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ECW July 28th 2009

July 30, 2009   ·   0 Comments

ECW July 28th 2009

By James Murphy

Tyler Reks vs. Paul Birchill

In Tyler Reks second match, once again facing Paul Birchill there was again no disappointment. Although there seemed to be something missing whether it was the intensity or the fact we had seen a lot of it before something just wasnt there, and dont get me wrong it was a great match with some original moves from Paul and Tyler took the moves very well and showed some good reactions but it just seemed a bit like a repeat but slightly worse. Even the dropkick from the top rope I praised Tyler last week for so much looked a bit sloppier. But overall it was a great opener.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Local

This match was obviously supposed to be a copy of Ezekiels match last week but with Kozlov and Jackson switched round. However youll be glad to know it was just as unfulfilling as Ezekiels match. The fact Jackson came out and did the exact same thing as Kozlov did last week seems to be pointing out that Jackson excepts the I can do anything you can do better sort of contest. More of this to come as the two equally uncharismatic superstars have bored the writers so much the only thing they can think of doing with them is putting them against each other, in fact why not go the whole way and make it a Im less boring than you contest.

Sheamus vs. Goldust

This was the first time I had watched Sheamus in a match so I was wondereing if he could be any better than or at least as good as Tyler Reks or Yoshi Tatsu the other new talent. Unfortunately he wasnt. His backbreaker he won the match with was impressive but apart from that he had a few dodgy looking strikes and one submission move which was the main part of the match. Whether it was Goldust who still has made no improvements or just him, he just isnt quite as good as the other new talent. This was the worst match of the night, in fact even Kozlovs match was better than this.

Christian vs. Zack Ryder

This intense main event was the highlight of the show for sure. For the first few minutes it didnt seem very interesting with some average and expected moves it didnt seem to be anything special. However once it got going after some incredible moves from Christian and seriously near, near falls it was nail biting until the perfectly pulled off killswitch engage.

Before the main even it was of course announced that there would be an extreme rules rematch between Dreamer and Christian next week. All I can say is I hope they really go to town with and dont keep it to the tame few chairs and outside the ring wrestling like they have been doing lately.

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