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Fatal Four Way DVD Review

September 29, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Fatal4waySVFatal 4-Way 2010 DVD


WWE Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Sheamus

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos & Tamina

United States Championship Match
The Miz vs. R-Truth

World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Big Show

Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne

Divas Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
Eve vs. Gail Kim vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox

Intercontinental Title Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

Special Feature:

Home Video Exclusive
NXT Plot
Fatal 4 Way June 20, 2010

This WWE pay per view event first aired on our screens on 20th June this year and featured 7 matches on the card. It was filmed at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York and was the first under this name, replacing the Bash and apparently not doing as well in the ratings as it’s predecessor.

Teddy Long was out at the announce table for the first match of the night, Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston; for the Intercontinental Championship. Teddy taking a special interest in the Scott after the back and forth action between the two over the preceeding weeks TV. Teddy ends up refereeing and there is also an interference from Matt Hardy (remember that guy!?)

Divas Championship is the first actual Fatal 4Way on the card, and it was terrible. (Unless of course you watch wrestling for the t*ts and A** then you’ll LOVE it!)

Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne is, as always when Jericho is involved, a fantastic match up. Whether he’s winning or losing he’s always the star of any match he’s in!

The Smackdown Fatal 4Way is next; Swagger continues to impress me week by week and I thought, considdering 2 of the competitors in this match are NOT my favourites, that the match went well and kept everyone entertained throughout. Shame the end of the match sucked!

The Miz vs R-Truth was an ok ‘filler’ type of match up. It’s the kind you’d expect to see on Raw not a pay-per-View (Although the way things go these days it’s EXACTLY what you expect to see on a pay-per-view!)

I am beginning to become a big fan of The Uso’s but this next match was slightly boring. I’m not into the Hart Dynasty at all so maybe that was why I couldn’t really wait for it to end. Don’t know why it wasn’t a title match; on a pay-per-view that usually makes more sense. What do I know?

The match everyone was waiting for (ok then ‘I’ was waiting for!) was the main event from Raw. Their fatal 4-way saw Edge face Sheamus, Orton and Cena in what I expected would be the crowd pleaser of the night! Orton got a HUGE reaction from the crowd in attendance and as usual Cena got the most mixed!
On the whole the match didnt disapoint, although I wasn’t too thrilled with who won in the end I suppose it made sense. The Nexus got involved aswell and I like what they did with those guys so it’s all good.

If you’re a PPV collector then buy it for sure, if you missed it on TV then order yourself a copy but if you saw it when it aired maybe save your money for the next one!


Fatal Four Way is available from Silvervision.co.uk


Our Price: 10.99
RRP: 17.99
You save: 7.00

Availibility: In stock
Region: 2
Languages: English, German
Subtitles: English Hard of Hearing, Dutch, Greek, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, NorwegianApprox running time 2 hrs 35 mins



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