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Sorting Out Smackdown – 11/6/09

November 8, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Sorting Out Smackdown – 11/6/09

Opening segment:

Before anyone gets upset let me just say that Im a long time Taker fan and I greatly admire everything hes given to the world of wrestling. But..I think the whole Im going to take his soul bit has had its day. It was cool and spooky once upon a time. Now it almost makes Taker comes across as a parody of himself.

Thankfully we got a needed dose of reality when Chris Jericho came out and pretty much said what weve all been thinking. Taker isnt dead. (And Im pretty sure theres been no soul stealing either.) It was classic Jericho and one of the reasons a feud that probably should have happened years ago might still have some legs today. And thank God Chris didnt get all bug eyed with fear. He stood his ground. So far, so good.

The Hart Foundation w/ Dolph Ziggler vs. Cryme Tyme w/John Morrison:

The feud between The Harts and CT has lost some of its steam. Thankfully we had Ziggler and Morrison to spice things up. Its time to pull the trigger though and give Dolph his shot with the belt.

Rey Mysterio Promo:

All these years and Rey still cant get the promo thing down. And its time to stop bringing up Eddie.

Beth Phoenix vs. Brittany Carter:

I guess this is yet another step in building Beth back up to where she was before the Santino Marella days. If so, Im glad. All she needs now is a legit opponent. Thats where it gets tricky.

Drew McIntyre vs. Jimmy Wang Yang:

I get what theyre doing with Drew. I just wish they hadnt done it to Jimmy. Hes been so terribly wasted on SD. I always thought he was more of an ECW fit. Either way, Im curious to see where all these McIntyre squashes lead.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox:

Typical Mysterio match. Lots of aerials, lots of selling by the bigger guy and 619 to finish things off. Knox is a great big guy and his cross body on Rey was a thing of beauty. Hopefully this was a one time job and they have something more substantive in mind for him.

CM Punk vs. R-Truth;

The latest chapter in the Fall Of CM Punk. Honestly, the last time I remember a former champ getting kicked to the curb so quickly was Chris Jericho back in 2002. I cant imagine the reasoning behind all this. But God bless Punk, his heart is still in it.

Matt Hardy Promo:

Talking is not Matts best thing. But he can hold his own. If I have any bone to pick here its questioning the liberal use of Jeffs name every week. Jeff is gone and the Hardy they should be focusing on is Matt. Having his brother mention Jeffs name every chance he gets just reminds folks that hes the other Hardy.

Batista vs. Matt Hardy:

This could have been so much better. But it almost seems like theyre holding back on Batista just a bit. Whether its fear of yet another injury or letting the heel turn build slowly is a matter of opinion I guess.


Parting Shots:

Theyve added an IC Title match to Survivor Series. Hopefully Dolph can finally win and help create a genuine, long term feud for the belt.

The tag division has come to a bit of a standstill again. And part of the reason is, ironically, the performance of Chris Jericho. Im not sure they thought his pairing with The Big Show would be such a hit or that hed become such an intrical part of two shows. Its like theyve created a monster and now they cant stop him. Not that any of us are complaining. Chris may not be having the kind of year he had in 2008 in terms of title runs or quality feuds. But hes still the go to guy and that speaks volumes.



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