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Quick Nottingham Smackdown House Show Report & Exclusive Photos

November 12, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Quick Nottingham Smackdown House Show Report & Photos

8th November 2009


Arriving at Nottingham we were cutting it pretty close – getting there at 3:30pm and for some reason the show started at 5pm! (They were headed straight to Cardiff afterwards so maybe that had something to do with it!) Thankfully we made it with a few minutes to spare and didn’t miss anything! The arena concourse is very small compared to others I’ve been to and it was hard to get around in the crowds. Might be avoiding this venue next tour if I can help it!

Cryme Tyme beat The Hart Dynasty : Cryme Tyme are HUGELY over in the UK and this was a pretty good match to start with although the Hart Dynasty got near no reaction at all when they came out!

Regal beat Zack Ryder : What on earth is going on with Ryder’s tights? Everyone was making jokes about how he could only afford one leg as there was a recession on or how he must have got them caught in the door on the way out etc etc. Origional, yes! Regal was over as always when he’s ‘home’. He cut a short promo afterwards saying how the UK fans were the best in the world and how it was a true honnor for an old scally like him to perform infront of us! We do love old Regal!!

Beth Phoenix (who should be women’s champion!) won diva battle royal for the chance to face McCool later in the show. : Good to see Katie Lee Birchill if only for a short time! (She wasn’t out of this as quickly as we preditcted though!) I know Mickie James was in this, Natalya and Beth obviously, along with Katie and I can’t remember who (if any) else was in this match!

Beth Phoenix – Where’s her belt?

Zeke beat Goldust : A real WTF moment for a couple of my friends who had no idea Goldust was back (and to be honest I’d forgotten myself but I did remember he WASN’T dead Kim!!) Goldie had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand though!

Drew McIntyre beat Finlay : How surreal for me to see Drew at a Smackdown house show when last time I saw him was in a club behind Whitley Bay ice Rink & going by the name of Drew Galloway!! Great heel promo cut by Drew before his match, but that accent has certainly ‘evolved’ since I spoke to him last! He said how he had wanted to come home and wrestle in Scotland and Smackdown haven’t been up there and he hates the English and the Irish etc etc. Good stuff! Drew is awesome and Im very happy to see him make it this big! (Well done lad!) he’s even on the tour shirt! haha! We were members of a very small group of Drew marks but thankfully the other two were in the same row as us LOL
Drew McIntyre : What was wrong with Galloway?

Morrison beat Ziggler : Morrison is SO chiseled up close it’s looks like one of those idiot fake aprons people wear at bar-be-ques!! Hugely over with the females surprisingly (not!) and an excellent match to watch! Why was I the only person in the whole arena that did not know that Ziggler was from the freaking Spirit Squad?!

Morrison : Ladies Favourite!

After the interval the Honey Monster made his way out again to plug the competition on his website (


Christian beat Yoshi : I am ashamed to say I had no
 idea who Yoshi Tatsu was (I will catch up with this stuff eventually) but as I explained to some, I was hoping these couple of shows would revive my love for WWE in general as I’d just lost interest. Did it work? Maybe! Watch this space! Christian had the roof lifting when he came out (Why is he always first on after intermission when I go to see them?) a lot of people (including two of my mates!) had to leg it back to the arena to catch him coming out! A very awesome match to see live, both guys worked their butts off for us so thanks for that! Christian won, of course another HUGE ovation and afterwards he picked Yoshi up from the mat and shook his hand! What a guy!

Christian : Crowd Favourite!

Mc’Skinny’ beat Beth Phoenix : Yeah.

Batista beat Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio : Hardy is THE MAN in England! No word of a lie the guy’s pop almost beat Undertaker’s! (the beginning of his theme tune will never fail to give me goosebumps at a live event!!) Of course Rey had the kiddies running to the barrier but I managed to knock most of them out to get to Matt… IM KIDDING! (kinda) There were, should I say, some more ‘mature’ ladies at the front going ga ga over Batista..(No not me! Cheek!) Honestly it was like they’d gone to a Chippendale’s show to listen to their ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhhs’… dear me!


Taker beat Punk in a casket match : Punk got a great pop until people remembered he was a ‘bad guy’. He came down to the front and as I held my hand out and yelled “PUNK!” he looked me up and down and shook his head and gave me an evil look – CM Punk hates me HOW COOL IS THAT?! He went to do a promo and they started Undertaker’s music before he got chance to speak (Must have been the same sound man as was at Raw.. idiot!) Really good match with both guys going into the casket a couple of times each and a scarey moment when Undertaker stood up out of the casket like he was on a Stannah stair lift! Freaky! Also me and my friends managed to get a CM Punk chant started in an arena full of Undertaker marks! Ya never know until you try! haha
Most disapointing part was when Undertaker slammed Punk into the casket and won, we never saw him again they just wheeled the casket out! CRAP!

Dead Man : Biggest pop of the night (Only just!)

After the show out the back we managed to see Punk and his shoulder was heavily strapped and iced up – it didn’t look good at all! We also saw a few others, Cryme Tyme were the only ones who came over to talk to fans and got a manic reaction! Two girls infront of me stuck their faces through the smallest hole in the gate to get kisses from Shad! Matt Hardy was once again over with a capital ‘O’ when he came out. He looked thrilled at the reaction as we started up and ‘Hardy’ chant and he shoved his bags on the coach and came and stood and applauded everyone! (Thank you for that.. it was bloody freezing and we stood there for ages LOL) But – Mr John Morrison hiding behing Hardy to get on the bus without having to face us tut tut boy! Rey came out unmasked and eventually gave in and waved when everyone was yelling “REY!” at him! Yeah we know who you are!

All in all a really really good show. I loved seeing it live again and I wish I could have gone to more shows on the tour! Maybe next time!
Thank you to all the friends that made it an even better weekend and Kim for organising the travel! Once again thanks to Frank PR (Julie-Anne my appologies for having to talk to your though glass! lol) and the mega star Honey Monster! (dont forget the fab wrestlemania competition at

As always if anyone has any photos or show reports please feel free to send them in (even if we have reports already on that show we always welcome different opinions!) send anything and everything to paps@wrestle-zone.co.uk

I may even have to start a column up again after this! Maybe!

More Nottingham Photos comming soon!


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