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TNA Turning Point Review

November 19, 2009   ·   0 Comments


I usually complain at IMPACT Zone PPV’s, but I am starting to say that it really does not matter where the show is, when it is this good, of course there are many benefits of being on the road, but as this will not happen for a while, I am going to enjoy the improvements on the IMPACT Zone PPV’s.

– X Division Championship: Amazing Red defeated Homicide

This was a very entertaining match, it was the perfect way to start off the PPV, there were a few botches in the match, but this did not take away from a well paced high action match. The crowd were wild for Amazing Red and so they should be because “He’s Amazing”. Seeing Don West makes me miss him so much on the commentary team, he is priceless and riled up the crowd perfectly. The finish was not great, Homicide did not take that move well, but overall a solid match and a great win for Amazing Red.

Match Score: 8/10

– All Womens Titles On the Line: ODB/Sarita/Wilde defeated The Beautiful People

This was the weakest match on the card, but even this was not as bad as I thought it would be. The rules were not clearly stated before the match, so it was slightly confusing, but it made sense I suppose. Laccey Von Erich cannot wrestle, which the crowd highlighted when she entered the ring. Not much happened in the match, but I have to say that Mike Tenay has one of the creepiest laughs I have ever heard.

Taylor and Sarita could not really shine, because the competition are not really at the level to take part in a high quality womens match. Overall it was an OK match, band the correct thing happened, the champs each retained the titles, but what is next for the Knockouts Tag Champs?

Match Score: 6.5/10

– Tag Team Championships Match: British Invasion defeated Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns

This was a good match as I expected, each team put on a solid show, and highlighted how strong the Tag Team division is in TNA. The team that really stood out for me was The British Invasion, they are really looking like stars now, it is just a shame that the crowd chant “USA”, it ruins it for me. There were some really good spots in this match, but overall the Tag Titles should have changed hands here, to keep it fresh, Beer Money looked most likely to win, and the most deserved team.

There was a very weird spot with Nash nailing James Storm with the Belt he had just taken from Eric Young. he then explained that he would clear it with Hogan and then reveal what happened, we all know that Hogan is in Australia and will not be debuting until at least the next PPV, this should be interesting.


– Cage Match: Tara defeated Awesome Kong

I predicted that this match was going to be weak, but this was far from it, Kong and Tara really put on a memorable match here. There were some solid spots here, and overall a very physical match that shows how strong the Womens Division in TNA is. That was a very nice leap from the top of the cage from Tara on Kong, but my most memorable moment from that match was Kong pulling off a nice missile Dropkick on Tara, This was a great win for Tara,

Match Score: 8/10

– Rhino & Team 3D defeated The Pope, Hernandez & Matt Morgan

One thing that was clearly visible in this match is how Over the young guys are, but none more than The Pope. It was good to see Pope have a unique entrance instead of the usual generic entrance that almost the entire roster share. Rhino and Team 3D did a solid job as the heels, and the young guys looked very strong in this match. There was some solid action and to be honest it is about time that these young guys are getting main event pushes.

It was not the best finish but at least no one left looking weak, and it looks like this feud will continue.

Match Score: 7.5/10

– No DQ: Scott Steiner defeated Bobby Lashley

This was the match that I did not know what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised. This was a very physical match, and a match that had a very old school vibe to it, which I really enjoyed. This was one of the best matches I have ever seen from Steiner, he put his all into this and I respect that. My only gripe with this match, is the end seemed to come out of nowhere, when Steiner took a piece of scaffolding and knocked Lashley out with it.This match had a solid build to it and I hope his feud continues. lashley looked strong at the end when he stood up and walked out and makes me really anticipate another meeting between the two.

Match Score: 8.5/10

– Kurt Angle defeated Desmond Wolfe by submission

Kurt Angle does it again and again, he continually puts on the highest quality match, no matter who he faces. This match proves what a solid signing this is for TNA, we have another guy that has the ability to put on solid matches, which is what TNA is all bout – Guys and Girls that can wrestle. The Crowd were chanting “This is Wrestling” and they are correct, this will go down in TNA history as a classic. The six German suplexes from Angle to wolfe was awesome. Both Guys put on a solid show, and thankfully this is another feud that is likely to continue into the next PPV. This was another great win for Angle and further cements him as the Greatest Wrestler in the World.

Match Score: 9/10

– TNA World Title: AJ Styles retained over Samoa Joe and Daniels

I predicted that this would not be as good as the 2005 Unbreakable match but I was so wrong, this was on another level. The three have grown so much since 2005, they have grown into stars. This was a very worthy main event from a solid show. Many of the same spots were here, that were featured in the 2005 match. Again this was another hard hitting match that once again had the crowd chanting “This is Wrestling”. I was pretty certain that AJ would retain, but with so many near falls I was convinced that Joe could have possibly won this match. AJ was the deserved winner here, but for me I would have loved Samoa Joe to get another run with the title.

Match Score: 9/10

Overall this PPV was 8/10 – it was very entertaining, had a bit of everything and really makes me want more. It looks like most of the feuds going into this PPV will continue to the next which is a very good idea. This for me was on the same level as Bound For Glory.



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