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Allied Powers: The World’s Greatest Tag Teams DVD (3 Discs)

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Allied Powers: The World’s Greatest Tag Teams DVD (3 Discs)

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Throughout the years, fans of sports entertainment have enjoyed the controlled chaos of tag-team wrestling. Many present and future Hall of Fame Superstars have been part of a popular duo, including Shawn Michaels (The Rockers), Bret “Hit Man” Hart (The Hart Foundation) and Jeff and Matt Hardy (The Hardy Boys). Some Superstars will forever be remembered for their incredible impact as a team, including The Road Warriors, The Fabulous Freebirds and The Midnight Express. Some teams were a result of the unique, temporary pairing of two singles Superstars, including The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage), and D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels).

Allied Powers: The Worlds Greatest Tag Teams honours all the greatest duos in sports entertainment history, complete with matches from WWE, WCW, NWA, AWA, WCCW and Championship Wrestling from Florida. Packed with profiles of more than 20 historical tag teams and events and 25 tag-team matches, Allied Powers: The Worlds Greatest Tag Teams gives fans twice the excitement, twice the action and twice the drama.

Disc 1

Introduction by The Miz & John Morrison

Miz & Morrison Chemistry Between Two Individuals

British Bulldogs

British Bulldogs vs. Hart Foundation
Madison Square Garden September 23, 1985

Steiner Brothers

Title vs. Title Match
Steiner Brothers vs. Hiroshi Hase / Kensuke Sasaki
Japan Supershow March 21, 1991

Miz & Morrison Daredevils

Outstanding Aerial Achievement by a Tag Team

2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Match
Killer Bees vs. Demolition
Houston, TX October 9, 1987

Hardy Boys

# 1 Contender Match
Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boys
King of the Ring June 27, 1999

Miz & Morrison Chick Magnets of the 80s

Fabulous Freebirds

Country Whipping Tag Team Match
Fabulous Freebirds vs. Kerry Von Erich / Kevin Von Erich
World Class Championship Wrestling October 1983

Best Brotherly Duos

Funk Brothers vs. Brisco Brothers
Championship Wrestling From Florida

Harlem Heat

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
Harlem Heat vs. Steiner Brothers
Hog Wild August 10, 1996

Midnight Express

NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match
Fantastics vs. Midnight Express
Great American Bash July 10, 1988

Honorable Mentions

Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight
Public Enemy vs. Nasty Boys
SuperBrawl VI February 11, 1996

Miz & Morrison Rocking Your World


Rockers vs. Brain Busters
Madison Square Garden March 18, 1989


Disc 2

Miz & Morrison Demolishing the Competition


WWE World Tag Team Championship
Strike Force vs. Demolition
WrestleMania IV March 27, 1988

Worldwide Attractions

WWE World Tag Team Championship
Mike Rotundo / Barry Windham vs. Iron Sheik / Nikolai Volkoff
WrestleMania March 31, 1985

Miz & Morrison Get the Tables!

Dudley Boyz

Championship Unification Steel Cage Tag Team Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boys
Survivor Series November 18, 2001


WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat
Halloween Havoc October 27, 1996

Miz & Morrison Power Horses

Arn Anderson / Tully Blanchard

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Sting / Nikita Koloff vs. Arn Anderson / Tully Blanchard
Great American Bash July 10, 1988

Tribute to the Classics

Nick Bockwinkel / Ray Stevens vs. Red Bastien / Billy Robinson
AWA All Star Wrestling December 1972

Miz & Morrison The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century

The Miz & John Morrison

The Miz / John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio / Shawn Michaels
RAW November 17, 2008

Hart Foundation

WWE World Tag Team Championship
Rougeau Brothers vs. Hart Foundation
Boston Garden March 7, 1987

Bonus Features

The Fabulous Freebirds “Badstreet, USA” Music Video

Animal Advice from the British Bulldogs
Primetime Wrestling August 31, 1987

Gene Okerlund Visits the Hart Foundation Headquarters
Coliseum Home Video Exclusive 1987

Camouflage, Bushwhacker Style
Superstars December 10, 1988

Gene Okerlund Interviews Demolition
Wrestling Challenge July 7, 1990

The Legion of Doom Return to Chicago
Superstars April 11, 1992

The Cutting Room Floor: Los Conquistadors

The Rock n Sock Connection Break Up?
Raw October 4, 1999

D-Generation X and the Meaning of Controversy
Cyber Sunday November 5, 2006

John Morrison & The Miz “Mizfits & Mofos” Music Video


Disc 3

Miz & Morrison Reeking of the Most Awesomeness

Edge & Christian

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship
Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz
SummerSlam August 27, 2000

Rock N Roll Express

NWA World Tag Team Championship
Rock N Roll Express vs. Ivan Koloff / Khrusher Khruschev
World Wide Wrestling July 9, 1985

Miz & Morrison Oh You Didnt Know?

New Age Outlaws

WWE World Tag Team Championship
New Age Outlaws vs. Rock N Sock Connection
Armageddon December 12, 1999

Blockbuster Tag Teams

D-Generation X vs. Edge / Randy Orton
Cyber Sunday November 5, 2006

Miz & Morrison Technical Masterminds

Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Los Guerreros vs. Worlds Greatest Tag Team
SmackDown! December 11, 2003

Crockett Cup

Tully Blanchard / Lex Luger vs. Nikita Koloff / Dusty Rhodes
Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament Final April 11, 1987

Miz & Morrison Ohh, What a Rush!

Road Warriors

Legion of Doom vs. Money Inc.
SummerSlam August 29, 1992

Miz & Morrison Saving the Best for Last


FINALLY a DVD worth shouting about (and I mean form the rooftops!) This extensive three disc set is possibly the BEST DVD the WWE have ever had the sense to put together (for me anyway!) as I am a HUGE fan of the often neglected Tag Team Division!
If I were to do my usual review technique and go through this set match by match I wouild be here for days so instead Im going to talk about a few of my favourite moments of the discs as I watch them, including the choice of The Miz and John Morrison as hosts of this tribute to the tag teams! These guys are fresh and entertaining and I loved their skits between the clips as they sit displaying their prized ‘Slammy’ awards & looking like they are enjoying their job!! (And some people have said ‘anoying’ PAH!), although.. ‘Chuck Norris Of Nookie’?

Moving on…

The Outstanding Aerial Achievement by a Tag Team segment was an eye opener to a youngblood like myself as Id never heard of teams like the Killer Bees and The Fantastics! But of course I marked out for the next section on the Hardy Boys! Awesome montage of the boys and some of their best moments and then the match between The Hardys accompanied by Michael Hayes and The Brood (E&C) accompanied by Gangrel at King Of The Ring in 1999 which is a refershing change to see on these compilation DVD’s as they almost always go for the more obvious of matches between these two amazing tag teams!

Michael Hayes pops up in the next segment too in the form of the Fabulous Freebirds who, as Morrison and Miz inform us before the clip, were the first team to make their entrance to the ring to popular music! Their ‘Country Whippin’ Tag Team match against the Von Erich’s in WCCW is then shown (And Im astounded there is only a piece of string separating the audience from the ring!) Certainly the first time I’ve heard of a Country Whippin’ match!

Good to see MNM In the ‘Honorable Mentions’ section as I was a BIG fan of those guys! As for Chuck and Billy being in there… Im not so sure about that one. Hollywood Blondes just makes me so sad that we didnt get to see more of Brian Pillman! Others mentioned are the APA, who I actually was a fan of considdering how much I detest Bradshaw, and the Nasty Boys, leading to Public Enemy vs. Nasty Boys at the SuperBrawl VI pay per view on February 11, 1996.

Of course I was eager to fast forward to the next section on disc one, The Rockers! Marty Janetty and Shawn Michaels HAD to be included on this dvd and I truely believe they helped elevate the tag team division and shape a lot of the young tag teams of the 90’s & 2000’s! After a short montage we see The Rockers vs Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson (the Brain Busters) at MSG in 1989. One I hadn’t seen too! Thank you WWE!

And So, on to Disc 2.

And it is SO Wrong that the first mark-out moment for me on this disc was a tiny clip of La Resistance!! Yes Im hanging my head in shame!

As much as it pains me to say it I CAN understand why The Dudley Boyz have their own section on this DVD. They were one of the Attitude Era’s best tag teams along with Edge & Christian, The Hardys and guys like the APA. The Steel Cage Unification Tag Match from Survivor Series 2001 was great to see again and a bonus as their opponents were The Hardy Boyz!

The Tribute To The Classics section features short montages on The Texas Outlaws (you can definatly see where Cody got his looks from!!), Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens, The Wild Samoan’s, The Blackjacks, & Ray Stevens & Nick Bockwinkel, leading to a rather tame match between Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens vs. Red Bastien & Billy Robinson from AWA All Star Wrestling December 1972.

Finally we get to our hosts favourite section, the one about The Miz & John Morrison! ‘The Greatest Tag Team Of The 21st Centruy’ and a very funny and self centred intro from the guys themselves! Awesome montage leading to an equally awesome match between these two ego maniacs and Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio from Raw on 17th November last year (’08). I personally think their match against DX was better from the 800th Raw, but I guess they had to get the kiddies favourite on here at some point. (and of course Im never going to comaplin about watch Shawn Michaels whatever he’s doing!)

The BEST bonus feature has to be the ‘Cutting Room Floor: Los Conquistadors’ segment but.. IT WASNT LONG ENOUGH! I laughed my a$$ off but was highly disapointed that it was a short short montage of funnies! Also loved The Rock & Sock Connection ‘The Break Up’, The Miz & Morrison “Mizfits & Mofos” Music Video (how they did that with a straight face is beyond me I’d love to see the outtakes!) and DX & The Meaning Of Controversy from Cyber Sunday 2006.

There are a LOT of extras on this disc.. as if the DVD was jam packed to the hilt as it was!


Disc Three kicks off the best way possible.. with Edge & Christian of course! ‘Reeking Of The Most Awesomeness’ and possibly my favourite tag team EVER, this DVD blesses me with the very first wrestling match that I ever took notice of, TLC from Summerslam 2000. I remember trying so hard not to get hooked and by the end of this match… well Im still here aren’t I? This section is most definatly for me personally, the best on the whole DVD set! The match hasn’t gotten any less exciting and I must have seen it ten times since the first time! I still get goosebumps watching this one and Im still in awe that these guys can put their bodies through that and get up and walk out at the end of it all!

Love Miz & Morrison’s impression of the New Age Outlaws entrance music! Never a huge fan of Road Dogg or Billy Gunn for that matter but very happy to see their match against The Rock n’ Sock Connection from Armageddon in 1999!

The ‘Blockbuster Tag Teams’ section features montages on The Rock ‘n’ Sock, Lex Luger & Sting. Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan (The MegaPowers), D-Generation X, and Rated RKO: Randy Orton & Edge! I had wondered when they were going to bring those guys up and much to my delight… this leads to DX Vs Edge & Randy Orton from Cyber Sunday in 2006! Happy Days!

Los Guerreros! How fantastic to have these guys on this disc albeit facing Benjaim and Haas! Im just happy that Eddie and Chavo have been included, although it looks as though the focus is on WGTT and not the Guerreros whish is a shame! Eddie is still such a huge miss in the WWE today and Im at a loss as to why WGTT is featured when Los Guerreros are not.

Of course these three discs feature SO much more than I have time to talk about in this review. From old school to the present day, it’s amazing to see how many tag teams are mentioned, considdering as I’ve said previously, this division is often overlooked. Bring back the good old days of tag team wrestling that’s what I say! And Bring back Miz & Morrison! They’re awesome! Be Jealous!




Allied Powers: The World’s Greatest Tag Teams DVD (3 Discs)


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Approx running time 9 hrs 2 mins

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