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NEW COLUMN! Did we get what we wanted?

November 28, 2009   ·   0 Comments

For months on end, it had become the general consensus between WWE fans that the main event scene had become stale. An opinion highlighted by the fact that for the past few months weve watched John Cena and Randy Orton trading the title back and forth. The fans were crying out for new blood. We wanted fresh face that we havent already seen wrestle in the main event of a pay-per-view several hundred times. Well last Monday Night on Raw, we got it.


Through the guest host for the night, Jesse Ventura, the WWE Creative Team were able to cut a very emotional promo reassuring us that they recognise the problems concerning a lack of new blood at the top of the brand. This set up a series of matches between young up and comers who have never held a World or WWE Championship where the winners would compete in a Battle Royal for a chance at champion John Cena, the match appropriately named the Breakthrough Battle Royal.


This set up one of the most shocking results in Raw history as newcomer Sheamus who has only been on the Raw brand for four weeks won the Battle Royal to earn a shot at the WWE Championship in only his SECOND PPV.


The question remains however…Did we get what we wanted?


Well Sheamus is new blood. He has never held a World or WWE Championship. He has never main evented a pay-per-view before. So I would suggest that yes, we did get what we wanted.


I disagree with critics that say there are better choices. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Lets take a look at the other contenders that Ive seen mentioned over various websites and forums:


Kofi Kingston: He has been Raws breakout star over the past month ever since his rivalry with Orton started. Hes been moving up the ladder leaps and bounds, which is precisely the reason that he shouldnt be pulled away from that to move into a short-term program with Cena. The outcome of the Orton/Kingston feud will also have huge implications for the two superstars Im listing below.

Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes Yes they received a great push when they were going up against DX, but since then it has stalled in dramatic fashion. I have no doubt whatsoever that these two will have title opportunities in their already bright future, but now is not the time. The reason I mentioned about the Orton/Kingston feud having significance on these two superstars is because it will determine how well Orton can make a star out of upcoming talent. If Orton can do anything near for Kofi what Triple H done for Batista, I believe they will do the same for DiBiase/Rhodes with perhaps even mirroring the angle for one of them. I think this is what WWE are holding out for, which is why the nipped the DiBiase/Orton rivalry in the bud for the time being.


MVP I can see why people are supporting him, but its all for the wrong reasons. MVP would be the completely wrong choice to face Cena. He has no momentum and hasnt been able to build any for quite some time. I believe the people wanting him to get the shot want him to start his build towards the main event scene again but this would be the wrong way to do it. He just lost a US Championship match six days prior to Survivor Series, so what chance would he have of moving up a level?


There are several reasons that I believe Sheamus has been selected for this role. One is that they see a bright future for him and want to instantly establish him as a top star. There is no harm in this whatsoever. Secondly he has more momentum than any of the superstars that I mentioned above with the exception of Kofi Kingston. Hes undefeated on Raw (albeit for a short time). Hes an unknown commodity. Hes only been on Raw for four weeks and each week he has upped his game. Its this unknown commodity that makes Sheamus an intriguing challenger to John Cenas WWE Championship.

 Kevin Devine

Nobody expected Sheamus to dominate in the fashion he did at Survivor Series. Nobody expected Sheamus to win the Breakthrough Battle Royal and become number one contender. Nobody expects Sheamus to become the WWE Champion at TLC…What if he does?



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