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Legends of Wrestling – Heatseekers DVD Review

May 1, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Legends of Wrestling – Heatseekers DVD


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Join panelists Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael Hayes and others as they engage in a lively roundtable discussion about many of World Wresting Entertainment’s most polarizing personalities and troublemakers – affectionately known as “Heatseekers.” In addition to the insightful conversation, the program also includes highlights from some of the WWE’s most memorable matches, featuring the likes of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Vince Russo and Scott Hall.

Chapters –
Legends of Wrestling: Heatseekers
Hosted by Jim Ross, with Michael Hayes, Mick Foley, Jerry Lawler & Eric Bischoff

The Freebirdss WWE Debut
The Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts) w/ Cyndi Lauper and David Wolff vs. Ron Shaw, Rene Goulet & Charlie Fulton
Philadelphia Aug. 4, 1984

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard w/J.J. Dillon vs. Lex Luger & Barry Windham
Clash of Champions Mar. 27, 1988

Loser Leaves NWA Match
Jim Cornettes Midnight Express vs. Paul Heymans Midnight Express
Chi-Town Rumble Feb. 20, 1989

US Heavyweight Championship Match
Lex Luger vs. Michael Hayes
WrestleWar May 7, 1989

WCW US Heavyweight Championship
Scott Hall vs. Goldberg
WCW Nitro Jul. 6, 1998

Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash
Halloween Havoc Oct. 25, 1998

Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Vince Russo vs. Booker T
WCW Nitro Sep. 25, 2000

Boxing Match
Buff Bagwell vs. Roddy Piper
Bash at the Beach July 1, 1999


A very interesting concept for a DVD and definatly a unique one. A look at what the ‘pannel’ call the biggest ‘Heatseekers’ of the backstage area, or as Jerry Lawler explains, the biggest bitches, whiners and complainers of the company!
An unusual collection of stars sitting on the pannel, hosted by Jim Ross who is joined by Jerry Lawler, Michael PS Hayes, Eric Bishcoff and Mick Foley, they give us some very enlightening insight into the backstage ‘attitudes’ of some of the well known ‘WWF’ superstars from back in the day.
They immediatly start on Michael PS Hayes and a story about how he got his hair burned and wanted to sue! Then they talk about Lex Luger’s attitude and we see a clip of Luger vs Flair. Hayes quips that Bischoff ‘stole’ Luger to start Nitro and Jim Ross says ‘we thank you for that!’ Bischoff replies that none of them stole him they all got burned where Luger was concerned! Bischoff also remarks that when Luger walked into a room he gave the impression that you just didn’t matter! He also said he didnt think Luger was proud of the business because he was never a fan of it. He was there to make money pure and simple. Some excellent stories about Luger and the pannel seem to be being honest and upfront.

Mick Foley then talks about Goldberg and how he was at Santa’s village and a kid goes up to him with a Goldberg shirt on and his dad said ‘You wanna show Mr Mankind your Goldberg Impression?’ so the kid punched him in the nose! Mick says he hit it off really well with Goldberg even though a chapter in his book was called ‘I hate Goldberg’ it was all to do with this kid punching him in the nose! We then see a Raven/Goldberg match from Nitro in 1999; a ‘Raven’s Rules’ match where Goldberg just dessimates everyone in sight, as usual. Hayes then explains that when Goldberg went to WWE with stars bigger than him, he couldn’t stand it and he was not a nice guy. Bischoff says Bill is a friend of his and he likes him but he’d rather chew off his own leg than work with him! In the course of the conversation about Goldberg Jim Ross and Michael Hayes point out that the ‘master manipulators’ got in his ear and Hayes imediatly says ‘Nash and Hall and Hogan’. Very interesting!

They talk like this about Heyman, (How Jerry Lawler broke his jaw among lots of other interesting stories!), they touch on DX and Bischoff notes that there’s no one that he’s ever resented more than Scott Hall who he claims, along with Nash, was always constantly ‘stirring the pot’. When asked if he thought Hall was a manic deperessive Bischoff replies ‘Nuclear’!
They go on to talk about Vince Russo, Vince McMahon is mentioned, there are a lot of fun stories told (About the red neck match Bischoff and Austin had), Buff Bagwell is another topic of converstaion.

I loved this first segment of the DVD. It looked like these guys had a lot of fun and told a lot of truths and I do wonder how much they edited out of this clip!
The way JR is talking it seems to be a series although I’ve never heard anything about it, I’d like to see more!
Of course the matches are the bonus, and even though I wasn’t watching wrestling back when these were filmed, it gave me more incentive to watch them on this DVD. A lot of stuff there that I had never ever seen before!
If you can get your hands on this DVD then I recommend you do so. A lot of very interesting stories from these five legends in their own right!
Love it!


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