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Raw Review 08/12/2009

December 9, 2009   ·   0 Comments

The announcement of The Miz defending the US Title against Mark Henry pleased me; its nice to see the US Title be defended as its quite often forgotten about.


John Cena def Carlito


Its great to see Raw kickoff with a match for a change. Mark Cuban made immediate impact as guest host; he got his promo over quickly so that the action would start. John Cena was never going to lose this match though, even to Carlito whom he has lost to several times before. It was a short match that served its purpose in my view. That purpose being that Cena shut Carlito up here, but will he shut up Sheamus at TLC?


Orton/Legacy promo


The idea of Orton trying to bully these guest hosts into lifting his championship ban is a good one. I think that may continue for a while, its good that these stipulations arent just being broken right away like they have been in the past. I remember the RKO on Cuban, looked it up on you tube to remind myself earlier on in the day. I thought it was funny how they edited it to remove Eric Bischoff from the replay. How much has Orton changed in the past six years? For the second week in a row Im shocked that Orton versus Kingston is taking place on Raw. With Cuban being the referee I dont see anything other than Kofi winning.


DiBiase & Rhodes def Evan Bourne & Primo


Im sorry but Evan Bourne and Primo? Instant win for Legacy here in my book. I dont think Primo has won a match since he split from Carlito. Hes like Raws version of Mike Knox in terms of status. I have to admit though I nearly ate my words when Bourne hit the flying knee press. Good win for DiBiase and Rhodes. Their involvement in Raw has been lacking lately so they needed to pick up a win.


Nice touch by Cuban to eject the Legacy from the arena, thus far his performance as guest host is ranking amongst the good.


Maryse def Gail Kim


Following on from Primo, we have Gail Kim. I like the fact that so far Raw has had 3 matches as they didnt have enough on the show last week. This was better than the Divas match they gave us last week. Gail Kim got a lot of offense in but my complaint is the actual winner of the match got very little. Since Maryse has come back to Raw, shes hit four offensive moves and picked up two wins. This week the two moves were a slap and a kick. If thats all it takes to beat a former womens champion then it doesnt say a lot about the division does it?


DX/Hornswoggle segment


I really dont know what to say other than two former World Champions were just knocked over by a Leprechaun.


Kofi Kingston def Randy Orton (Mark Cuban as special referee)


I had a feeling this was going to happen. Cuban got his revenge on Orton six years later. The match was quite short but that was so they wouldnt give too much away I think. Finally were going to see Kingston versus Orton at TLC. I hope its the long awaited one on one encounter we get though and its not interference ridden like both this week and the previous. With both men having picked up a controversial win over the other, its up in the air as to who will win. Who needs it more? Id say Kingston does.


The Miz def Mark Henry (retains US Title)


The thing that stuck out the most for me in this match was the counter at the end. I was certain when Henry caught Miz that we had a new champion but instead Miz countered into a DDT. This is a big win for Miz but kind of puts Henry out of the title picture. Im not sure who will be the next candidate to step up now that Miz has beaten Henry, MVP and Evan Bourne. There arent many midcard faces on Raw.


Eve Torres & Hornswoggle def Jillian & Chavo


I thought all of this Hornswoggle-Chavo Guerrero stuff had ended. In my opinion this shouldve been a singles match between Eve and Jillian because in actual fact, it was. The two of them wrestled the entire match. Is there a possibility of Eve & Chris Masters hooking up? Last I heard she was supposed to be involved in a storyline with Jack Swagger. By the way, where is Jack Swagger?


Chris Jericho vs. DX ended No Contest


Another solid promo from Chris Jericho but I really wouldnt expect anything less. I cant help but wondering though if this was his farewell address? It pleased me that Jericho wasnt just jobbed out here, in actual fact this was possibly the highest point of the night as we got a preview of TLC with the brawl between the two teams involving the ladders and the chairs. I expect this match to main event the PPV especially with it being in Shawn Michaels hometown. Id like to point out though even if Jeri-Show did lose; it wont be Jerichos last night on Raw if he wins a Slammy next week?


The Championship Showdown


They really did a good job of showing Sheamus lack of experience in comparison to John Cena. In each question Sheamus answered he cut down John Cena, however with each question that Cena never answered he also in a way cut down Sheamus. It made Sheamus look as if he was all talk which Im not sure is a good thing because if (most likely when) Cena retains the championship at TLC, it will look as if Cena was right, Sheamus was all talk, and the push will amount to nothing. I really hope it doesnt turn out this way because it would mean the whole Breakthrough superstar push wouldve been a waste of time. The fact that they are hinting that if Cena loses he would cash in his rematch clause adds more intrigue to the match. Are they hinting that Sheamus may win? Or by putting the rematch clause prospect over, are they simply trying to open your mind to believe he may win? You decide.




The areas that I highlighted last week have been improved on. Last week we got four matches, this week we got seven. A definite improvement and long may the trend continue. I also noted that the build for Sheamus on the show last week was very minimal, that wasnt the case this week. So overall I would say that this weeks show was good, and it was definitely better than last week. Id also like to say that I believe Mark Cuban as the guest host would rank among some of the best thus far. The biggest thing accomplished by the show this week though is that they built up the TLC PPV and made it seem like its going to be a great PPV. I know Ill be buying.



Kevin Devine


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