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ECW July 21st 2009

July 26, 2009   ·   0 Comments

ECW July 21st 2009

By James Murphy

Yoshi Tatsu vs. William Regal

In Yoshi Tatsus third match on ECW he beat Regal in an impressive match. If you dont already know about the new talent initiative then you must be deaf with the constant reminding about it from Striker and Matthews (the team I consider better at calling matches than JR and Todd Grisham) but the point being ECW is full of fresh talent these days and Tatsu has got to be one of if not the best of this. Working with the ring veteran Regal only added to Yoshis credibility as he proved again that he has buckets of potential. It had some good submission spots pulled off by both superstars and a good paced but unfortunately weak looking mule kick from Tatsu to the win the match.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Local

This is what can only be described as a very quick squash match at 45 seconds while showing Ezekiels power against a jobber (once again) was pretty much a waste of time. With only three moves; a big boot, a clothesline and his finishing one armed slam it really didnt do much entertainment wise at all. The main point was for the miserable Vladimir Kozlov to get a new storyline when he came out and performed the same one armed slam on the local. This assumably meaning Vladimir and Ezekiel will go in a whatever you can do I can do better rivalry. To be honest I think the WWE Universe (how many times will that phrase be repeated?) has had just about enough of giant brawler rivalries for now but I suppose these two gorilla men might put on a good match but then again…

Goldust vs. Shelton Benjamin

This unmemorable let down of a match really didnt do much for either of these guys. Especially for Benjamin who normally pulls off a great match with some seriously impressive high flying action however that was not the case tonight as he led a flimsy match with the clumsy and bizarre Goldust whos arsenal seems to consist only of standard small punches or kicks. The finish wasnt even that good either with a pathetic looking going for gold by Benjamin to pick up the win.

Tyler Reks vs. Paul Birchill

This was perhaps the best match of the night with good solid action from the get go. Although Reks may not measure up to Tatsu he certainly has amazing potential. Hitting one of the most convincing top rope dropkicks I have ever seen with amazing height youve got to wonder why the hell some of the guys in the WWE are still there! Paul wasnt bad in the match either although really he was just the punch bag for Reks to use to show off his skill (which he did impeccably by the way). Finishing with a well flowing roll up, Tyler really made himself known to be a threat to the rest of the roster in my opinion.

The final showdown on the truly worthless Abraham Washington show between Christian and Dreamer did close to nothing to help build hype for Night of Champions as the two traded slaps before the end of the show.

Overall the night introduced some very entertaining talent while doing barely anything for already developed superstars and hype for the pay per view this Sunday.

James Murphy


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