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The Twisted & Disturbed Life Of Kane – DVD Review

January 27, 2009   ·   0 Comments

The Twisted And Disturbed Life Of Kane

3 Disc DVD

Review By Paps for wrestle-zone.co.uk


Disc 1

WWEs Worst Nightmare

We Both Love Pain

Special Challenge Match
Mankind vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
Survivor Series November 9, 1997

Big Brother, Big Brother

Undertaker vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
WrestleMania XIV March 29, 1998

Hell, Fire & Brimstone

Inferno Match
Undertaker vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
In Your House: Unforgiven April 26, 1998

The One Thing I Love More Than Fire

First Blood Match for the WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane (with Paul Bearer)
King of the Ring June 28, 1998

The End Always Justifies The Means

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
X-Pac / Kane vs. Jeff Jarrett / Owen Hart
RAW April 5, 1999

The Perfect Punishment

Steel Cage Match
Kane (with Tori) vs. X-Pac
Armageddon December 12, 1999

Nothing Can Save You

Last Man Standing Match
Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Armageddon December 10, 2000

Hot & Cold Relationship

Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match
Edge / Christian vs. Undertaker / Kane vs. Dudley Boyz
No Way Out February 25, 2001

The Undertakers Secret
Kane vs. Pete Rose


Disc 2

WWEs Worst Nightmare

I Like Weapons

WWE Intercontinental Championship Chain Match
Triple H vs. Kane
Judgment Day May 20, 2001

The Olympic Flame Burns Out

Kane vs. Kurt Angle
WrestleMania X8 March 17, 2002

What Torture Really Means

World Heavyweight Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match
Triple H vs. Kane
No Mercy October 20, 2002

Oil & Blood

Rob Van Dam / Kane vs. Chris Jericho / Christian
RAW January 6, 2003

My True Self

Steel Cage Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Kane
RAW September 8, 2003

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Last Man Standing Match
Shane McMahon vs. Kane
Unforgiven September 21, 2003

Sending Him to Hell

Ambulance Match / The Final Encounter
Shane McMahon vs. Kane
Survivor Series November 16, 2003

My Appetite for Agony

“Til Death Do Us Part Match”
Matt Hardy vs. Kane
SummerSlam August 15, 2004

Kane is ReadyAre You Ready?
Smackdown! March 28, 2002

Chicks Dig the Mask
RAW September 30, 2002

Kane is Quite Disturbed about the Current Situation
RAW December 26, 2002

Jim Ross Interviews Kane
RAW July 14, 2003

Kane & Lita Get Married
RAW August 23, 2004

Disc 3

WWEs Worst Nightmare

Destroying a Sacred Icon

No Disqualification Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Kane
Unforgiven September 12, 2004

It Is My Fault

No Holds Barred Match
Kane vs. Gene Snitsky
RAW January 17, 2005

Pain and Torture

Steel Cage Match
Kane vs. Edge
RAW July 18, 2005

Its Never Over

Stretcher Match
Kane vs. Edge
RAW July 25, 2005

The Big Red Monster

Kane vs. Umaga
RAW September 18, 2006

Zest for Absolute Carnage

Undertaker / Kane vs. King Booker / Finlay
SmackDown! December 22, 2006

Childhood Dreams

Kane vs. King Booker
No Way Out February 18, 2007

Unadulterated Mayhem & Violence

First Ever Belfast Brawl
Kane vs. Finlay
SmackDown! September 14, 2007

I Will Never Forget

Champion vs. Champion
Kane vs. Undertaker
SmackDown! April 4, 2008


24-Man Battle Royal for ECW Championship Title Shot
WrestleMania XXIV March 30, 2008

ECW Championship Match
Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero
WrestleMania XXIV March 30, 2008


With over 8 hours of footage on this extensive 3 disc dvd set, this is defaintly one to have in the collection. Im a big fan of Kane and was really looking forward to this set, and mildly surprised the WWE actually did it in the first place considdering what they’ve done with Kane’s character the last couple of years! I was slightly disapointed that it wasn’t more in the documentary style, but when you considder the title is about Kane and not Glen Jacobs, I can see why it is done in this way. Kane himself introduces each match whilst in a dark and ‘scarey’ room (kinda like Freddy Kruger’s boiler room!) and tells us how he likes to destroy people and hurt people!

Disc one is probably my favourite disc of the collection as it has stuff on there I have never seen. I started watching wrestling in 2000 so there’s some fantastic matches on here that I loved watching; including the WrestleMania Undertaker confrontation from 1998, the Inferno match from ‘In Your House’ in April of that same year, and the WWE Tag Team Championship Match between X-Pac & Kane vs. Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart from RAW April 5, 1999. To open disc one we see a montage of Kane/Dude Love and how the Mankind/Kane feud came about. Talking about Mankind Kane says ‘We’re both sick, twisted and demented, but most of all we both like pain!’

The first match on the disc is the Special Challenge match between Kane and Mankind from Survivor Series of 1997 which saw Kane’s ‘official’ in ring debt for the then WWF. Kane looks HUGE back then; a lot bigger than he is today! The match is filmed in eerie red lighting as they fight in and out of the ring while Paul Bearer watches and cheers on his ‘son’. Ending when Kane gets the Tombstone Piledriver on Mankind, this wasn’t the most amazing match you’ll ever watch but it’s defaintly one you should see!

We go from Kane’s debut in the World Wrestling Federation right the way through to early April last year with another classic Kane vs Undertaker ‘Champion vs Champion’ match that I couldn’t honestly even remember! With lots and LOTS inbetween.

Disc two has classic matches such as the Heavyweight Championship vs The Intercontinental Championship (Triple H vs Kane) from No Mercy of 2002, Shane McMahon Vs Kane in the Last Man Standing match and also the Ambulance match those two had! It touches on his tag team with Rob Van Dam but Kane says they were like ‘Oil & Water’ before introducing the match with them against Jericho & Christian from Raw in January 2003. Jericho and Christian are accompanied to the ring by a very young-looking (and 93% healthy!) Randy Orton while in the corner of RVD & Kane is HBK! Its a great match to watch again and possibly my favourite on the whole DVD for sheer sentimental values!

This of course led to Kane losing his mask at Raw in June of 2003, losing a match against Triple H where it was Title Vs Mask and the ‘split’ between Kane & Van Damn, ending with a great Steel Cage match on 8th September Raw of 2003.

I definatly got myself lost in this DVD set for a few hours at a time, but it is way too long to sit and watch all in one go! Set yourself a couple of nights aside and sit and enjoy seeing some of these classic matches from the Big Red Machine!




The Twisted & Disturbed Life Of Kane is Available from Silver Vision priced 17.99 Available in Febriary 2009.

Approx running time 8 hrs 38 mins



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