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No Way Out Results & Review By Michael Elder

February 16, 2009   ·   0 Comments

The 11th annual edition of No Way Out kicks off with the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, which is surprising, given that it’s the significantly more star studded of the two Chamber matches scheduled for the pay-per-view. Jeff Hardy and the reigning WWE Champion, Edge, are the two men who begin this match, with Vladimir Kozlov, Big Show, Triple H and The Undertaker securely locked away in their respective pods.


Hardy starts out quickly, pummelling Edge with lefts and rights. Edge retaliates, and soon gains the upper hand, mocking the Big Show as he strikes away at Hardy in the corner. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate on the champion, before attempting a Swanton Bomb, which he ultimately misses. Edge goes for the spear, but Hardy counters into a roll up. The referee counts three, and Edge is eliminated. Did not see that coming. We’re now guaranteed a new WWE Champion. Edge goes bezerk, as Triple H and Big Show laugh at him from inside their pods. The now former champion reluctantly leaves the chamber, and is soon replaced by Vladimir Kozlov, who is the third man to enter.


Kozlov explodes out of the pod, hitting Jeff with a big boot. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off, only to find himself on the wrong end of a Battering Ram. The Russian continues to dominate, using the chamber as a weapon. Big Show enters next, and joins Kozlov in destroying Hardy. The two behemoths are on the same page momentarily before Kozlov hits the Battering Ram on Show. Some back and forth action occurs, before the clock hits zero and Triple H enters.


The Game goes to work on Big Show, and subsequently on Kozlov, knocking him down with a Harley Race style high-knee. Theres a nice spot where Kozlov goes for the Battering Ram, but Triple H moves, causing him to head butt the pod. Hardy hits a Whisper in the Wind on HHH, and everyones down. The clock hits zero and Undertaker is the final man to enter.


Undertaker enters and cleans house, hitting a DDT on Big Show on the steel. Kozlov pummels away at him in the corner, whilst standing on the second rope. Undertaker predictably scoops Kozlov up and hits the Last Ride, thus eliminating him. Big Show is next to go, following a Pedigree and a Swanton from the top of the cell. Were now down to three men; Jeff Hardy, Undertaker and Triple H.


Jeff is the next to be eliminated, following a Tombstone from the Undertaker. HHH and Undertaker go at it for a good while, each hitting their patented moves on one another. This was actually really good, with lots of near falls. There were many times in the match that I thought it was over. In the end, Triple H reverses the Last Ride into the Pedigree, and gets the victory. Quite predictable, but a good match nonetheless. I think Triple H vs. Randy Orton is pretty much a lock for WrestleMania now.


Backstage, Edge complains to Vickie, and suggests that they start the match over. Vickie responds by saying that its Edges fault, before quickly apologising.


Next up is the No Holds Barred match, between Randy Orton and Shane McMahon. They show a really good video package, which helps add to the big match atmosphere. Orton cuts a promo backstage, stating he hopes Vince is watching at home, so he can witness his son screaming out for mercy. Like the video package, this was really good.


The match itself was fine, although I would have preferred Orton to dominate more. It started off fairly slowly, with Shane controlling. There was a lot of use of weapons, which is always nice. Nasty shot from Shane to Orton with the television monitor, making him bleed the hard way. Shane climbs the turnbuckle, looking to hit the splash on Orton through the announce table. Priceless interfere, preventing him from doing so. Cody Rhodes grabs a chair and swings for Shane, instead hitting DiBiase in the back. Shane hits Rhodes with a DDT onto the chair, followed by the Coast to Coast, thus eliminating Priceless from the equation. I know theyre billing Shane as being emotionally fuelled but this is quite ridiculous. McMahon attempts the splash, but Orton rolls out of the way sending him crashing through the table. RKO tells DiBiase to take Rhodes to back and make sure hes alright. Shane climbs onto the apron, and Orton hits his trademark DDT from the second rope. Several near falls later, Orton brings a table into the ring. He takes Shane to the top rope and hits an impressive looking superplex through the table. Orton goes for the punt, but Shane hits him with a spear. After a few chair shots, McMahon decides to go for his own punt, only to find himself on the receiving end of an impromptu RKO. Orton wins, which was never really in doubt.


The ECW Championship match is next, with Jack Swagger defending the title against Finlay. I dont think anybody really thought Finlay was going to win, and he didnt. It was just a routine title defence for Swagger, giving him some momentum as he heads into a program with Christian. Judging by the end of the match, with Hornswoggle getting involved, it looks as if Finlay may be turning heel soon, which is a plus.


Next up is the All or Nothing Match, with employer John Bradshaw Layfield taking on employee, Shawn Michaels. Many thought this match would take place at WrestleMania, including myself, but Im glad that it didnt. JBL enters first, and he taunts Shawns wife Rebecca, who sits in the front row. The match starts with JBL shouting in HBKs face, until Shawn unloads on him. Bradshaw rolls to the outside and grabs a chair, handing it to Michaels and instructing him to hit him. Shawn refuses, and instead strikes him with his fists. Back in the ring, HBK locks in the Figure Four Leg lock, until JBL gets to the ropes. He subsequently locks in the Crossface, which JBL manages to escape. Layfield gains control, until Shawn mounts a comeback. He goes for the elbow drop, but JBL rolls out of the way.  Bradshaw hits an impressive Clothesline from Hell, but HBK kicks out of the subsequent pin.


JBL knocks Shawn to the outside and begins to taunt his wife. Rebecca retaliates and hits Bradshaw in the face, with a surprisingly good shot. Shawn then goes crazy, hitting JBL with rights and lefts. This time, he successfully hits the elbow drop, and follows up with the Sweet Chin Music for the victory. A decent match, although it definitely wasnt WrestleMania worthy. Afterwards, Shawn celebrates with his wife Rebecca. Hopefully, with this being the end of the JBL/HBK feud, well see Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania.


We close the night the same way we began, with an Elimination Chamber. This time, for John Cenas World Heavyweight Championship. Cena enters first, followed by Mike Knox and Kane thereafter. As Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring, he is assaulted by former WWE Champion Edge, who lost his title earlier in the night, in the first Elimination Chamber match. He grabs a chair and smacks Kofi upside the head, rendering him unable to compete. Lo and behold, Edge steals his spot in the Chamber. Genius! Theres a funny spot where Rey Mysterio tries to attack Edge, who desperately tries to prevent Rey from entering his pod.


Jericho and Rey start out, and keep us entertained for the first five minutes of the match. Highlights include Jericho catapulting Rey into the cage, with Rey grabbing on to the chain and climbing up, hitting an amazing hurricanrana. The clock hits zero and the next superstar to enter is Kane. Kane unloads on both Jericho and Rey, before receiving a 619, followed by a Codebreaker. Mysterio scales the pod, and hits a great seated senton onto Kane, eliminating him in the process. Next to enter is Mike Knox, who targets Rey Mysterio. Knox hooks Mysterios leg inbetween the chain links, and begins to strike him with his knee, which looked quite cool. Knox soon gets hit with a Codebreaker, and pinned by Jericho. Were back down to Rey and Jericho yet again, until its Edges turn to enter.


Upon opening his pod, hes immediately attacked by Mysterio. Rey bashes Edges head off the pod multiple times, which was pretty funny. The trio go back and forth with one another, until current Champion Cena finally enters. Cena unloads on all three opponents, hitting Edge with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He attempts the FU (or Attitude Adjuster as its now called) on Edge, but Jericho hits him with a Codebreaker. Rey hits the 619, and Edge follows up with a Spear. Cena is eliminated, which is something I thought Id never be saying at the beginning of the show. Really good stuff.


That leaves us with Jericho, Rey and Edge. Rey attempts a seated senton on Jericho, who catches Rey and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Rey counters into a roll up, and eliminates Jericho, which was a great spot. Were now down to two; Edge and Rey Mysterio. The last few minutes of the match were really entertaining, on several occasions I thought Rey had it won. Rey hit a 619 to the back of Edges head, which King referred to as a 916. Eventually, Edge hits Rey with a spear, to win the match and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


A very good pay-per-view, much better than I had expected. If I had to describe it in one word, Id use shocking.  And thats a huge achievement on the part of WWE. To those people complaining about WWE becoming stale and repetitive, I urge you to watch this.


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