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ECW August 4th 2009

August 8, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Sorry it’s a bit late but here it is.
ECW August 4th 2009
By James Murphy

The Abraham Washington Show
This was by far the worst Washington show that has been aired so far. To begin with the Chris Tucker look-alike began with some simple idiot abuse to the fans, oh sorry, WWE Universe until Zack Ryder came out and gave some worthless comments about how he was the best thing to come from Long Island, woo woo woo huh? Then the verbal attack on Shelton Benjamin began and who should then show up but…Shelton Benjamin! The odd insults continued as Shelton inferred Zacks girlfriend was a slut and began insulting both men replacing swear words with the word smurf (the writers mustve been having a bad day). This whole ordeal finally somehow ended with a singing contest? Both men yelled out some mediocre singing before attacking one another. The only thing this segment accomplished was the fact WWE is having a tough time keeping to PG rules and the confusion of who is a face and who is a heel; Abraham is supposed to be half and half it would seem, Zack is supposed to be heel and Shelton face? Although Shelton is supposed to be a heel? Lets try some matches shall we. 

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Local
Once again another squash match was pulled off. With a few backbreakers and a one armed slam Jackson picked up the win, but who should show up? Vladimir Kozlov. Again. Please can these two just have a match and get it over with!

Sheamus vs. Goldust
I have to admit last week I was harsh about Sheamus and after seeing him this week I feel I judged too quickly. This week in their match there was a lot more solid offence and even the strange unlikeable Goldust performed much better. There were some creative submission from Sheamus and Goldust seemed a little more focused. The finish looked very smooth and flowed as well. After the match Goldust attacked Sheamus from behind while he was talking in his lovely strong Irish accent. This is either a more vicious Goldust character change or just a worthless attack, hopefully not the latter.

Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer (Extreme Rules)
By far the best match I have seen on ECW, no WWE, in a long time. If you read last weeks review youll know I said I hope they dont keep it tame with just a few chairs. How wrong I was. In the brutal match (big breath) trash cans, lids, crutches, a hot dog cart, Singapore=2 0canes and a car door were all used. The way Christian drove his head into the hot dog cart was amazing, I half expected his nose to be broken. There were so many different strikes with all different types of weapons and a combination of a few now and again. The crutch hitting the lid against Christians head when he was set up in the tree of woe was incredible and gave a real flicker of memory from the old ECW days. These two guys showed that extreme rules matches can be brutal and can be more than just a few chairs, hell they didnt even use chairs! Although Christian has now shown he can wrestle, go extreme and be incredibly creative he is still waiting round on ECW, thats my only query with this match. The killswitch engage on the car door to finish, while looking a bit sloppy, was an incredible ending to a real piece of wrestling entertainment. If WWE carries on like this (and gets rid of PG ratings on the way) I think they can get back to being the great wrestling show everyone knew it for, not the show known today thats rating decrease each week.


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