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WWE Armageddon 2008 DVD Review By Paps

March 3, 2009   ·   0 Comments

WWE Armageddon 2008

DVD Review By Paps



Matt Hardy Vs Vladimir Koslov

Edge & Vickie Enjoy The Show

Finlay Has A Talk With Hornswoggle

Final Match In The WWE Intercontinental Championship Number 1 Contender Tournement – CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio

Jeff Hardy Vows Not To Change

JBL’s Newest Employee

Eve Interviews Randy Orton

Belfast Brawl – Finlay Vs Mark Henry

Santa Haas Brings The Divas Presents

Mr Kennedy’s Public Service Announcement

Batista vs Randy Orton

Best Of The 2008 Slammy Awards

Santa’s Little Helper Tag Team Match

World Heavyweight Championship Match – John Cena Vs Chris Jericho

Triple Threat Match For The WWE Championship – Edge Vs Triple H Vs Jeff Hardy

Special Features

Miz and Morrison’s critique of Armageddon


This, the 9th annual Armageddon pay per view, was filmed on December 14th 2008 at the HSBC Arena in Buffalow, New York and was host to 6 matches, (and a Diva thing!) including the finals of the Intercontinental Championship tournement between CM Punk and Rey Mysterio, and of course the much anticipated Triple Threat for the WWE Championship between Triple H, Edge and Jeff Hardy!

Unfortunatly it was also host to the God awful Belfast Brawl between Finlay and Mark Henry (Props to Finlay for trying at least!) but the beauty about owning this on DVD is that you can fast forward that and move on to something more exciting to watch!

OR switch straight to the Special Feature of Miz & Morrison’s critique of the pay per view… which is excellent! Their impression of Koslov and The Miz confessing to kissing Mae Young is hillarious and I think they should be the permenent special feature on every future pay per view released on DVD from now on!

ECW Champion, Matt Hardy vs Vladimir Koslov was better than I expected but only marginally. Matt is fantastic and one of the hardest workers they have but even he cannot make the ‘Crowd-Stoppa’ Koslov look like he’s having a decent match! Koslov really is THAT awful.

Punk Vs Mysterio is a really good match, thanks to CM Punk pulling off his usual excellence comapred to Rey’s somewhat sloppy & predictable effort.

HBK is introduced by JBL as his ‘newest employee’ on what was relitivly the start of their on camera association. Shawn tries to explain why he accepted JBL’s offer and I think I was the only person I know that really enjoyed this angle. It was fresh and something Shawn hadn’t done before and as much as I can’t stand JBL, I enjoyed the story line a great deal!

The saving grace of this Pay Per View is definatly the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, and of course the final outcome was fantastic.

It was a decent pay per view, but way too many interruptions in the wrestling for my liking. Lots of backstage segments coupled with adverts and recap montages, again the advantage of having the DVD is that you can fast forward through all of it and go to the matches!



Armageddon 2008 DVD


Available: March
Region: 2
Languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch
Subtitles: Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, English

Approx running time 2 hrs 57 mins



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