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Blood and Bone DVD Review

December 13, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Momentum Pictures throws down the gauntlet and invites you to meet the last man standing in BLOOD AND BONE, the thrilling action packed street fighting extravaganza released on DVD on 25 January 2010.


Presented in an awesome 3D-effect sleeve, this heavy-handed barrage of bare knuckle street fighting is a cut above your usual beat em up and features a cast of current legends from the world of street fighting including Peter Storm, founder of the Underground Combat League and former Mixed Martial Arts star. Current MMA fighters Kevin Kimbo Slice Fergusson, Gina Conviction Carano and Bob The Beast Sapp also feature, lending their street cred to the bone crushing action.


The lead star is Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight) who is quickly establishing himself as one of Hollywoods brightest action stars following the release of Black Dynamite and is soon to star in the new Robert Rodriquez film Predators. British actor Julian Sands (Oceans Thirteen, 24) also stars as an organised crime boss alongside fellow Brit Eamonn Walker (Oz, Homicide) and Nona Gaye (The Matrix Trilogy, Ali), daughter of the late, great Marvin.

With a frenetic pace, action and brutality to rival any film in the genre, this is an essential recommendation for all fans of UFC, Cage Fighting and any other martial arts form.


BLOOD AND BONE The story of Isaiah Bone (White), a mysterious drifter and master fighter who after release from prison arrives on the inner-city streets of Los Angeles to take on the meanest and toughest fighters in the underground world of street fighting and the most powerful criminal organisation on the West Coast.


The heady world of back alley street fighting collides with a visually stunning action packed plot that will show the audience the real side of Ultimate Fighting.  




Its been a while since I sat down and wrote a review of any sort, thankfully I have a great team of writers working on the webite that normally take full control of reviews.  That aside, when Blood and Bone dropped on the mat, I thought after reading the PR it might be worth a look.


The title of the movie Blood and Bone and dodgy looking DVD cover did not instil me with immediate confidence.  As they say dont judge a DVD by the cover (actually its a book, but hey you get the meaning).


The synopsis of the film is on par with most films of this genre.  Hard bastard, who is a good guy is fighting for revenge fights his way through the ranks to the top bad guy where all hell breaks loose!  Now in 90% of cases this would automatically be one of those films that you are counting the minutes to the credits. How ever this is not the case!  Yes this film is predictable, its following a trusted format but its actually very well directed, acted and the fight choreography is stunning and believable.


The leading character Isaiah Bone is played by up and coming martial arts action star Michael Jai White.  White has to be the best performing martial arts star I have come across that is not of oriental origins.  With one exception he can actually act too.  He reminded me of a younger, tougher, bigger Wesley Snipes.  The action through out the movie is fast paced, bloody and intense.  If you dont like blood and bone crunching action then this is not a film for you.  If like me you love to see some good violence and extreme martial arts then this film is a must.  


The underground feel of the movie and style of fighting had an air of realism; this probably has a lot to do with Underground combat league and MMA fighter Peter Storm.


The casting of this movie in its self is interesting and they seem to be trying to capitalise on the growth of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and aiming it that audience.  With the man monster Bob The Beast Sapp playing a pivotal role as The Hammer Man. Just one of the many adversaries that Bone has to fight.  Sapps role was pretty funny in places, even though his script was kept to the bare minimum, when you see the size of the hammer man you wonder how the hell any one can beat him.  One of the other names on the cast list that jumped out to me immediately was Kimbo Slice, now if youre a follower of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and the latest series of The Ultimate Fighter then you will have heard of Kimbo Slice.  Kimbo is a hardcore street fighter, who is a massive internet hit with his backyard, underground fighting.  Kimbo thankfully has moved into the professional ranks within the UFC and is a fighter I hope to see more of in the future.


Is this film worth watching? Ohh yes, its a fantastic action, martial arts, street fighting, bone crunching, blood spilling movie that works well.  The lack of big named stars should not put any fan of this film genre off, its well directed and pretty well acted, the underground fight scenes have to be some of the best in recent years.


At times I felt the film got lost a little and the plot line strayed off the mark with no explanation and reason to certain scenes.  I dont want to go deeper into this explanation as it could be seen as a spoiler.  If you watch the movie you will see what I mean. This how ever does not make this movie any less enjoyable.

Gary Graham


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