay

-Triple H Getting Looked At In The Trainers Room

-WWE Women’s Championship Match: Candice Michelle Vs Beth Phoenix

-Punjabi Prison Match For The World Heavyweight Championship: Batista Vs Great Khali

-Todd Grisham Interviews Triple H

-Last Man Standing Match For The WWE Championship: Triple H Vs Randy Orton


Extras –

-John Cena Surgery Package

-Batista Interview After Punjabi Prison Match For The World Heavyweight Championship

-RAW 08/10/07 – Mr McMahon Congratulates Randy Orton On His WWE Championship

Originally scheduled to be John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title before Cena’s pectoral injury, No Mercy appeared to be going downhill fast! What the WWE did was turn it around completely, having us sucked into the whole Triple H drama the whole way through the pay per view. Starting out with Vince McMahon handing Randy Orton the WWE Championship belt, and immediately having to go into a title match with Triple H; leading to a dramatic finish and a night full of matches for the Game!

Although most of the night was centred around Hunter and Orton we can’t forget the other good matches on the card, and surprisingly the Punjabi Prison match that I assumed would be a dead loss, has to come into that category! Considering the match consisted of one slow guy and one guy that only moves his arms in the ring I expected so much less than what we actually got and it’s well worth holding off on fast forwarding it and just having a look, you, like me may be surprised!

The pizza eating contest is one that can be skipped although I found the whole Hardy/MVP Feud very entertaining, I really don’t like seeing grown men with pizza hanging out of their mouths and throwing up on each other!

The WWE Women’s championship was the fated bout where Candice Michelle took a bad fall from the turnbuckle and caused an injury that has kept her out to this day. (And don’t get me into the debate about training these girls to wrestle instead of training them to pout!

The 6 man Tag Team match features an unlikely combination of competitors in Hardy with London & Kendrick (King called them the new Team Extreme!) and Kennedy with Cade & Murdoch. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Mr Kennedy, and Cade & Murdoch really should have left the mic-work to him before the match started! Kicking off with Kendrick and Lace Cade, the match starts as it means to go on; lots of high flying action, definatly my sort of match! All 6 guys pulling some great spots and possibly, for me, the highlight of the whole pay per view! Kennedy and Hardy work really well together, Id love to see a more in-depth feud between these two I think it’d be great to watch! Near the end of that match there are bodies flying all over until Kennedy eventually gets the pin on London!

The extras leave a lot to be desired as per usual on these DVDs, I think the Batista fans may be happy with the interview but Im pretty sure it’ll have been up on wwe.com after the pay per view anyway

I’d probably buy this one simply for the Tag Team Match

Review by Paps

This DVD and other WWE releases can be found at www.silvervision.co.uk


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