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Rey Mysterio – Behind The Mask Book Review

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Rey Mysterio – Behind The Mask

Book Review




He’s called the Human Highlight Reel of professional wrestling. His high-flying acrobatics have thrilled fans on every continent. He’s been crowned champion of the world’s greatest wrestling promotions, from Mexico to the U.S. But he’s never revealed the inside story of who he is. Until now.

Wrestling fans know him as Rey Mysterio, an American Luchador of unparalleled talent, the ultimate proof that good things come in small packages. Now for the first time Rey adds the personal side to his story:

How he had to fight to get a tryout in the ring

Who he was before Rey Misterio Jr, – And even before Colibri, usually noted as his first identity

What it was like to wrestle in Mexico – from the buildings to the riots

How he fought plans for his un-masking in WCW – and why he wishes he hadn’t succeeded.

The inside story of the 619, the West Coast Pop, and his other signature moves

The impact of Eddie Guerrero on his career in the WWE

The personal struggle that cost him ring time in 2008 but ultimately made him a stronger man

His real passion in life as a husband and father

In ‘Rey Mysterio: Behind The Mask, Rey talks candidly about his twenty-plus-year career, from the days of sneaking into bars as a fourteen year old to his most recent show-downs in WWE. He speaks of the emotional moments in the ring with his uncle Rey Misterio, and the dark days when he went under the knife to repair his damaged knee. Along the way, Mysterio introduces audiences to the mysteries of lucha libre, the high-flying, anything-goes Mexican style that he has done so much to popularize. He also talks about the debts he owes to wrestlers such as Konan, knwn as the Mexican Hulk Hogan, the dishes some behind-the-scenes dirt on the collapse of WCW at the height og the Monday Night Wars. Mysterio talks tenderly – but realistically – of his friend, Eddie Guerrero, providing a well-rounded picture of one of the most beloved wrestling figures of recent history. He also details his march towards the Heavyweight Championship, and the mastery of the WWE Triple Crown – a feat that placed him in an elite group for all time.

Behind The Mask is the intimate portrait of one of wrestling’s all time greats, a story wrestling fans of all ages won’t want to miss.


Those who know me will know that I am not a Rey fan by any stretch of the imagination, however, they will also know that Im nosey and that autobiographies are my favourite kind of book to read! There is a whole host of information in this book that I did find fascinating, stuff that I had no idea about and probably never would have without reading this. Things like when Rey was 14 years old he was told to put on weight by drinking beer! That he had to pass a liscencing test (Like a driving test for wrestling) before he could become a wrestler and how his parents had to sign a waiver to allow him to get into the ring because he was so young. One of his first identities was ‘Green Lizzard’ before he morphed into the more well-known ‘Colibri’ (which means Hummingbird)
After his first match he was so young his uncle took him to a toy store to pick out a toy as a reward for wrestling, and he still has the first $5 he got paid!

As the book moves on through Rey’s life we hear a lot about his friend Eddie Guerrero through various stages in Rey’s career up until his untimely death and how Rey found out about that and reacted to it.

Rey says that the old ECW locker room had the best atmosphere of any promotion he’s ever been in and he also tells us about his time wrestling in Japan and how respectful the Japanese fans are, from giving lots of gifts to the wrestlers to being somewhat silent while they guys are plying their craft in the ring!

We learn that Rey’s usual road buddies are Randy Orton, Santino Marella, Charlie Haas and Michael Chioda, a bunch that not many of us fans would have put together; and how he’s turned them on to escargot (snails!) by having them try it before he told them what it was!

There are a lot more photographs in this book than in previous WWE autobiographies, having not only got the usual 6 page photo centre but also lots of black and white pics throughout the book too.

I am extremly shocked that I enjoyed this book. I thought it would be a HUGE task for me to get through it but once I started reading I found I couldn’t stop. Maybe that’s just how nosey I am!

I would recommed it to wrestling fans of ‘almost’ all ages, parents should watch out for the few F-Bombs scattered throughout the book and a couple of other slightly risque statements that most wouldn’t expect a kiddies favourite like Rey to come out with. Other than that.. go for it!

Sue (paps)
Wrestle-zone UK

Behind the Mask is available at http://euroshop.wwe.com/ and all good book stores priced 18.99 


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