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Booking The Three Hour iMPACT Special

December 8, 2009   ·   0 Comments

This is one of the most important shows TNA will ever do, it is basically unveiling the future of TNA wrestling. This show will undoubtedly be the highest rated iMPACT! ever, so TNA really need to push the young stars here, TNA really need to use this night to show the talent TNA has.

The best thing TNA can present to the audience is what they do best and that is wrestling. Usually it is not wise to give away PPV quality matches on free TV, but this is the time to do it. It would be wise to show off each Division, so I would have a solid X Division Match – A solid Tag Team Match – A solid Womens Match – and a Solid Heavyweight Match.

These are the matches I would Put on;

X Division: Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin – This would be insane and would show everyone watching that TNA is Wrestling.

Tag Team Match: Beer Money vs The British Invasion – Both teams are very strong and will put on an Awesome match as they always do.

Womens Match: Sarita vs Alissa Flash – In my opinion these are the two best female wrestlers in TNA, this would really highlight how strong TNA’s womens Division is.

Heavyweight Match: AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle – What can I say every time these two meet it is a classic.

But other than a solid night of wrestling Hulk Hogan will make his debut, you only get to debut once so lets hope TNA really make the most of it. I would personally have Hogan come out and cut a solid Promo, talking about TNA being the future, what He is doing here, and generally putting TNA over.

What Would be Awesome? **This is stuff that is very unlikely but would be awesome**

  1. RVD makes his Debut

  2. Ric Flair makes his Debut

  3. Shane McMahon makes his Debut and shocks the wrestling World.

  4. Stone Cold Steve Austin Makes his Debut 

What Likely will Happen?

  1. “The Icon” Sting makes His TNA Return

  2. “The King Of The Mountain” Jeff Jarrett makes his TNA Return

 What TNA Should Not Do?

  1. TNA should not Mention WWE at all.

  2. TNA should not do stupid backstage Skits such as the ODB trash talking one

  3. TNA should not make all TNA titles on the line 

What TNA Should Do?

  1. Put on some great matches as noted above

  2. Advertise as much TNA stuff as possible – Advertise ShopTNA – Upcoming Events

  3. Build the Young Stars

  4. Really push it home that TNA is an alternative

Overall this is going to be great, I estimate a 2.0 for this show- but TNA must advertise it right now and keep going right until the day of the event.



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