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Beth’s Thoughts – SD 8/7/09

August 9, 2009   ·   0 Comments

 – When Vince came out I literally groaned. I guess he heard how good SD is and wanted to make sure he got in on it. Thankfully his appearance was short and sweet.

 – John Morrison, Tyson Kidd and Dolph Ziggler seem to get bgetter every week. And thankfully they’re on the right show.

 – I like Charlie Haas, and I think he’s horribly wasted. Not every guy has to be chasing a belt. Smackdown could become the home of the mid-card feuds that leads to something better. They just need to give these guys and their matches, a little more time and a little more respect.

 – I guess we’re in for another Mike Knox push. Frankly, I’d love to see him go up against Kane.

 – And speaking of Kane….*sigh*….why Khali? I suppose a better question is why is Khali still employed? But that’s another rant. My point is that heel or face, the crowds always buy into Kane. He’s at a point where he could be elevating younger guys…which he always does when asked, or used as a viable alternative in the main event scene. Considering how loyal he’s always been you’d think they could give him something good before he calls it quits.

 – There’s a certain irony in Maria getting romance tips from Melina of all people. Because, you know, she’s ceratinly the one I’d go to with questions about my love life.

 – JTG isn’t that good…yet. But thanks to Jericho, people will start to believe he is. And working with Chris should only make him better. Some are calling his win against Chris one of the biggest of his career. And maybe it is. But that’s what Chris does. He gives these guys a chance to shine and does what any veteran should do for a young guy with talent. Cena and Mysterio…I’m looking at you.

 – Jericho continues to shine in his role. He never misses a beat going from cocky and self assured to disbelieving and whiny. Screaming at the ref that the loss was his fault was the perfect ending. But I’m sure Chris knew that.

 – I’m not sure which was funnier…”Deep Fried” Hardy or “Trick or Treat” Hardy. I do know that humor was not what they were going for here.

 – CM Punk is at the top of his game and is currently the best heel the WWE has. He’s doing all the little things right and getting it done in the ring as well. Here’s hoping he’ gets the belt back at SummerSlam.


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