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WWE Summerslam 2008 DVD Review

November 3, 2008   ·   0 Comments

WWE Summerslam 2008

DVD Review

By Paps for Wrestle-Zone UK

Released 3rd November 2008


In a sold out show live from Conseco Fieldhouse, Indiana, all three WWE Championships are at stake in the biggest blockbuster of the summer, Summerslam 2008.

For the first time ever fan favourites, John Cena and Batista battle it out for victory. They trade moves, slam for slam, in a gruelling and unpredictable bout that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

Delivering the goods in phenomenal style, Edge and the Undertaker meet for the Hell In A Cell match. A Spear thrust across the announce tables and an armoury of weapons come into play as the bout reaches it’s awesome show-stealing finale.

In an added twist, witness an inter-gender, winner takes all tag team match for the Intercontinental and the Women’s championship belts, as althletic wrestler Kofi Kingston teams with Mickie James against Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix.

Summerslam 2008 is available in limited edition SteelBook packaging upon release and in standard packaging thereafter, at all good stores priced 19.99 and 17.99 respectively from 3rd November or can be ordered from www.silvervision.co.uk, the UK’s official WWE DVD website.


Chapters –

– Jeff Hardy Vs MVP

– Maria Interviews Santino Marella And Beth Phoenix

– Winner Take All Match – Kofi Kingston & Mickie James Vs Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix

– Shawn Michaels Announcement

– ECW Championship Match – Mark Henry Vs Matt Hardy

– World Heavyweight Championship Match – CMPunk Vs JBL

– WWE Championship Match – Triple H Vs The Great Khali

– John Cena Vs Batista

– Hell In A Cell Match – Undertaker Vs Edge

Extras – (Special Features)

– Post Summerslam Interview – Michael Cole Interviews Shawn Michaels & His Wife, Rebecca

– ECW Championship Match – ECW 19/08/08 – Mark Henry W/Tony Atlas Vs Matt Hardy


‘The Biggest Blockbuster Of The Summer’ was hyped to the hilt as always of course, and actually wasn’t far from being the best Pay per view the WWE Had to offer so far in the year. The much over-hyped & under-storied, Batista/Cena match wasn’t as dreary as everyone expected it to be and the Hell In A Cell didnt fail to deliver. One of my favourite feuds ever was taken to another, more personal level and one of my favourite superstars… wrestlers… entertainers… all singing, all dancing, hokey cokey MEGASTARS… whatever we’re meant to call them these days, was sent to the firey deapths of hell never to be seen again… yet!

Kicking off with the ever popular Jeff Hardy was a smart move, getting the crowd fired up and loud! Jeff, as always recieved a pop to lift the roof off as he came out to face Montel Vontavious Porter in the opening match of the night. A good match was had by both participants with plenty of action, showing a great side to both characters. Ending when Shelton Benjamin causes enough of a distraction for Hardy to miss a Swanton and fall victim to the ‘Drive By’ from MVP.

Maria interviewing Santino and Beth.. is as painful as a ‘Maria’ Interview always is, but if you ignore her and concentrate on Santino you will at least get a laugh for the right reasons! The guy is insane Im sure of it! The following inter-gender tag match is good but nothing to get overly excited about.

HBK comes to the ring with his lovely wife, Rebecca and all of us fans groan as the air gets heavy and we await the ‘big announcement’! I love the feud he’s had with Chris Jericho, it’s been fantastic and at Summerslam they take it to another level! When Jericho comes out to tell Shawn he can’t retire, fists fly and Rebecca gets smacked in the mouth. I still havent decided if the fat lip is real or fake but regardless… it looked good! Of course now Shawn can’t possibly retire until he’s extracted his revenge! Thanks Chris!! 😀

Mark Henry waddles his slug-like butt down to the ring to face a real wrestler, Matt Hardy. Matt tries so hard to make this lumbering clown look good but even Hardy is not a miracle worker! Starting with a near fall and ending with a DQ when Atlas gets involved, the match lasted about 60 seconds and Matt was ROBBED!!!! Jeff comes out to even out the post-match beat down and together they suplex the 300+ pound Mark Henry on the outside. Matt wins the match but not the championship! BAH!!!

CMPunk holds his own against JBL next, and I loved CMPunk as the champion, depite what the WWE obviously thought of his reign, the rest of the world would have liked to have seen him treated like a champion and given a longer run… but what does it matter what we think we only spend our money on this crap! I can not stand JBL, but being in a match against one of my faves, Punk, I had no choice but to sit and watch it. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, I think if I always expect the worse it’s nice to be pleasently surprised!

Triple H vs The Great Khali, there’s something on paper that does look as bad as it sounds. I can’t understand the logic in putting someone like Khali in the main event running and it ASTOUNDS me the guy got anywhere near Triple H!

John Cena and Batista was a good match. Cena can’t do anything to prove the nay-sayers wrong, it doesn’t matter how good his matches are or how well he performs there’s always gonna be the majority that will not accept that this guy is GOOD! I do not like Batista but I did enjoy this match; with plenty of mark out moments not giving HINT to which one of these guys would walk out the winner of this match at all! Ending when cena kicks out of a pin attempt after the now famous ‘F**ked up Power Bomb’ from the top turnbuckle, Batista then picks him up and gets the Batista Bomb.. just to sod up his neck a little more before the match ends!

The Hell In A Cell was fantastic. I always love these matches (Looking forward to the dvd!) and this one doesn’t disapoint even though it was the last time we see Edge for a little while! The Edge/Undertaker feud is possibly one of the best feuds either guy has ever done, leading up to it, the wedding to Vickie Guerrero and the subsequant ‘cheating’ with the wedding planner, this match was much anticipated and very well recieved! Adam Copeland portrays the psychotic Edge character better than most paid actors could have ever done and I personally think he is one of the top 5 best performers I’ve ever seen! Hall Of Fame bound for sure and I hope Im around to see it happen!
An amazing match, with tables, ladders, chairs and announce tables being used and ending when Edge is chokslammed from a ladder into the firey deapths of the Undertaker’s hell! Very well done, aside from the strange DVD edits during this last segment (Cutting to warped flashing images like the ones we got when Undertaker was returning) that has somehow taken away the intesity of the ‘moment’ as we saw it on the origional pay per view.

Come back Edge all is forgiven!


The extras on this disc again just feel like tokens put on there so they can say ‘Special Features’ but I certainly wouldnt be persuaded to buy the DVD based on them. (I could be wrong but I think the post-match HBK interview was actually a WWE.com Exclusive at the time anyway!) They need to up the stakes in the ‘Special Features’ department!


8/10 just because of the Hell In A Cell!



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