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Edge: A Decade of Decadence DVD (3 Discs) Review

February 18, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Edge- A Decade Of Decadence

3Disc DVD

Review By Paps for Wrestle-Zone uk

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny the impact Edge has had on WWE. He is responsible for some of the most infamous moments in sports entertainment history. Utilizing his incredible athleticism and ferocious determination, he has risen through the ranks, winning the Tag Team Championship, the King of the Ring, the Intercontinental Championship and ultimately, the World Heavyweight Championship. For the first time ever, fans can trace his storied career, as Edge: A Decade of Decadence is packed with more than two dozen of Edge’s greatest matches and including never before seen footage and new, exclusive commentary from The Ultimate Opportunist himself.

Edge: A Decade of Decadence DVD (3 Discs)

Languages: English, German, French

Approx running time 9 hrs 10 mins

Rated 18

Available from Silver Vision priced 17.99

Disc 1

A Boy and his Dream

Breakdown September 27, 1998
Edge vs. Owen Hart

Terri Invitational Tournament- Ladder Match
New Brood vs. Edge & Christian
No Mercy October 17, 1999

8 Pounds of Gold

Triangle Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian
WrestleMania April 2, 2000

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Lance Storm vs. Edge
SummerSlam August 19, 2001

Championship Unification Match
Edge vs. Test
Survivor Series November 18, 2001

Singles Superstar

Edge vs. Mr. Perfect
Sunday Night Heat March 3, 2002

Hair vs. Hair Match
Kurt Angle vs. Edge
Judgment Day May 19, 2002

Steel Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs. Edge
SmackDown! May 30, 2002

World Tag Team Championship Match
Billy & Chuck vs. Edge & Hollywood Hulk Hogan
SmackDown! July 4, 2002

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero
Unforgiven September 22, 2002


The Totally Awesome Best of Edge & Christian

Disc 2

Injury Return!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Randy Orton vs. Edge
Vengeance July 11, 2004

Street Fight
Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
RAW February 28, 2005

Gold Rush Tournament Final
Kane vs. Edge
RAW May 16, 2005

Love Triangle

Street Fight
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
RAW August 29, 2005

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. Edge
New Years Revolution January 8, 2006


Hardcore Match
Mick Foley vs. Edge
WrestleMania 22 April 2, 2006

6- Person Tag Team Match
Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer & Beulah vs. Mick Foley, Edge & Lita
ECW: One Night Stand June 11, 2006

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena vs. Edge
RAW July 3, 2006


Adam Copeland vs. Christian
Cornwall, ON November 10, 1997
Commentary By: Matt Striker & Edge

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Edge
Toronto, ON July 24, 1999
Commentary By: Matt Striker & Edge

Disc 3

“I Equal Ratings!”

WWE Championship Match
Edge vs. John Cena
SummerSlam August 20, 2006

I Persevered

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Edge
RAW February 19, 2007

Randy Orton vs. Edge
RAW April 30, 2007

Money in the Bank Again!

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Undertaker vs. Edge
SmackDown! May 11, 2007

Last Chance World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs. Batista
Vengeance June 24, 2007

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs. Rey Mysterio
Royal Rumble January 27, 2008

My Speciality

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match For the Vacant World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker vs. Edge
One Night Stand June 1, 2008

Hell in a Cell Match
Undertaker vs. Edge
SummerSlam August 17, 2008

Whats Next Sequel?



A much anticipated DVD by yours truly and, having now seen it, I don’t have many bad things to say about it at all! After nagging the ladies at Silver Vision for this disc for the past 4 months, it finally landed on my doormat and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. Over 9 hours of footage of the Rated R Superstar on this three disc DVD is kicked off with the man himself, explaining to us all how he is the ‘biggest blockbuster to ever step foot in a WWE ring!’ And Since the first disc is my favourite I will look into that in more depth in this review.

We get a fantastic trip down memory lane on disc one with matches such as the IC title match against Lance Storm (‘If I can be serious for a moment!’) and the title unification match between Test and Edge (US Title vs IC Title) during the ‘alliance’ days (One of my favourite era’s ever!)

The ‘Boy and his dream’ chapter is a slight disapointment in that I’d have liked it to be a little longer with a little more insight, but what is there is good; his mother explaining about her son’s passion to become a wrestler and Edge himself talking about the struggle he had to finally make it to the ‘big leagues’. Like I said what was there was good, it just needed to be a little more in-depth in my opinion.

Edge Vs Owen Hart from ‘WWF Breakdown’ on September 27, 1998, is one I have never seen before so this is a great start to the matches on the DVD. Edge himself had a lot of input into this DVD and it definatly shows with matches like this one!

The No Mercy Terri Invitaitional ladder match and the brutal Triangle ladder match are ones that I have seen before (Probably on the Hardys DVD) but these are not matches that you will ever get tired of seeing again!

Edge vs Mr Perfect from Heat in 2002 is another great match, and one that I can’t believe was on Heat when we get ten times worse matches on Raw these days! Bring back Heat!

Of course who could forget the Hair match between Kurt Angle and Edge from Judgement Day in 2002? It is brilliant to see this again, even though I knew the outcome of the match I still found myself yelling at the TV and getting really into it. Not a match that I have seen very often at all and a great addition to the DVD set! The same goes for the Cage match between Angle and Edge; Kurt wearing that god awful head gear after being shaved bald! It’s worth watching it just for the sentimental value alone!

The moment Edge gets to tag with Hogan is one that I already know was a HUGE deal for the man himself, but if anyone doesn’t read Adam’s interviews or see him on TV shows then how do they know? That’s the one big gripe about this DVD, it needs more intros from Edge and maybe some comments from the other stars involved in his carreer then it would be perfect! The same goes for the Eddie match, (and I challenge you to watch this and not sing along with ‘Latino Heat’ as Eddie comes to the ring!) if you havent already heard how much Edge admired and loved working with Eddie Guerrero then you won’t know from watching this dvd which is a crying shame. I’d love to hear more off the record kind of comments, and Edge maybe being ‘Adam Copeland’ for a few minutes during the set.

The absolute highlight of the whole three disc set is the ‘Special Feature’ on this first disc. “The Totally Awesome Best Of Edge & Christian’ is a hillarious insight into just a small fraction of the capers these two got up to together as one of the best tag teams the WWE(F) has ever seen. I could watch 9 hours of these two goofing around.. please WWE release a whole DVD of this stuff!! It really IS Awesome!

Disc two takes us slightly more up to date with matches like the surprisingly long Intercontinental Championship match against Randy Orton and the brilliantly bloody street fight against Shawn Michaels in February 2005. It also touches on the feuds with Matt Hardy and Kane and the excellent (and as both guys have said probably one of their best ever!) feuds with John Cena.

The Special Features are 2 matches with added commentary by Edge and Matt Striker, and I wish there had been an option to view the whole DVD this way as both guys do an amazing job and Edge gives us a little more insight into what’s going on, which is what is seriously lacking on this DVD. Adam Copeland Vs Christian in Cornwall Ontario, Canada in 1997 – Wow! An awesome find for the DVD as is the match against Jeff Jarrett in 1999, again with commentary from Edge and Matt Striker.

Edge seems to have a little more to say on disc 3! More great matches bringing us as up to date as Edge being ‘Sent to hell’ in the Hell In A Cell Match at SummerSlam against the Undertaker in 2008. But to get there you can watch Edge vs Batista, Edge Vs Randy Orton, Edge Vs Rob Van Dam and more, and not a bad match out of the whole lot!

As an Edge fan Im bound to say this but this is one DVD I would definatly have to have in my collection without a shadow of a doubt! If you’re not a big Edge fan then I’d still recommend it simply because he has chosen a lot of matches that haven’t been on every compilation DVD out there already!

Im knocking a couple of points off the final score for the lack of personal commentary and insight from Edge, I won’t dwell on it but come on! He’s never been short of things to talk about! Other than that.. perfect!





Edge: A Decade of Decadence DVD (3 Discs)

Languages: English, German, French

Approx running time 9 hrs 10 mins

Rated 18

Available from Silver Vision priced 17.99



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