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The Cowhey Chronicles (Wednesday, August 5, 2009): So he said “Summerfest…”

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So he said “Summerfest…”

So its been awhile… I typed up my thoughts on WWE/UFC Battle but I wasn’t pleased so I didn’t post it up. And since, well I’ve been busy with new website projects, one of which is the newly redesigned WXWC4.com.

Anyway, I felt compelled to comment what seems to be the hot topic in the wrestling world this week… Jeremy Piven saying “Summerfest.” Wow… Is this how bad things have got? That’s a talk for another time.

I’ve heard nothing but bad comments about his hosting job. Quite frankly I thought he did pretty good. I am a fan of his, so maybe my opinion is a bit swayed. And bringing Dr. Ken I thought was great too, although if you haven’t seen the Hangover then you may not understand Dr. Ken. Granted I didn’t think Piven was fantastic and stole the show, but I thought he did good for what was GIVEN to him. I think it should have been expected that “The Goods” was gonna be promoted throughout the show, so that didn’t really bother me. What did both me was how the WWE chose to use him. If anything the blame falls on whoever wrote the show. Anyone who knows Jeremy Piven, knows he plays a damn good HEEL. Old School is a perfect example. On top of that, Piven has been in the news in the last few months as being a bit of a prima donna of sorts, which seems to be untrue but the fact is he’s a heel in the eyes of Hollywood right now. So why wouldn’t you have Piven be a HEEL the ENTIRE show? It wasn’t until the end of the show that we got to see Piven in true form. That alone is what killed his appearance. Jim Ross basically said in his blog he should be a heel as “thats what he heard.” They already had it promoted that way. WWE dropped the ball there. And really… How many of these hosts will actually be hardcore wrestling fans? So I think it would work to the WWE’s advatage to allow more heels.

So he said “Summerfest?” How many times as Good Ol’ JR screwed up? It happens. And I actually wasn’t surprised that he said it. As we here in Philadelphia got the treat to have Piven in town last Friday. As he was in town to… You guessed it… Promote “The Goods.” First he was on the Preston and Steve Show on WMMR and then later on in the day he was at the sneak peak/Q&A. On Preston and Steve, we got a little insight into Jeremy Piven. He admitted that basically he’s not all that good at getting the script right, especially with last minute changes. I’m sure in the two weeks that we were told Piven was hosting, I’m sure they told him that WWE is building towards Summerslam. But I doubt he was given a script until probably a few hours before RAW. So I wasn’t surprised when he screwed up. You also have to remember, he’s not in his element. Wrestlers and wrestling personalities pretty much do everything live and have to be on their toes. Piven and most other actors… Don’t. Sure he’s been on a stage in front of a crowd, but after weeks of rehersal. Wrestlers may be able to get in the ring for a few moments before the show. Go back at watch Robert DiNero on SNL… One of the greatest actors of all time, and if you watch SNL the entire show he’s looking at the cue cards!

So I say backoff… He did the best with what he was GIVEN. I think the real argument is… We don’t want Celebrities taking up time from the wrestlers. So far the host thing hasn’t been so bad, but… I can’t imagine this going on forever. If anything they should use this as a vehicle to get a big celeb/wrestler storyline for Wrestlemania and then just call it off.
So here’s the part where I shamelessly promote… WXW-C4 debuts in Drums, PA this Saturday. Go to the show, and visit the new site WXWC4.com!

Actually there are quite a few shows this weekend to choose from. Its actually good to see, maybe things are starting to turn around in the indy wrestling world. So really if you can’t make it out to Central PA… Go to one of the shows out there. I garauntee there won’t be any celebrities taking up your wrestlers time!

Stay tuned as my next project should be unveiled soon… As I am very glad to be working on it.

Until next time…
You stay classy,
Dan The Phan


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