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Sorting Out Smackdown – 10/30/09

November 1, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Sorting Out Smackdown – 10/30/09

Opening segment:

The visual of Jericho strutting to the ring laden with his collection of heavy metal was priceless. Even moreso was his reaction when Teddy relieved him of his trophy. You cant go wrong with Jericho as your opener. His delusional insistence that he worked alone to win at Bragging Rights was funny.and maybe another step away from the self-righteous character he played last year and a step closer to going for a laugh. But I think theres a reason for thiswhich Ill touch on a bit later.

I was thrilled to see Kane come out. What can I say, Ive always been a sucker for a Jericho-Kane match and after the ultimate, head shaking disappointment of seeing Kofi who am I this week Kingston on Monday, this was definitely a nicer surprise. Kane and Chris play off each other very well and set the stage nicely for the main event.

Ziggler – Morrison:

I really wish theyd commit full-time to this feud and actually give Dolph some title time. If anything it would give Morrison a reason to inject a bit more passion into his matches. Hes got the moves down cold, he just needs to tell the story a bit better.

Beth Phoenix – Jenny Brooks:

I have no idea what kind of thinking goes on when they book the women. Okthats a lie, Im pretty sure I do. But come on, Beth is a legit wrestler. Not a fitness model who learned how to fall without killing herself. She should be the woman to beat on this show hands down.

Matt Hardy – Eric Escobar :

So should we assume that theyve cooled on Escobar? Sure looks that way after watching this. It was a good idea to pair him with Vickie to draw some heat. It would have been better if he had been able to back it up in the ring.

Mysterio – Batista Heart To Heart:

Rey made his way to the ring in his itty bitty Ed Hardy jacket. I didnt know he did childrens wear. He was followed by Big Dave in his best hard guy mode. Really? REALLY? On the show that bragsand rightfully soabout its wrestling, we get this? They carried on for what seemed like forever, repeating themselves endlessly before Dave simply left.

There are those who think Batistas heel turn was well done. Cant say I agreeand not because I dont care if I ever lay eyes on him again. But because hes following behind two of the best crafted heel turns Ive seen in recent years in Jericho and Punk. Unfortunately it looks like he’ll be moving into the number one heel spot so that will severely water down what Chris and Punk have been doing. Which is too bad. And to follow up the beating Rey took with this chat fest was anti-climactic to say the least. I suspect this segment was heavily edited since the crowd, from all reports, was NOT behind Rey. And Ill admit, that made me smile.

McIntyre – Finlay:

Not really a match as much as a pre-emptive strike. Fit may be getting up there in years but he still has a lot he can teach the younger guys. And now that hes lost the Hornswoggle weight, hes gone back to what he should be. Rumor has it that McIntyre is in line for a big push. This is a good first step.

CM Punk – Scott Armstrong:

*Sigh*.I have no idea what to say here. Punk was white hot. Now.I just dont know.

Jericho – Kane:

Ill admit, I was torn here. Ive always been a Kane fan and well, my feelings about Jericho should be well known. So, to be honest, I would have been happy with either guy. The ending did make sense though. Theres no way theyre putting 3 big guys into the ring together at Survivor series, especially when two of them can barely more. Going with Jericho makes sense.

The match itself was fine. Ive always liked the way those two work together. I know Im pretty much alone in that thinking, but such is life.

Parting Shots :

– Oh Taker, Taker. Where for art thou Taker? Youre the champ man. Swing by once in a while, even if its only to say hi.

– Come on, how many people have fantasized about slapping Matt Hardy silly when hes texting something? It took him years, but Batista finally made me laugh.

– Go away Vince. SD is fine without you. Dont believe what Stephanie says.

– Whichever dawg wrote the Rey – Batista stuff should be made to sit and watch that promo over and over until he promises never to write the word dawg again.

– I miss JR. Matt Striker knows his stuff, but sometimes less is moreyou know?

– And no I didnt forget the diva costume contest. Im trying though.

– A word to Chris Jericho and HBK. Get some rest boys, youll be bumping your asses off at Survivor Series.


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