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Smackdown Review – 5/1/09 By Beth

May 3, 2009   ·   0 Comments

I Can’t guarantee this every week. But this show made me want to watch wrestling again. And I thought those days just might be over.
For the first time in ages I actually sat down and watched an entire WWE broadcast. And with the exception of a couple of ho hum segments, it was very much worth it.

Opening Promo – You simply can’t go wrong putting Edge and Jericho in the ring together. They were golden from the very start. Special props to Chris for the ability to use both “tapeworm” and “recalcitrant” in the same rant. (Why do I think he travels with a dictionary?) And while Punk still has a ways to go to match those two on the mic, he more than held his own. And since he never once used the word “poopy” it’s all good. 🙂

Morrison-Benjamin – I’ve never been a huge Shelton fan. The man can work, there’s no doubt. But he’s just never given me a reason to cheer for him. Morrison too, is a great worker and it will be interesting to see where he goes on SD. If the tease at the end of the show was any indication, he has some interesting times ahead of him. It was disappointing that these two didn’t get more time to work…especially considering the dreck they forced on us later.

Elimination Match – Great, great action. All four guys had it going. If I had any qualms it’s putting Rey up against Kane so often. I know the big guy willingly jobs for everyone. But everytime he picks Rey up a part of me envisions him throwing him to the fifth row. Maybe someday. 🙂

I’ve read in more than one forum the confusion over Chris’ performance. And frankly I don’t get it. It made sense for him to pull Jeff out of the ring and make the pin on Kane himself. Week after week he reminds us that he’s the best in the world at what he does. Would a man with an ego like that let someone else make a pin? Of course not. As for using the chair on Rey…which was brilliant, I might add. It was a perfect case of Jeri-logic. It was in the ring so I used it. His pleas that he never broughtit into the ring were exactly what a man who thinks the company revolves around him would use. He tried all night to assert himself and make it known that SD is now “his” show. With less than stellar results. The anger and frustration should be enough to create some classic Jericho moments down the line.

I’m not thrilled with yet another Edge-Jeff match-up at the next PPV. Only because it’s been done to death. I guess I was hoping for something fresh. There’s still plenty of time for that though.

MVP Segment – Diva Dance Off – I used this time to use the bathroom, let the dog out, and get something to eat. So I guess they did serve a purpose. The only reason I knew who Shepherd was is because I watch The Soup. 🙂 Daytime TV is a hell hole, which I found out first hand during my recuperation from surgery. I wonder how many viewers in the arena and at home had no clue what was going on? And why waste the time on SD when MVP is a RAW star now. Could it be that that they were so sure it would suck that they thought they’d keep it off the “A” show?

And seriously? A dance off? Are these women wrestlers or escorts? Is this show PG or not? I’m totally confused. Apparently the guys who write for the newsboards love this stuff. Maybe they should just get thenselves a wife or a girlfriend or a copy of Hustler.It would save the rest of us from having to sit through this.

Main Event – Nothing that you wouldn’t expect from these two. Excellent stuff from start to finish. I did question having Edge pinned cleanly. But logic dictates that if Punk is to be taken serioulsy, it had to be done. And Edge is a good sport, so it actually made sense.

I will admit that I marked like a mad woman for Umaga. And no…I can’t explain it. But I’d love to see him pushed correctly, far from the possibility of yet another DX burial.

Overall – I loved this show. I got a different sort of vibe from it. Everyone seemed to be working very hard and it was almost as though they knew that this was their spotlight. There was no chance of someone from RAW coming out to steal their thunder. To a man they took the show and made it their own.

I also never realized how much I’ve mised JR…but I really have. And I’m dying to see where Jericho-Morrison goes. This is the kind of thing I’ve been itching to see Chris do. Work with young guy who has talent and could absolutely benefit from working with someone willing to teach him and not at all likely to bury him.

RAW may have bigger names, but SD is definitely where the best performers are.



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