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Raw House Show Report 6th November 09

November 10, 2009   ·   0 Comments

A Monster Wrestling Weekend!!

Heading off to Newcastle to meet the Honey Monster I had no idea what was in store! It turned out to be a really great day with old friends, lovely new friends, a big yellow hairy critter and a whole lotta wrestling what more could a girl want?!
Before the show the huggable Honey Monster, who is once again sponsoring the WWE tours (Both Raw and Smackdown) was out meeting and greeting and the kids flocked to get their photographs taken with him! (Trust me he’s a star!) While 4 pairs of extremly lucky competiton winners were whisked away to meet up with The Hurricane and Chavo Guerrero (And they wouldn’t let me in!! Whatsupwivdat!? LOL Yeah they’d probably been forewarned I know!) After that those 8 happy campers along with several thousand other fans made their way into the arena for what turned out to be a damn good house show!

Fans Meet The Honey Monster Before The Show!

Kicking off with Santino Marella Vs Chavo Guerrero; Santino is LOVED in the UK that much is certain and he didn’t dissapoint his leigions of fans with his comedic pre-match promo! He told us all about how he’d been studying lots of books and DVD’s to come up with a new sports entertainment ‘Marella Martial Arts’ (Also known as MMA!) and showed us the new ‘Cobra’ move he’d invented which was very funny! The match itself was a good solid match with not too many comedy spots to take away from the quality of wrestling that Chavo especially, is capable of. Looked like both guys enjoyed themselves which makes it all the better for us! Santino won with a quick roll-up after a missed frog-splash from Chavo! great opener to the show!

Sheamus was out next and good God the guy is whiter than half a Dalmatian! He got very little reaction on arrival to the ring until he picked up the mic and cut a heel promo on the ‘Geordie Scum’ in attendace and said how when we all go back to our 9-5 jobs he’d be back in the States being a WWE superstar. Wonder if he ever actually LEAVES the house during daylight hours! (And people say Im a vampire!) So, as you would expect, he got a thunderous ‘WHO ARE YA?’ chant from the crowd, thus leading to the monster pop Primo got when he came out! Pretty good match, I like Primo I just hadn’t really taken all that much notice of him in the past to be honest. (And I do prefere Carlito.. when someone comes up with a storyline be sure to send it to Vince because he’s struggling!) Sheamus got the pin.. who are ya?

Paul Birchill got a really good pop.. from me! No seriously, Birchill got a great reation until everyone discovered his opponent was everyone’s favourite super hero The Hurricane then it was ‘Who’s Paul Birchill?’ Fickle! I was happy to see Birchill get a decent match in, and even though Im not really a Hurricane fan he did a tremendous job of hyping up the crowd (especially the kiddies!) when at the beginning they did the ‘BOO!’ & ‘YAY!’ gimmick and everyone had a great time watching the match! I was very happy the Birchill won.. I felt suddenly very alone in the world…

Jack Swagger beat Evan Bourne next with a powerbomb. Bourne had the roof popped off for him and I cheered for Swagger! (I wasn’t sure I was ready to admit it.. but there ya go!).

Mark Henry came out to a THUNDEROUS ovation! Yes, THUNDEROUS. Why? I have absolutely no idea because as soon as the match actually started there was a mass exit to the merch stands, toilets and the bar! Chris Masters was his unfortunate opponent, and yes previous readers of my now defunct column will know I was never Masters’ number one fan… so now you’ll know how much I like Henry! Masters thought it’d be a great idea to stand on the turnbuckles and twitch his boob… sorry PEC at us and someone needs to tell him it’s actually not so great! *shudders* Other than that the match was pretty uneventful and I do feel for any guy that has to make Mark Henry look like a wrestler and not just a wall! Henry won with some God awful belly flop.. thing! (and you thought I’d lost the Smark in me! Mr Henry I appologise, I know nothing!)

After the interval the Honey Monster made another appearance, coming down to the ring with Gail Kim (he actually got a bigger pop! Im telling you he’s a mega star!) they announced a competition to win WrestleMania tickets for next year, (go to http://www.honeymonster.co.uk/ for more info).

The Divas championship match was next up, Melina got a great reaction from the crowd but I dont think many either knew or cared who Alicia Fox was. Jillian was special guest ring announcer and had treated us to her version of Sting’s ‘Roxanne’ song before the ladies came out to wrestle! As soon as the match started it was alost deadly silent throughout the arena which I always find a real shame. The women worked their butts off and put on a decent match and by the end the crowd were getting into it with 99.9% on Melina’s side! Melina won much to their delight, and retained her Divas Championship for now!
The Miz came out and was.. AWESOME! He cut a promo despite being given a dodgy microphone that kept cutting out (the sound system was terrible for most of the night actually) and he once again owned it! The crowd lapped it up and the boos could probably be heard in Manchester! He retained his US Championship against Kofi Kingston (Who is very well loved in Newcastle!) and MVP in an awesome match! Lots of near falls and I did see the crowd on their feet several times!

DX came out to a sea of ‘DX Glow Sticks’; but for 7 quid a pair Im afraid I was sitting in the dark! (Most of the merchandise was unfortunatly over-priced but this is the case with everything these days!) They must have been the top selling item of the night because when the house lights went out that is all you could see!
Triple H cut the usual DX entrance promo and half way through informed us that the ring announcer had been sick all night and it was his fault the mic’s were dodgy so we could all feel free to smack him about the head! As he finiished his side of the promo and went to hand the mic to Shawn; Cena’s music hit and he came out to a bigger pop than I’ve heard him get in a long time! Hunter and Shawn looked slightly anoyed that they’d been interrupted mid-flow and as Randy’s music then hit pretty quickly Hunter took to the mic again and told them to cut it and Randy to ‘Stay in the back don’t come out yet!’ he then said he wanted Shawn to finish the promo but Shawn didn’t want to.. we all had to say ‘PLEEEASEEE SHAWN!’ and yes.. we all did! Shawn eventually took the mic and finished the promo much to the joy of the audience!
The match itsself was great (Im a HBK mark what do you expect to hear from me?) and it was the first time I had seen ‘DX’ as a team so I was very happy! There were a few comedic spots including a Hornswoggle incident where he got into the ring with a DX shirt on and Sweet ‘Shin-ed’ Orton actually getting him on his knees on the mat; and also the regular house show pulling down of trunks that seems to be escalating in popularity these days. (Let me tell you the females weren’t complaining!) I was surprised to hear a ‘We Want Cena’ chant while Shawn was in the ring, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Cena in Newcastle but every time I do he always gets booed out of the building, this time the ‘cool-to-boo-Cena’ clan were by far out numbered, thankfully! DX and Cena got a simultanius pin on all three members of Legacy to pick up the victory.
After the match was a little disturbing. As they celebrated in the ring I think DX threw out a couple of glow sticks to fans, and then they were mass-hurled back in the direction of the ring, a lot of them in my opinion were actually AIMED at Cena who managed to avoid most of them. Hunter was making ‘cut’ signs and trying to get everyone to stop and I believe they all got pretty P’d off and if I could have lip-read from that far I’m sure what they said to each other wouldn’t have been good. Such a terrible end to an awesome show. I noticed no one came out afterwards, I know the guys are tired and have a lot of work to do on these tours but hell I wouldn’t go out after being pelted with glow sticks either so thanks to the few idiots that made us all look bad!
As always I have my issues with the way the security was set up at the arena and from where I was sitting it looked damn dangerous to be anywhere near the front since no one was stopping people running down there from the back of the floor seats before and after every match it was a circus (as usual in Newcastle Arena)
Only other note from the show was Gail Kim up in the Gods between the matches gave a family of four ring side seats (but after seeing the shambles that was going on down there I bet they wish they had stayed at the back!)

A BIG huge thank you goes out to the guys at Frank PR (David and Julie-Anne, and not forgetting George!) and of course Mr Honey Monster! A very enjoyable but tiring day was had by yours truly and I have to do it all again tomorrow in Nottingham for the Smackdown house show! (Am I complaining? Hell no!)
If you attended the show and would like to leave comments on anything I’ve written and/or send us your photos please feel free to do so paps@wrestle-zone.co.uk (Same goes for ALL the UK/European shows!) We’re always looking for photos too so send them in you’ll be given full credit! Check back at the Zone for Nottingham House Show report & photos and of course all the latest news and results from the tours! For more photos from this show please check out THIS LINK and a HUGE thank you to Amny & Amanda for sharing their pics with us!
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to enter the great competition at http://www.honeymonster.co.uk/

Sue (AKA Paps!)


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