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Sunday, May 24, 2009
Owen… 10 Years Later

Originally when I was going to sit down and write a blog today…  This wasn’t going to be the topic.  But I felt compelled to write it.  I can vividly remember waking up for school on Monday May 24, 2009 to my mother telling me that Owen Hart had died…  Back then I never order the PPVs, my parents never wanted to shell out the cash!  Anyway, I found out the details and I was shocked.  And looking back now, after all these wrestling deaths and how the media portrays wrestling as a whole.  Its truly ashame that someone so talented and seemingly kindhearted was taken sooo soon.

Since the WWE released their Bret Hart DVD a few years back, I’ve been kind of sour to the entire Hart Family.  I’ve seen a lot of them as just bitter people, who have giant egos.  I heard all the stories.  But since starting to read the Hitman’s Biography and since meeting Jim Niedhart, I’ve started to see that Owen, Bret, and Jim are truly class acts.  And its truly sad how a negative aura has surrounded them.

I think Owen was the biggest victim of all.  Out of all the Harts, he seemed to be the most level headed.  And out of all the Harts, I truly believe that he was going to be the star.  I know that Bret is seen as the #1 Hart.  But looking at Owen Hart, he had a lot of the qualities that Bret lacked.  Owen could be the underdog, he could be the evil villian, he could be the comedy act, he truly could do it all.  Just to think, if one stupid little stunt were never attempted how different the world of professional wrestling would have been.

What makes Owen’s death so tragic is that out of all the deaths that the media likes to tout, his was one not caused by anything he did or put into his body.

And even though, I am a fan of shocking the audience (when it deems necessary), I think what happened to Owen Hart should be an example of going to far.  Granted people have repelled from the ceiling before for example:  Shawn Michiels and Sting…  But why was it necessary for Owen to do it?  And by no means am I here to crucify the WWE.  I don’t know what their plans were at the time.  But why do it?  When Sting repelled from the ceiling it made sense.  But Owen?  It was a comedy act.  I believe part of the plan was for him to have an “accident” and get stuck in the harness or get tangled up.  But what purpose did it serve? 

And now that I truly think about it for the first time.  What purpose did the Blue Blazer story serve to begin with?  I believe that is a problem in wrestling.  I can’t tell you when it started…  But it seems to me that the wrong people end up in high places in the world of wrestling…  Well, entertainment…  Heck I’ll take it one step farther.  The wrong people seem to make it into high place in ever facet of the world.  That’s not to say that things are NEVER done right.  Its easy to look back and say, “Well, that was sure stupid!”  But it is true.  In this case, it seems to be Vince Russo.  Now I know that he gets burned at the stake more often than ANYONE in wrestling.  But a lot of what people say is valid.  The guy is creative.  That I can’t take away from him.  He’s proven that he can put together some great stuff.  But I think his problem has been he doesn’t know that everything that come out of his mind isn’t all EPIC.  I think his flaws shine out more now that McMahon doesn’t have him on a leash, which has been said a million times.  But if you look at a lot of Russo trademarks you can ask the same question…  What was the purpose of that?  I find myself asking that question everytime I catch TNA.  As much as I want to like TNA…  I can’t help but see the same flaws I saw in WCW.  And really…  The same flaws I saw in the WWE when he was there.  I just think the WWE just has enough smoke and mirrors with Austin, Rock, DX, and Undertaker to cover the nonsense up.

Don’t think I’m hear saying, RUSSO KILLED OWEN!  Because he didn’t!  Who would have known that the rigging was faulty?  Who would have known that on May 23rd Owen would have plummeted to his death?  Who would have known that the greatest wrestling tragidy would have happen right in front of a sold-out Kemper Arena and almost broadcasted on Pay Per View Television?  Who would have known?!  But what I am saying, I think wrestling (and entertainment) as a whole needs to just realize that everything that we put out there needs to have a reason.  Looking back, the Blue Blazer flying down into the ring had no point.

I truly belive that the World of Wrestling truly lost quite possibly one of its greatest diamonds in the rough ten years ago.  And the Hart Family lost a truly great son, brother, and father.  I hope that more people in the world could be more like “The King Of Harts.”

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