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TNA iMPACT Review 04/07/09

July 10, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Things kicked off with Foley meeting Main Event Mafia in the ring. I was expecting a 20 minute bout pitting AJ Styles, Daniels and Samoa Joe against one another in a Young and Able match but TNA must have made a last minute change.


Foley and Kurt chewed the championship fat. Foley soon fell victim for his abrasive words and the Mafia made short work of stomping several mud-holes into his less than well conditioned carcass. Double J came out for the save, guitar in hand, but swerved on Foley as the M.E.M. fled and crashed the guitar into Foleys face. Jarrett heel turn? I think not.


The Nash interview reminded me of WCW at its worst. Nash was told that he could well be the most controversial figure in Wrestling over the last twenty years. At which point Chris Benoit rolled over and Jake Roberts stuck a fork in himself. Then Nash told us that anyone who has seen him wrestle over the last few years would agree that hes in the best condition hes been in for ten years. Nash kept a straight face. Now thats talent.


Cody Deaner squared off against Amazing Red in what youd imagine to be classic bad booking. However, it wasnt actually half bad. There was little chemistry, but Red is always worth watching and Deaners a funny chap at times. Even when hes not, he looks it. A Red Eye by Red gained victory after Cody flouted ODBs advice.


Jeff Jarrett was backstage turning down an offer Kurt Angle thought he couldnt refuse. Jeff must be desperate to get over. Booker Ts accent on this weeks iMPACT! was Rocky Balboa (first film). You know, I dont think too good. Perhaps a role Booker might be better suited to than one would first consider.


Showtime Eric Young came out to a good ovation. No ones told the TNA crowd about the Heel turn then? Rhino worked a short, average Rhino match with him, eventually being bested by a roll-up.


Angelina Love and Velvet Sky faced Awesome Kong and Tara, who, it has to be said, was looking every bit as aesthetically pleasing as the two blondes. With Loves risqu entrance which gets an understandably favourable reaction, and then Kongs might, it was terribly hard to work out who was face and who was heel. No wonder the crowd didnt bother reacting to the Implant DDT that saw Velvet Sky lose to pin fall. Tara placed a tarantula on the better looking of the Beautiful People as Love ran away. The Tarantula seemed about as threatening an entity as TNA might in the eyes of Vince. The indifferent spider settled on the pink of Velvet Sky and drifted deep into repose.




The tag champs Beer Money joined the commentary booth to offer some drunken insight into Team 3D vs. Scott Steiner & Booker Fauxtalian Stallion T. The combined age of the wrestlers in the ring was 163. That many years ago it was 1846.


The match flowed well enough. But it wasnt long before Sheikh Abdul and Kiyoshi were out. They started on Beer Money and eventually brawled to the back. Meanwhile in the ring, the crowd, it appeared, would be getting what they wanted in the form of tables. Of course, woodshop was postponed as The British Invasion turned up, floored Brothers Ray and Devon and pulled over Booker for the pin.


Thanks to a pre-entrance bust up Jethro Holliday found himself in the ring with Abyss, who had been suffering bouts of bad acting backstage for most of the night. Abyss turned his opponent inside out for a short while then shouted into the camera that he had designs of a violent nature on Dr Stevie. Stevie showed up on the arena screen, holding Abyss girlfriend hostage. There was some green light. It was supposed to be atmospheric.


Thanks to Jeff swinging his swing earlier on against World Champion Kurt Angle, the main event saw Angle and Samoa Joe tag up against Jarrett and AJ Styles. After a fairly emotional match, Angle Ankle locked Jarrett who couldnt fight off the submission, but equally couldnt bring himself to tap – a fantastic way of getting yourself over as the number one face – Jarrett passed out due to the pain and Angle won by way of knock out. It was a very entertaining way of finishing the match. M.E.M. then beat up Styles as Morgan stayed true to his deal by taking out Daniels backstage. Then darkness


Sting, low and behold, rescued the day (in this instance, AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett). Itd be nice to watch at least one iMPACT! show that didnt start and finish with the Main Event Mafia.


The Search continues.


More TNA procrastinations next week.


Wyn Preston






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