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WWE ‘Tagged Classics’ Royal Rumble 2001

August 2, 2009   ·   0 Comments

ROYAL RUMBLE 2001 & 2002 “Tagged Classics”

DVD Review


Royal Rumble 2001

World Tag Team Championship Match
Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz

Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

Womens Championship Match
Ivory vs. Chyna

WWE Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

Royal Rumble Match, featuring
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bradshaw, Test, Albert, William Regal, Matt Hardy, Perry Saturn, K-Kwik, Honky Tonk Man, Tazz, Jeff Hardy, Faarooq, Al Snow, Rikishi, Grand Master Sexay, Big Show, The Goodfather, Drew Carey, Val Venis, Hardcore Holly, Steve Blackman, Haku, Crash Holly, Raven, Bull Buchanan, Undertaker, Billy Gunn, The Rock, Scotty Too Hotty & Kane

Bonus Features

Wrap Up Video

Lo Down vs. Kai en Tai – Sunday Night Heat

Lilian Garcia interviews Kurt Angle

Fan Predictions on the Royal Rumble Match

Recap of Drew Carey at the Royal Rumble

Michael Cole interviews Mr. McMahon

Interview with Right To Censor

Interview with Edge & Christian

Post-Match interview with The Dudley Boys

Post-Match interview with Chris Benoit

Post-Match interview with Right To Censor

Post-Match interview with Kurt Angle

Post-Match interview with Grand Master Sexay

Post-Match interview with William Regal

Post-Match interview with Honky Tonk Man


I admit it, I marked like a FREAK when I put this into my DVD player and saw the line up of matches on the card on this pay per view! 2001 was the first ever Royal Rumble I had the pleasure of watching and this is definatly my era of golden wrestling! I will warn you that the words ‘classic’, ‘awesome’ and probably a few ‘oh my god’s’ will show up throughout this review (and I havent even looked at the 2002 disc yet!)

Kicking off with Edge and Christian will NEVER be a bad thing in my books! Some fantasic old style commentary with JR comparing Edge to ‘Mr Ed’! You don’t hear that sort of commentary these days and yes I do think it’s a bad thing. ‘PC’ has no place in the wrestling world in my humble opinion! Back in the days when Bubba and Devon could still see their own feet, this is an awesome match and being so long ago I couldn’t remember the outcome so I was still yelling at the screen (been a while since I did that!) and I admit I actually did yell ‘GET THE TABLES!’ shame on me I know…

Stephanie and Triple H are backstage slagging off Trish Stratus (Can you balme them.. really?) and Drew Carey comes in..OOOH it’s the ‘Drew Carey’ Rumble.. now it’s all coming back to me!

APA are backstage. APA! Back when Bradshaw was actually watchable! Ok you guys have GOT to buy this DVD Im not even kidding!

Next on the card is Jericho vs Benoit; ladder match for the IC title. Unfortunatly Im one of ‘those’ seemingly disgraceful fans that can’t separate what Benoit did at home from what he did in the ring and I don’t think I will ever be able to sit through a Benoit match ever again in my life, even if it is against one of my all time favourite guys ever. Sorry Jericho I have to skip this one 🙁

Chyna Vs Ivory… back when the WWE actually gave a crap about the Women’s division! (And so did I for that matter!)

Triple H vs Kurt Angle for the WW(F)E championship. The McMahon/Helmsley era vs the short-lived Angle-Stratus era (They pretty much did pair her with anyone and everyone didnt they?!) Excellent match though and planty of action, I just love watching these old matches even if it does mean putting up with Stephanie’s screaching at ring-side!

The Royal Rumble match – surprising how much of this actual match I remembered, including the Hardys/Kane/Carey moments! Look at the wealth of classic superstars that are in this 30 man over-the-top match – Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bradshaw, Test, Albert..Albert? Ok but you also have guys like William Regal, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Al Snow, Rikishi, Val Venis, Steve Blackman, Raven, The Undertaker, The Rock & Kane. Of course there’s also Grand Master Sexay and The Honky Tonk Man but come on you can’t have everything! According to my calculations, only 7 of these guys are currently still working for the WWE.. and that includes come-backs! And what the hell happened to Perry Saturn? Remember ‘Moppy’? Yeah it was bad I know but.. for some reason I found it acceptable!

And look at all the bonus features!! Interviews with Edge & Christian, Right To Censor (mark out moment!), Mr McMahon, Kurt Angle & more! Kai En Tai (Haha I remember those guys!) vs Lo’ Down on Sunday Night Heat (Haha I remember that show!)

I just turned into the world’s biggest wrestling mark… let’s see what 2002 does to me… Stay Tuned folks!

Royal Rumble 2001 & 2002 DVD (2 Discs)

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Availibility: In stock
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Languages: English

Approx running time 6 hrs 31 mins



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