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Forget the Casa, we need Santinos Raw! by Tony McGinley

May 23, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Several weeks after the draft and as promised things where certainly shook up. Big moves saw the likes of Triple H, Big show, Jericho, CM punk and Rey Mysterio change brands as WWE attempted to freshen things up. Personally I think the big winners were Smack down who can now boast a fantastic variety of the talent within the locker room, apart form the already established big names  Im talking about the likes of Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk and the newly turned baby face John Morrison.  My only fear is that WWE will do what they have been so guilty of in the past and that is decide to push talent to a certain point then stop as soon as they gain momentum  for some unknown reason . For example who remembers CM Punks less than successful World tile reign? Who decided to give him the top title in the business only to make a mockery of it? Another is  Shelton Benjamin going from one of the longest reigning intercontinental champions to a jobber at the blink of an eye, it looks like the company is finally realising these talented superstars have to be pushed otherwise they will suddenly have no top talent within the company. This realisation has swiftly been made after all three of the companies top guys are on the sidelines. Undertaker, HBK and the Game.  The likes of these three arent going to be around for ever and the people at the top are starting to notice this , WWE needs new stars , new world champions and I think Smackdown is where they are going to be bred .


Raw drafted one absolute gem! Note the Sarcasm .No matter what people think Raw will always be WWES flagship program and no matter what Vince thought the Brand needed Im positive Vickie Guerrero as GM isnt it.  Like most people I think the Edge Vickie angle is wearing thin, maybe thats why there on separate brands but I dont feel Vickie and Chavo are charismatic enough to play the role of General Manger. The bottom line is WWE have someone on the Raw roster a lot more qualified, someone who may not be worth a lot to the company in wrestling terms but is a naturally funny character. Santino Marella! I actually think Santino is the perfect character to lead Monday night Raw, just look how he wound people up with his cocky attitude as the intercontinental champ, unfortunately it doesnt look like this will happen anytime soon, and judging by the standard of the Santino comedy segments recently it looks like the writers are running out of ideas for the Italian.  Hopefully Im wrong, who knows we may even see him in an actual Wrestling match. Come on WWE forget about Santinos Casa, Lets have Santinos Raw!!!


Tony Mc


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