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A State of Wrestling Address by Steve Shooter

December 7, 2010   ·   0 Comments

This being my first post I thought I would offer my 2 cents on where the Big 2 wrestling companies are at.  I should point out that I have been a wrestling fan for around about 20 years but only really watched any TNA regularly for the last 2. Ill start with the worldwide leader in sports-entertainment WWE.  As I write this, the World Champions are Kane and The Miz.  Two extremes of the wrestling spectrum, we have Kane, a 15 year veteran getting his first real bite of the World Title after a 24 hour stint years ago, working a solid, if unspectacular programme with Edge.  Im okay with Kane as champion, but really I would rather see one of the younger guys getting a shot, especially on Smackdown. 

For me, the logical choice would have been MVP, although he got his release a few days ago, leaving Christian (currently injured), Del Rio (too green) or Kofi Kingston.  I could get behind Kofi Kingston as champ given the same sort of build up that Rey Mysterio or Chris Benoit got prior to their Rumble wins. The Smackdown mid-card is perilously thin at the moment, giving us the same go round of matches involving Swagger, Ziggler, McIntyre, Rhodes and Kaval.  I could see any of them making a breakthrough, but not just yet. 

Over on Raw, Im delighted to see The Miz getting his shot.  Im not particularly a fan, but he is the most improved guy on the roster by a long shot.  He is entertaining on the mic, has decent ring skills, and charisma off the scale.  It will be interesting to see how long Vince has faith in him as champion; this time of year is traditionally when someone new gets a brief title run before the build to Mania.  The recent Cena firing angle has been pretty strong and works to take him out of the title picture, although Im bored of Randy Orton/Cena stories.  For me Orton doesnt work as a face, not in his current Viper guise anyway.

The Raw mid card is full of guys who could maybe make it to the top, but chances are, if they were going to, it would have been a while ago, R-Truth, Mark Henry, and William Regal.  It also has a wave of fresh guys, Nexus, Dibiase, the Hart kids, and a few others who, really, are there to make up the numbers, like Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, Primo and Ezekiel Jackson.

Some great talent in WWE at the moment, but where they are struggling, in my humble opinion, is in the utilisation of these guys.  For me, the next break out guy is John Morrison but they seem scared to let it run, or invest any significant time and effort in him.  I have a sneaking feeling that if they let them, Morrisons current feud with Sheamus could be this generations version of Triple H-The Rock.  Letting both men bring out the best in each other as they grow into their main event spots would be a great play.  There is too much reliance on confusing booking decisions or falling back on the same old feuds.

Obviously I have missed out on a few people, and neglected the Divas altogether, CM Punk is injured, Rey Mysterio bores me, and Big Show is there to make me laugh.  The Divas, well, there is an issue.  There are several very talented Divas on the WWE roster, and several terrible ones.  Im happy to see Natalya getting her shot; she has been interesting and had good matches since arriving on the scene.  Melina, Gail Kim and Eve Torres need something interesting to do, Kelly Kelly has potential. McCool is overexposed and Beth Phoenix is the best of them all.  Her return should boost the Divas massively and at least make them partially interesting.  I can live without ever seeing Alicia Fox, The Bella twins and Layla ever again.

As a first post, Ill leave it their and return to talk about TNA next time


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