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Retro Wrestling Magic: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling – December 1981

April 26, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Retro Wrestling Magic
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling – December 1981
April 26, 2009
Doug Maynard
With the recent return of Ricky Steamboat to the ring at this past Wrestlemania and again tonight at WWE Backlash, it’s made me a big nostalgic for the days of past when Steamer was in his prime.  And then I remembered something.  This comes from the August 12, 2004 edition of my former column, “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News”. I had found some old cassette tapes and well.. I’ll just re-post what I originally wrote in the column.
I struck pay dirt.  I was going through a box of old cassette tapes at my Mom’s house and I found a couple of tapes with no labels on them.  I put them in the tape player to see what they were and it’s wrestling.  Not just any wrestling, but Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.  Apparently, my brother Jeff had recorded a few editions of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on tape, much like I sometimes record Raw and SmackDown on video now. 
I’m not sure of the approximate date, but this was an edition of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from December 1981.  I put on the earphones and decided to try and do a recap based totally on the audio-recording of the show.  I think I did a fair job!
This was a great edition too. Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, Rick Steamboat, The Andersons, Ray Stevens, Barry Windham (wrestling as Blackjack Mulligan Jr.), Blackjack Mulligan Sr., John Studd, Jake Roberts, a pre-“Nature Boy” Buddy Landel, Paul Jones, Jay Youngblood, etc.  So many legends of professional wrestling.  Anyhow, here’s the recap.  Enjoy!
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
December – 1981
Announcers:  Bob Caudle & David Crockett
Bob Caudle and David Crockett introduce the show.  And bring out NWA Representative Sandy Scott.  Sandy talks about problems with Roddy Piper and Rick Steamboat.  That will be dealt with a little later.  There will be a title defense of the NWA World Tag Team Championship.  (Note:  Ole and Gene Anderson were the champions. Gene was out with an injury so they had not been defending the titles in quite a while.  Gene would never actually return to a full time wrestling schedule and would become a manager.)  Ole picked Ray “The Crippler” Stevens as his partner to defend the titles.  Sandy also mentions that several new wrestlers will be coming to the Mid-Atlantic area soon and there will be a major event with a 1982 Cadillac as the prize to provide incentive for wrestlers to come to the area.
Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham) versus Tony Russo & Jerry Fraider.  Basically a typical squash match as Roberts and Mulligan Jr. defeat the two grizzled veterans.
John Studd has come to ringside to talk to Bob Caudle.  He’s happy that Blackjack Mulligan is upset that Studd slapped “his punk son” Mulligan Jr.  He wants the big redneck.  (They show a film from a couple of weeks earlier as John Studd sneak attacks Mulligan Jr. and gives him a beating.)  Studd talks about getting the last laugh.  He wants Mulligan in the ring and whatever it takes, he wants a fight!
John Studd versus Tim Horner
Studd is totally PO’ed and just squashes Horner.  The fans chant “We want Blackjack!”  Horner tries to take Studd off the feet, but just gets pummeled.  Studd just keeps beating and beating on Horner, trying to “send a message” to Mulligan.  Backbreaker by Studd and the ref, Tommy Young calls the match.
Winner: John Studd
Sandy Scott comes back out.  He sends a message that if Gene Anderson interferes in the tag match later, there will be problems.  Rick Steamboat comes out to address the Steamboat – Piper situation with Scott.  He’s got a big batch of his fan mail that addresses the situation.  Scott calls Roddy Piper out.  Sandy Scott has a contract for a match between Steamboat and Piper.  Piper rants and raves at Scott and says no one tells him what to do.  Scott tells Piper to be quiet.  It’s a contract signing and if Piper wants to create problems, they’ll strip him of his title (Piper was the TV Champion) right there.  Steamboat wants Piper to sign the contract first.  Piper says no!  Scott tells him to sign the contract or else. Piper signs and starts to rant, but Scott tells him that’s it and he can go back to the back now.  Piper is pissed!  Steamboat signs the contract.  Sandy Scott thanks Ric for signing the contract.  Steamboat thanks the fans for their support.  Coming soon – Roddy Piper versus Rick Steamboat.
Private Jim Nelson (with Sgt. Slaughter) versus Tim Horner
Jim Nelson was Sgt. Slaughter’s protege at the time.  Tim Horner had just wrestled earlier so I don’t know why he would be back so soon, but that’s who Crockett and Caudle keep talking about as Nelson’s opponent.  Sandy Scott back out.  Blackjack Mulligan is mad.  Mulligan comes out and threatens Sgt. Slaughter.  All the time, Nelson and Horner are still wrestling. Mulligan threatens Slaughter and says he’ll see him out in the parking lot before Scott ushers him out of the studio.  Slaughter says that Mulligan is lucky to have left or he’d show “that maggot” something.  Slaughter goes to get a few cheap shots in on Horner.  Caudle & Crockett just seem to talk about everything but the match going on in the ring.  Nelson hits a clothesline and locks in the Cobra Clutch for the pin.
Winner: Jim Nelson
Commercials air for local wrestling events coming up in the Raleigh, NC viewing area.  Rich Landrum (the host of World Wide Wrestling) talks about the cards.  December 13th in Greensboro with Ivan Koloff, Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, John Studd, Japanese Star Ninja, Jake Roberts, Paul Jones, Blackjack Mulligan Jr. & Sr. and others.  A great card in Fayetteville, NC on December 7th with Jim “The Axe” Duggan, Pretty Boy Fergie, Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, Blackjack Mulligan Jr., Ron Bass and others.  December 8th in Raleigh, NC – Austin Idol & The Super Destroyer versus Jimmy Valiant & Jay Youngblood.  U.S Title on the line as Sgt. Slaughter defends against Bad Bad Leroy Brown.  Slaughter cuts a promo here and sings “Mammy’s little baby love shortening bread” to Leroy. It’s all about the dough and Slaughter will keep his U.S. Title.  Very politically incorrect and racist promo that would never fly today.  Slaughter talks about beating Leroy like a dog.  Grudge match – Blackjack Mulligan Sr. versus John Studd.  Studd talks – He doesn’t like dumb rednecks.  He doesn’t like Mulligan.  Studd is bigger and meaner than ever and he hates Mulligan.
Jay Youngblood versus Jeff Sword
Another old fashioned squash match.  This one seems to be a little more evenly matched, but Caudle and Crockett talk about Mulligan – Studd and Piper – Steamboat.  Sword is in control and working on the neck.  Youngblood uses the chops and fights back to regain the advantage.  They trade fists and chops.  A tommy-hawk chop by Jay as he nails Sword coming off the ropes.  Jay hits the elbow to get the pin.
Winner: Jay Youngblood
Bob Caudle talks with Jake Roberts & Blackjack Mulligan Jr.  Talking about John Studd, Mulligan Jr. talks about how he’s not afraid of Studd – he’s a Mulligan and he’ll face Studd anywhere so long as Studd shows up.  He wants the U.S title too.  Roberts talks about Ole Anderson and the tag titles. Wrestling doesn’t need people like Ole Anderson and Gene Anderson.  He and Mulligan Jr. have their eyes on the tag titles.  Snake says he’ll “take care” of Ole Anderson.  Blackjack Mulligan is up next and he is fired up.  He tells everyone to get up close and see the future of wrestling, Junior and Roberts.  Mulligan gives ’em both a big bear hug – this is Texas – this is Texas blood.  They don’t run and they don’t desert like some people do.  Mulligan says he called people about Sgt. Slaughter and he was just a “tater peeler” and a “Mess Sargent”…If Studd touches that kid of his or Roberts, Mulligan’s gonna “bust you right in that big fat nose” cause things are gonna start happening around there.
NWA World Tag Team Championship:
Ole Anderson and Ray “The Crippler” Stevens (with Gene Anderson) versus “Number One” Paul Jones and Buddy Landel
Gene goes to the announce position and says that they’re keeping the titles.  Gene doesn’t care about Sandy Scott.  Landel has head scissors on Stevens.  Jones in and he locks up Stevens in a headlock.  David & Bob talk about how concerned Ole & Gene seem.  Ole in and Landel keeps him locked in the headlock.  Double-team by Stevens and Ole on Jones.  Stevens with fists.  Slam by Jones and Buddy is tagged in and goes after the back.  Ole in and he goes for the arm of Landel.  Gene distracts the ref and Ole & Ray do the double-team.  Stevens locks in a choke on Buddy and gets two.  Ole and Ray just keep switching off and keep working on the arm of Landel in classic Anderson fashion.  Gene comes over and says that they’re working classic “Minnesota Wrecking Crew” style.  Crockett tells Gene that Stevens is just as dirty as he and Ole.  Gene threatens David Crockett at the announce position and Caudle talks about moving out of the way.  Landel tags Jones who comes in and starts throwing fists.  Landel back in with fists.  OINGO-BINGO style.  Everyone is in.  Ole throws Landel into Ray Stevens.  Ole goes for the pin, but Stevens doesn’t like it.  Ole and Ray get vocal and Stevens uses a kneelift and covers Landel to get the pin for the team.
Winners:  Ole Anderson & Ray Stevens
Ole and Gene are outside the ring celebrating with the tag team titles.  Stevens grabs a belt from inside the ring.  Ole is upset. “That’s our belt!”  Ray has the belt in the ring and tells Ole to come get it.  Stevens is mad. 
We see Rich Landrum again as he talks about the events coming up in the Raleigh viewing area for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.  Same cards as before.  He gets to the Raleigh card.  Austin Idol & Super Destroyer versus Jay Youngblood & Jimmy Valiant.  Jay comes out to cut a promo.  Jay says they’re gonna whoop some tail.  The “Boogie-Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant says he feels good and they’re gonna play some music.  They gonna boogie-woogie!  Have mercy!  Sgt. Slaughter defends the U.S. title against “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown.  Leroy hollers about something (I can’t make out what he’s saying) and concludes with “bring it on!”. Grudge match – John Studd versus Blackjack Mulligan.  Here’s Mulligan.  Last time they were in Raleigh, he felt bad for Studd.  BVD’s all messed up – two teeth knocked out.  Studd should never have slapped the kid.  Now Studd is bigger and tougher and meaner.   Mulligan talks about how he should have finished off Studd when he had the chance.  He’s gonna put a beating on Studd and Studd won’t come back!
Carl Fergie versus Larry Hamilton
Fergie was a mid-carder equivalent of a Steven Richards.  Hamilton was typical jobber talent.  Caudle talks about Stevens getting the tag title belt from the Anderson’s.  Stevens is not an Anderson.  Talk about Mulligan & Studd.  Hamilton unloads with several fists in the corner.  Fergie hits a big elbow, a neckbreaker and gets the pin.
Winner: “Pretty Boy” Carl Fergie
Here is Ray Stevens at the podium.  Ole Anderson has been costly to him.  Ole has cost him money and the tag team titles.  Ole tried to sacrifice Stevens like he (Ole) did his stupid brother, Gene.  Ray tells Ole that he’s not his brother and doesn’t want to be Ole’s brother.  He thinks Ole is rotten and thinks he stinks.  Nobody tries to sacrifice Ray Stevens or make a fool of him. Ray has the tag team title belt.  If Ole wants it, he better come and get it.  If Ray sees Ole anywhere, he’s gonna kick his can because nobody tries to do that to Ray Stevens.  They might be bad and dirty, but if they want their gold, they better come get it. 
And then Bob Caudle closes with “See you next week!  And until then, so long for now!”
Listening to that tape is somewhat eerie as well.  John Studd dead!  Ray Stevens dead!  Gene Anderson, Jay Youngblood, Leroy Brown… all dead.  Jake Roberts is semi-retired and has a long history of drug abuse.  Rick Steamboat, Roddy Piper, Paul Jones, Blackjack Mulligan, Jim Nelson, Sgt. Slaughter and Ole Anderson are all long retired.  Jimmy Valiant is finally retiring this year after forty years in the business.  Barry Windham, Buddy Landel and Tim Horner, etc… are all part time wrestlers now at best.  Even Bob Caudle is retired now.  It’s just a really strange feeling. 
And that’s how I ended it in the column.  Look at the names on the typical show. I was a lucky guy because this kind of action was what I was watching every week as a kid. 1981 – I had just turned 15 years old then.  Damn, I feel ancient right now.
And now, Steamboat is back. And wrestling in one of the top matches on a WWE Pay-Per-View broadcast. Wow!  That’s all I can say.  Just wow!
Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the look back at the old Mid-Atlantic region back in the good old days before Crockett sold out and Mid-Atlantic became WCW.  And the look at Rick Steamboat (and all of the other legends) as well.  Those were truly the glory days of professional wrestling.
Anyhow, thoughts and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com.  Also,  come visit me at MySpace at www.myspace.com/salt_palace
I’m Doug and dat’ is all de’ people need to know.



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