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WWE The Great American Bash 2008 DVD Review By Paps

October 9, 2008   ·   0 Comments

WWE The Great American Bash 2008
DVD Review
By Paps

Live from the Nassau Colliseum, Long Island, New York, the stars of Raw, Smackdown and ECW lock horns for the explosive show down that is the Great American Bash. The scene of many memorable matches over the years, 2008’s line up doesn’t pull any punches.

The WWE Tag Team Championship is on the line in a fatal four way match between John Morrison & The Miz vs Finlay & Hornswoggle Vs Jesse & Festus vs Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder. It’s sure to be a crowd pleasing match with Morrison and The Miz able to take the opportunity to showcase their awesome in-ring chemistry.

Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels turn up the heat as their personal feud boils over in explosive style. Will an an injured Michaels stave off Jericho’s relentless attacks?

For John Cena and JBL, a good clean fight is out of the question, as they let off some steam in a brutal NYC parking lot brawl with the full use of cars, jump leads, and fork lifts at their disposal!

CMPunk defends his World Heavyweight Championship for the first time against Batista. Punk has some impressive moves but will it be enough to claim victory in such a tough fight?

Triple H And Edge dish out the punishment in a fast paced and highly anticipated bout for the WWE Championship.

The Great American Bash 2008 will be available at all good stores priced 17:99 from the 3rd November 2008 or can be ordered directly from www.silvervision.co.uk, the UK’s official WWE DVD website.

Chapters –
– Fatal Four Way For The WWE Tag Team Championship
– United States Championshop Match – Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin
– Todd Grisham Interviews CMPunk
– Triple H Interrupts Edge & Vickie Guerrero’s Wedding Ceremony
– ECW Championship Match – Mark Henry vs Tommy Dreamer
– Shawn Michaels Vs Chris Jericho
– Edge Responds To Triple H Ruining His Wedding
– Divas Championship Match – Michelle McCool Vs Natalya
– World Heavyweight Championship Match – CMPunk Vs Batista
– New York City Parking Lot Brawl – John Cena Vs JBL
– Eve Torres Interviews Triple H
– WWE Championship Match – Triple H vs Edge

Extras –
– Edge Is Gonna Pay
– Kane Needs To Know


The opening montage has shots of the Edge and Vickie Guerrero wedding and Triple H interrupting their celebrations on Smackdown and revealing that Edge has been having an affair! It seems like such a long time ago now! We also see the Raw segment with JBL ramming Cena’s head with a car.. supposedly and some shots of Batista and Punk, Michaels and Jericho.

JR welcomes us to the Great American Bash and the pay per view sets off with a fantastic tag team fatal four way for the WWE tag straps. A great way to get the crowd pumped up for a first match, with lots of action and an outcome that pleased me personally, with Hawkins and Ryder getting their first tag titles!
Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin for the US title is up next with the usual standing ovation for the ‘Work Horse’ Matt Hardy defending his United States championship. Although Im not a fan of Shelton, they do have a decent, high paced match with a couple of high spots and the crowd is definatly behind Hardy the whole way through (Yes all 10 minutes of it!) Dispite his best efforts and a side effect or two, Matt Hardy unfortunatly loses his championship.

Mark Henry Vs Tommy Dreamer… oh dear poor Tommy. I have no desire to watch Mark Henry in any way shape or form and Tommy Dreamer probably has no desire to be in the opposite corner to him either. The guy has absolutely no redeeming qualities what so ever and watching his matches is like watching the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man try and attack the Ghostbusters! Tommy Dreamer does his best to try and make this match look half credible but… no one is good enough to do that in the ring with henry. Fire him! 5 minutes of sheer hell and Henry retains a title he shouldn’t even breathe on!

HBK vs Chris Jericho has been the ultimate feud of the year for me. It has been entertaining throughout from both guys from the start and this match was no exception. In this day and age (and locker room), only these two could carry a feud this long and not have it go stale. Almost 20 minutes of fantastic wreslting from the two vets had me on the edge of my seat from behinning to end! (aside from having to glimpse Lance Cade at ring side occasionally) Match of the night with Shawn ending up so badly bloodied that the referee stops the match, deeming HBK unable to continue and raising the hand of Chris Jericho!

Edge is backstage in the locker room and he is his usual genius heel self! I can not think of anything this guy has done wrong this year, everything he touches is gold!

The Divas Championship belt looks like something you’d buy in the pound store! it’s horrible! Maybe it can be renamed ‘The Bratz Belt’! Natalya vs McCool I have no interest in at all although I do like Natalya they need to get rid of the ‘boobs and legs’ brigade and get some serious chicks in there!

CMPunk vs Batista was better than I expected, solely due to Punk’s ability to make Batista look credible in the ring. Punk is laid out on the outside with a spine buster by Batista when Kane saunters down to the ring with his ‘sack’ and attacks Batista from behind causing a double DQ finish. Kane then gets into the ring and choke slams CMPunk before leaving both men laid out and kicking a camera man in the face on his way out! Batiata recovers enough to give Punk the Batista Bomb and further crap all over his championship reign!

The New York City parking Lot Brawl was a lot better than I anticipated too although I later heard most of that had been filmed earlier in the day with the live action starting as they came into the arena. Using Cars, Kegs, fork lifts and crow bars as weapons I thought this was a lot better than any previous parking lot matches I had seen, surprisingly considdering it featured JBL!

Triple H vs Edge was pretty much a given outcome, Edge was not getting the belt that soon! It is however a strong contender for Jericho and HBK’s match of the night title as it’s exciting and enjoyable from start to finish! A fast paced match up with both guys getting equal offence and Edge almost splitting Triple H in half with a spear in the corner at one point! I definaly enjoyed watching this match again and Im sure I won’t mind watching it over at some point. With this match and the Jericho/Michaels bout this is most definatly one of the better Great American Bash pay per views that I have seen over the last few years.
This match ends when, after a superplex from the top turnbuckle, the ‘wedding planner’ Alicia Fox comes to the ring and hands the WWE title belt to Edge then stutters into a clothesline from Vickie Guerrero! Go Vickie! The two women brawl in the ring as the ref tries to regain control, Edge spears Vickie when going for Alicia and the distraction is enough to let Triple H get the Pedigree. Lights out London!

*Extras – Edge is going to pay is actually a backstage shot of Vickie Guerrero screaming in her wheel chair about how Edge is going to pay, so I was a little disapointed in that!
The Kane Needs To Know segment is Kane stomping around his ‘boiler room’ and laughing into his hessian sack, and while, yes I suppose this is technically a step in the right direction, ie these are home video exclusives and not just something thrown on there from Raw or Smackdown to make it look like the DVD has extras, these ones are not something I’d personally go out and buy the DVD for had I already seen the pay per view. I just don’t get the logic behind WWE releasing these pay Per Views on DVD with no enticement what so ever to buy them if you’ve already shelled out money to watch them when they aired on Box Office!

On the whole the pay per view was good. If you missed this on TV and if you have a spare 18 quid leading up to Christmas then do go and buy it just to have in your collection or buy it for a present! If you saw it and paid for it on Pay Per View when it origionally aired I’d be in two minds about purchasing the DVD unless you’re a collector.



The Great American Bash 2008 will be available at all good stores priced 17:99 from the 3rd November 2008 or can be ordered directly from www.silvervision.co.uk, the UK’s official WWE DVD website.


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