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Sorting Out Smackdown – 11/20/09

November 22, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Sorting Out Smackdown – 11/20/09

 This was the “go home” show for this year’s Survivor Series….who knew?

 Batista versus Matt Hardy – I’m not a fan of either guy’s work so know that going in. I suppose what baffles me most here is how they’re using Hardy. It almost seems as though he’s the designated punching bag. They don’t want to give away too many one on one moments with Rey and Batista so Matt has become a convenient fill-in. We know he isn’t moving up to the ME, but he’s not enhancement talent either. It was about what you’d expect from Dave, who’s as immobile as ever.

Drew McIntyre versus Finlay – If they’re looking to showcase McIntyre’s toughness, Finlay is a great choice. It was a short confrontation but certainly served it’s purpose.

Punk Promo – They absolutely blew their opportunity with Punk to build him into one of the top heel champs of recent years. Thankfully he hasn’t let creative’s stupidity slow him down. His promo was arrogant and obnoxious…and brilliant. It made you want to see what would happen to him…and that’s the point of a good promo.

John Morrison versus Dolph Ziggler in a Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match for the Intercontinental Title – OK, we get it. Ziggler can’t beat Morrison. So either it’s time to move him on or time to let him cash in. I know I’ve said that many times already, but the longer they drag this out, the less interest there is.

Mickie James versus Layla – Good enough match, VERY questionable follow-up. More on that in my parting shots.

Rey Mysterio versus Tyson Kidd with Natalya – Have you ever seen a Rey Mysterio match? Well if you have, there’s no need to re-cap this one. Been there, done that.

Big Show and Chris Jericho versus Kane and the Undertaker in a Non-Title Match – Very little real movement here, with the exception of Jericho…surprise, surprise. I was somewhat annoyed that last week Jericho had the perfect counter to Takers rope walk, but this week seemed unable to remember what that was. Still, it was entertaining, if a bit predictable. Jericho bumped like a pinball and got the last laugh. Look for the ending to be quite different come Sunday.

Parting Shots

– The post match nonsense after the Mickie James match was unnecessary. Rumor has it that Mickie has hinted at wanting a country music career and we all know how Vinnie Mac loves those outside projects that don’t net him a dime. So whether it was that, or the juvenile need to play off the internet comments about Mickie’s weight gain, I’m not sure. But I can guarantee that the middle school boys who apparently make up the creative team were having themselves a good chuckle. Now bear in mind, that Mickie took part in this. It wasn’t done while she was backstage. So if she willingly took part in it, then such is life. It doesn’t change the incredibly negative message that was sent out to the younger members of the audience. But we all know Vince is PG only when it suits him.

I think a bigger problem I have with all of this is how many people, who expressed their outrage over this segment, said absolutely nothing when the same thing was done to Vickie Guerrero. But that’s the good old double standard in action.

And if you really want stupidity check out Chris Shores explanation over at ProWrestling.net. He gave the segment a tentative hit because “this is what women do to each other.” What? WHAT??

It’s hard to get too worked up over this. It’s typical WWE logic, and as long as they have the King of the 12 Year Old Boys running the show, we’re going to see this immature nonsense.

– In other head scratching developments, it looks like SD is taking a page from the RAW book of on the fly booking and re-creating their own version of Orton-Kofi in the Punk-Truth feud. Now I’m all for moving up the newer guys. And in spite of what Triple H believes, it is the job of the main eventers to step down and work with the up and comers. But it’s s very tough sell, at least to me, to see two guys who were previously happy go lucky, almost goofy, faces, suddenly become the resident hard asses. A slow build is always much more effective. But I guess when youre running a PPV every three weeks, that isnt an option.

– Last year’s Survivor Series was a total flop…even with the return of everyone’s favorite super hero, John Cena. And I’ll be honest, I’d have to go and check to see what the matches are this year because they’ve done next to nothing to promote this show properly. But they’ll happily take your $40 anyway.

I was really getting into SD for a while there, but since they decided to drop the belt on Taker and move Batista to the role of top heel, the show has plummeted in quality. Once again, there’s too much focus on the past and not nearly enough on the future. They need to kick those midcard feuds out of neutral and let those guys shine.

As always, I live in hope.


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