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WWE Raw Report for 8th June 2009

June 10, 2009   ·   0 Comments

james whale


Raw starts with a video of what happened between Orton and Batista at Extreme Rules. Was a good match for the lack of talent Batista has.

Ringside Segment

Lillian Garcia is standing in the ring and introduces the new WWE Champion to the world and the thousands sitting in the arena. It was quite boring twice in my opinion with Batista and Michael Coles uninteresting voice in the background. The Champ shouts with to be heard over the many fans chanting his name.

He begins to mention hes now a 5 time champion. Which in actual fact isnt a great record when there have been two belts going at the same time. But hes happy. He goes on about giving out the insults to Orton. This draws our Randy Orton (thank god). He makes his way to the ring slowly and when he reaches the ring Legacy come from behind and start a sneak attack. Battista fights with all his fight but the numbers are too much. The fans are chanting for the fallen Battista whos been attacked rigorously on his arm. They let go of the injured animal whos been left screaming in pain.

Brilliant way to spoil the Champs victory moment.

Backstage segment

Battista is being carried down the corridor to the EMT awaiting him. It drives off and the camera pan to replays of the action just seen in the ring with the King and Cole going through each section.

Kofi Kingston vs William Regal

Somewhat comical moment as Kofi Kingston enters the ring Lillian Garcia says hes the Intercontinental Champion. Funny I thought that was Jericho and Kofi was US champ. They show replays of what was a great match between MVP and Kofi that lead to the title changing hands.

Regal enters and abruptly ends his theme to speak to the crowd against Kofi not being a respectable champion as hes from Jamaica (even though Regal is English, even Michael Cole seen the flaw in that logic. Tells you something).

The match starts with the attacks coming from both competitors. Free flowing attacks one another each and very smooth (something youd expect from Regal) until Kofi finally gets the upper hand with a very dangerous kick to the head. He follows this up with the first pin of the match. The pace of the match continues and the two swap blows until Delivers a final devastating kick to Regal and picks ups the 3. Good short match especially with regal showing this quite acrobatic attack on the laying Kofi. Regal shows yet again his great unorthodox wrestling ability

Backstage Segment

Legacy are discussing what happened between them and Batista until an interviewer comes to interview Orton. Randy tells the world that Batista is in a no win situation as Orton has a rematch clause in his contract. This means Batista must face Orton injured or forfeit the match and the title


Maryse (c ) vs Kelly Kelly

With Mickie James at announce table the match is under way with the two competitors circling and then locking up. Back fourth of punches to each other and start to have an interchange of good athletic moves especially by Kelly Kelly. Maryse hits her opponent with her pertinent DDT finisher and pickes up with the win.

A fairly quick and easy going match and boring for a title match. While the match was happening Mickie James at announce table was playing her fairly plain good girl and just could have easily made the audience Zone out. I know I was.

Overall an average divas match added together with mind numbingly boring commentary and not just by Michael Cole (this time). Best to move on

Ringside segment

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk and do very unfunny banter about the hogpen match at extreme rules and swine flu. Excellent writing. The match at Extreme Rules was very funny and just hope they run with it but not take it too seriously.

Backstage segment

Vickie Guerrero is being interviewed and confirms what Orton said earlier about the title match is going to happen. The interview closes with Vickie announcing she has big plans for RAW.

Teag team match

Santino & Goldust and Festus vs Brian Kendrick & Chavo and Jamie Noble

The match starts with Festus and Kendrick. Festus gets the early advantage from when he awakens from the ring of the bell. He lays out Kendrick with a few high bulldozing attacks and then tags in Santino who does on kick and loses momentum. He tags in Goldust straight away who then shows hes still got some pace from a long and bizarre career.

Kendrick tags in Chavo who uses some high paced attacks and then tags in Jamie Noble. Noble starts to lay into the Bizarre one. Goldust soon gets back into control and tags Santino who shows some great attacks to flatten Noble and goes for a pin which is broken up. The match breaks out to only the legal men in the ring and a defenceless Hornsewaggle rolled into the ring. Hornswaggle stamps on Nobles foot and then dives through the second ropes onto Kendrick, and Santino Rolls up for the win.

Good bit of comedy there especially when you have Santino and Goldust.

The Miz vs John Cena

The Miz talks and takes it to the John Cena fans. (fair enough) He hypes up his success over Cena.

Cena enters to massive cheers (dont know why) from his fans. Will The Miz prove his record? Not today as the big show enters seeking revenge for losing at Extreme Rules and starts to give him a massive beat down. While performing his Camel Clutch the Big Show gets hit a few times with a chair by The Miz who has lost it. He turn his chair to the laid out Cena and then runs when the Big Show has regained.

Very disappointing as I wanted to see the match and never the Big Show. Some fans might be feeling the same and was not good by the writing team.

MVP vs Matt Hardy

MVP announces his intentions to be apart of the WWE title race,

The two start try and get the advantage early in the proceedings but its MVP gets a quick pin. Matt starts to get the advantage over the Sraight Up Ballin wrestler and lays into him. With Matt now being a heel it adds some edge to him but not enough for me to care. MVP starts to get on the offensive and gives out some strong punches and some MVP kicks. MVP hits Matt with his Ballin elbow and gets a two from a pin. Matt gets back on top and tries to hit MVP with his cast but does not come off and without warning hit with the Playmmaker. Good Night to Matt Hardy as MVP wins the match.

A fairly basic match to put MVP up higher on the card. The match itself did have some good action and wasnt a let down.

Ringside segment

Vickie is on the ring and opens with her irritation of excuse me. Simply enough to make anybodys skin crawl. She continues on with a fairly dull exchange to the audience in hope to get a response. The only bit of comedy was when her tone to high pitched and she sounded like a pig. Quite ironic since her match at Extreme Rules. Then the big announcement came of her resignation of the RAW brand which electrified the crowd.

With a visibly upset Vickie of the lack of fans love her husband Edge comes out. He talks about their marriage and her resignation. He gives a massive blow to the shaken Guerrero by wanting a divorce. His love of being champion is the real love.

A great segment as you got the final scream of Vickie and of shear unhappiness and you get the satisfaction of her screaming. A very enjoyable segment and leaves you with absolute glee. The fans chanting and jeering made the segment all that much sweeter.

Backstage Segment

Josh Matthew is interviewing John Cena and he rambles about thinking the Big Show fued was over and The Miz does not deserve any credit. Fairly simple Cena formula of acting like Mr America and I turn off the tele.

Legacy vs Primo and Carlito

The match has started when coming back from the advert break (very helpful for me) and so well go from cody Rhodes having primo in a grounded headlock. Primo slowly builds up momentum and gets the tag to Carlito who starts to pick up speed with some fast athletic attacks. Carlito soon gets distracted by Ted Dibiase and so leaves Cody the chance to go on the attack. Ted gets tagged in and goes to work on the stranded Carlito. After long and effective spell of Ted being on the attack Carlito starts to battle back but is easily stopped. Carlito finally gets the tag to the fresh Primo who comes in and dishes out some offense of his own. When this comes to happen Cody Rhodes puts a stop that and Cody and Carlito begin to fight outside the ring. Primo soon gets hit by some outside interference by Cody and they pick up the win.

That win leaves Legacy the chance to go for the titles

Was a good tag match and Legacy showed their great abilities. Was match of the night.

WWE Championship

Randy Orton vs Batista

Orton is talking of what took place earlier on in the night. It the match takes place and the referee starts to count. His count reaches to 8 till an ambulance is seen. The count is stopped and then a big surprise to Orton as it is not The Animal but a different guest comes out of the Ambulance. HHH, The Game is in the Ambulance and hes back and he wants revenge. Legacy gets prepared with chairs and HHHs music hits. He appears and Cody Rhodes is taken out as well as Ted Dibiase. Leaving just Orton and HHH who start to fight it out. They exit the ring start using all areas of the ringside and then the arena. They get back to the ring and everyone in attendance has erupted chanting for the pedigree. Loudest atmosphere from a WWE audience probably since the days of The Rock or even Bret Hart.

Good Raw and had some good surprises. I hope the WWE are trying to turn a corner


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